Is She Your Sweet Dream

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Chapter 12

As the time went by, such thoughts of Perun became more and more. He caught himself searching for imperfections at his wife. But how more he was doing that he was less convinced in the power of her love and he felt turning in circles. Besides, he still suffered from insomnia. Night frightened him when it fell, because he knew he wouldn’t find the desired rescue.

One day he went to Zagreb and returned with a new car, much better than the one he used to drive. He came to Bedekovcina, stopped in front of the house and blew the horn. The kitchen window opened and Malina showed her face outside.

“What is this? You have bought a car, Perun!”

“Yes, it’s completely new! Do you like it?”

“I like the color! What a nice silver shade.”

“Come on, get out and take a ride with me! It’s not only the color it’s nice on it. There are other things, too.”

The door of the house opened and she went out, dressed in a colorful thin dress that made her curves gorgeous, lifted on sandals made from cork. Spring was already here and time was warm; everything promised a pleasant ride. Malina jumped in the car and they started driving along the asphalt road between the lakes, turning circles around.

After about twenty minutes, Perun stopped the car.

“Would you like to drive a little?”

“Oh, Perun! Could I?”

“Come on, sit on the driver’s seat.”

Malina sat behind the wheel, started the car and slowly drove. Perun realized she was an excellent driver and relaxed in his seat.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“Do you love me?”

“Like the sun loves the moon,” she answered laughing.

“You are mocking me a bit, aren’t you? I care a lot for your feelings. Everything I want is you to love me, Malina. I keep thinking about it.”

“I told you, never forget I do.”

“Why would you marry me if you didn’t?”

“Perun, if sometimes you start thinking I married you for different reasons and not because I love you, please stop. Always have in mind that everything I do, I do for love.”

“Malina, when you start talking like that you put me in thought. Tell me, what does it mean to marry me because of other reasons, and not because you love me? Tell me!”

“I do not feel like talking about it, Perun.”

“I thought we were close and together in sickness and health! And here, you are hiding something from me. It’s not closeness, Malina. Tell me!”

“Oh, Perun!”

“Tell me.”

“Alright then, when you want to know that much. I am a nightmare and a nightmare and, as you know, born as a daughter of a witch. For that reason I adore power. I am very talented in magic, but I mustn’t have practiced magic until I got married. After our wedding, I got the right to practice magic. Now I have more power.”

Perun listened and as the time went, his face got more and more serious. At last he spoke.

“You mean that before you married me, you lacked something? And by marrying me, you got it?”

Malina’s pretty eyes got a sad expression.

“When you say it that way, Perun, it sounds…”

“But I am right, aren’t I? You didn’t have the right to practice magic, although you wanted? Was it so? You wanted badly to practice magic?”

Malina’s eyes started shedding tears.

“I did, Perun.”

“Then, I can not doubt what this is all about. You suggested me to marry you to grow, to enlarge your power, to gain the right to practice magic. Your motive to marry me was not love. And do not say you love me, that’s not true. You took advantage of me.”

“Perun, I swear it is not true! The only motive I had to just come near you is that I liked you very much. I first saw you while you were walking near the reservoir, I was near you on the other side. You were so sad! I wanted to console you, I didn’t know how? I was only a nightmare, and everything I knew was to enter somebody’s bed and start choking him! And I have learned everything!”

“I think it is. You are not better than Ariana. I thought you were different from her, I am a lucky person; I have found a girl with whom I will share good and bad, and who is not with me for her own selfish reasons. I am terribly disappointed. Please, drive to the house.”

Malina sighed, but directed the car to the house and stopped in front of the entrance. She then opened the door and went out, and Perun moved to the driver seat, started the engine, squeaked with the tiers and got lost behind the road’s curve.

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