Is She Your Sweet Dream

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Chapter 14

Perun sat on his room’s floor and started to think. The question that wandered through his head and he was asking again and again was why he was so into that girl who went out of his apartment a while ago and what he saw in her for such a long time. He couldn’t find the answer. He still felt the consequences of what she did to him and her strike prevented him from living his life correctly. And he saw the solution: he needed to forgive. For his own sake, fix his life and move on. But, could he? He tried to understand her. Now he finally understood what kind of woman she was. Everything that months ago he refused to accept and become aware of, opened in front of him like an open book. He saw Ariana as she was: an ordinary girl, like millions of others, nothing better than most, and not just that, worse in a lot of ways. Someone that wasn’t with him for what he was, but for what he could do for her. And she wasn’t like that because she was true, but because life has challenged her; it was her way of coming to the things she couldn’t afford. An easy way to come to the things she wanted without investing herself. Too easy, he thought not without bitterness. He had made it like that for her. In fact, there wasn’t anything to forgive.

With those thoughts he closed the chapter from his life called Ariana and started thinking about his wife, Malina. She didn’t want to come to anything without investing herself and choosing an easier way to get them, entering into marriage with him and acting love. Malina had self-sacrificed her into everything that their relationship, and then their marriage meant; she gave, invested and put into it. Maybe she had gained some advantage by marrying him, because here, she had got the right to practice magic and her power had increased, but did she use it against him?

Perun smiled in delight. How did Malina, who before their wedding was only an average looking girl, became a real beauty? She didn’t have power before; what did she say about her beauty? That she made a wish and god made it come true. So, that’s what she used her new power on!

Wishing for something like that must have been motivated with strong feelings for him. So, she loved him after all, he thought and felt healthy again from the happiness that overtook him. With one step he found himself out of the house, and flew out of the apartment shutting the door after himself.

“Why didn’t you bring your bride?” asked his mother, but he wasn’t listening. He jumped several steps at once and finally climbed down. He entered the car, started the engine and drove off.

He couldn’t wait for the curve on the road to appear in front of him. He stopped the car and went out.

The house was silent and he got an unpleasant feeling into his stomach. He tried to enter the house, but the door was locked.

“Malina!” he cried “Malina!”

Nobody answered. Perun got really scared. The awkward silence around the house was horrible. Did Malina leave the house for good? Locked door didn’t promise anything good, but he didn’t have the key. He returned a few steps and took off into the door. The door cracked and opened.

Perun flew inside and started searching. He could find her nowhere! He peeked into the kitchen, opened the bedroom door and looked even in the basement. She wasn’t to be found.

Something rustled from outside. He got out in the garden and saw her. She was there, bent over the ground watering the plants.

“Malina! I was searching everywhere for you, but you were not there. The door was locked. I think I broke it. I thought you left for good!”

“Would you care if I did?”

”Of course it would! I would never forgive myself.”

“I will not do anything alike, Perun. I am and I will stay your wife. I love you.”

“I know you do, my darling. I was thinking and I got it! Your first wish with your new power was to become beautiful for me, wasn’t it?”

“So, it occurred to you. Yes, it was. I wished to become beautiful for you to fall in love with me. Did you?”

“Yes, I did. But you were beautiful and before. There is no one more beautiful than you. I love you, Malina, such as you are, you are the real girl for me. Everything I want is to be with you, to be together.

“I thought about going away and never returning, but I changed my mind. I love you too much.”

“So you forgive me, then.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Let’s walk by the reservoir!”

Perun took Malina by her hand and they started walking by the road to the lakes. Soon they got to the Blue Lake and Perun took off his running shoes. When she saw him, Malina laughed and took off hers, too. They were strolling barefoot on the grass holding their hands and with smiles on their faces.

“You are so pretty when you smile,” said Perun and pulled her closer. Malina held his neck and leaned on him. He stopped walking. He pushed her body forcing her to sit on the grass and hugged her, kissing her passionately.

His lips floated over her body to the first button of her dress and he started unbuttoning it.

“It’s getting dark,” she said “but I don’t want to return.”

“The night belongs to us,” he answered.

After an hour and half and a lot of passion, Perun and Malina returned to their little house. For the first time after many nights, Perun felt he would sleep again.

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