Is She Your Sweet Dream

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Chapter 13

He drove like crazy. Sights changed and he arrived in Zagreb fifteen minutes earlier. He parked the car in front of the building where his mother lived and climbed up in the apartment. He went straight into his room. The room was just as he had left it last time. He left the keys on the coffee table next to the window and started to think.

It was obvious he didn’t have luck in his life. After the circus that Ariana made to him and dramatic abandonment everything he managed to do in his life was to come across a girl who was not any different. Or she was? Perun wanted the truth, but the truth was not available to him. Discouraged, he caught his hair with both hands and pulled it. Why didn’t he know the answer?

Mobile phone produced a short sound and Perun checked it. There was a message. He opened it to see from whom it came, and at his great surprise it was from Ariana.

“I’m in front of your building, we have to talk”

He thought little. The message came very sudden. He didn’t expect something from the past to return and he thought to avoid answering at all. But in front of him laid a big question he should have answered and all information he could get was welcome. So he wrote:

“I’m home. Come up stairs.”

In less than ten minutes the doorbell rang. Perun went out quickly so his mother wouldn’t open the door. In front of the door was Ariana wearing dark sunglasses, dressed in a short provocative dress and on high heels. Over her shoulder hung a crocodile skin purse and she was spreading the smell of an expensive perfume.

“Come in,” said Perun and moved aside.

Ariana entered and headed to his room. She stayed in the middle of the room, took off her glasses and looked at him. At the edges of her blue eyes shone tears.

“Perun! This morning I was at your office, but you were not there! Vinko told me you got married in Bedekovcina. There was a brunette in your house living with you. Is that true?”

Perun watched her. Ariana looked like in their best times, beautiful and attractive. He would give anything to make this conversation with her just a few weeks ago, but now he didn’t care.

“Yes, her name is Malina. We live together for some time in the house beside the reservoir.”

“If you loved me, Perun, you would deny it immediately. I can see how you feel about me.”

“Why would I deny it? It’s true”.

“Oh!” Ariana plunged down in the chair and covered her face with her hands. Her shoulder shook with sobs. “You have betrayed me!”

He felt like she had punched him in his stomach.

“And who betrayed whom in the first place?”

He had to find out. But he surprised Ariana, who stopped for a moment with her show and looked old and ugly.

“I did, I suppose.”

“Are you sure?”

She lifted her head “Is there something I don’t know?”

“Well, you can say so” said Perun “I thought someone told you and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. In fact, I think that was the reason I started to have insomnia and nightmares.”

“What is it? I guess something stupid.”

“I had a one night stand with one of your friends!”

Ariana looked at him bored.

“I knew it was something like that. I do not care.”

Perun looked at her carefully.

“Why are you lying?”

“Because I miss you so much, Perun! Nothing is the same since you have left. I feel so alone. I have no friends to console me. Especially not as good as you would. Please come back.”

“Why alone? Where is Luka?”

“He is too big for someone like me. I don’t know where he is, he met some acquaintance in the hotel in Italy and disappeared. Next day I left the hotel and never heard from him again.”

“Don’t you want him?”

“I don’t want him, Perun, I want you. Tell me, why did you get married so fast? Who’s that girl? How did you meet her?”

“I wouldn’t say it was fast. I love her like the sun loves the moon,” said he and laughed.

“How silly words! I’ m sure she doesn’t want you as much as you do.”

“Keep your opinion for yourself, Ariana.“

“Am I not right? Everything she wants you is to do something for her. Be honest to yourself, when you are not to me! Is it so?”

“Maybe, Ariana, but Malina is a different person than you. She doesn’t hate me because I help her. She is not envious.”

“Alright, Perun, we don’t have to talk about it. Won’t that supposed marriage of yours end any time? Come on, tiger, leave that Strawberry and let’s finally me and you get married! We’ll sell the house on Bedekovcina’s lakes and buy one on the Adriatic Sea. And we don’t have to even live there - we’ll travel there in summer - you, me and our baby. Would you like that?”

“Our baby? Are you pregnant, Ariana?”

Ariana was thinking a little and finally admitted.

“Aa… No. But I could be!”

“Ariana, I am already married. My marriage is not at all supposed, as you have called it. Malina is my life choice, companion in my life, and all I want is to share it with her. This will never change.”

“Nonsense, Perun. I am sure she doesn’t suit you as perfectly as I did.”

“She can measure with you in all her traits” he said.

Ariana stood up, her eyes still wet.

“Perun, I once again am asking you to forgive me. My trip to Italy with Luka was a big mistake. Last thing I wanted was to lose you. I was a bad girl…”

“Good bye, Ariana” said Perun and opened the door.

“Don’t you love me any more?” she asked with her last hope.


“Give me back, then, the key from my flat!”

Perun reached in his pocket and took off a tie of keys. He chose one, took it off and passed it to her. She went out quickly, not turning back and not looking at him. Perun stayed and looked at the place where she was standing just a while ago.

“Perun, is that you, son? Who are you talking to? I think I heard somebody in the hall!”

“There is no one, mom. I came to take some things. I packed one suitcase for Bedekovcina.”

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