Is She Your Sweet Dream

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Chapter 11

When they returned home, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon. Malina prepared something for supper and soon they were at the table with delicious food in front of them.

“This is the best day of my life” said Malina.

“You know what? I feel the same.”

“Do you know what I would like for the end for such a day? To go swimming in the Blue lake. The weather’s perfect - the water is just starting to warm!”

“Malina, I don’t know if swimming is allowed in the reservoir? This is not a tourist place, you know!”

“Oh, we will enter the water only in a moment. It’s too cold for more. Come on, do not turn me down!”

“But Malina, you do not have a bathing suite.”

“Then you don’t wear one, too!”

“Ooh, alright, only in a minute. Someone might see us and start gossiping, you know.”

“I don’t care.”

When they tidied the kitchen it was twilight and the sun was setting. Malina filled a backpack with necessary things and they walked out on the road. Perun felt the freshness of the air and physical activity as the best thing he experienced since he came to live there. “If only this beautiful creature walking next to me never leaves” he thought “how did I manage to make her marry me in the first place? I can not understand such luck. She did it to support my revenge toward a former girlfriend. What can be hiding behind it?”

And he squeezed her hand in his. Like she felt his thoughts, Malina turned around and smiled at him.

In less than ten minutes they were by the Blue Lake, which calm waters looked like a dark ink in the twilight. The place was desolate and there was no one for miles around.

Malina stood in the sand beach and started unbuttoning her shirt.

“Come on, take your clothes off” she said to Perun when she saw he was standing and watching her “maybe it’s too cold?”

“No, it’s great” he answered and took the button from his shirt. In a few minutes they were both naked on the lake’s shore. Malina gave him her hand.


Perun caught her hand and stepped into the water. It was not at all cold as ice as he feared it to be. He felt warm and he was walking through the dark, cold wetness feeling completely safe. She walked in front, turning from time to time to throw him a look.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled her close.

“You are so beautiful” he said and his lips founded on hers.

“Perun, I know nothing of love,” she said. “Will you teach me?”

“Well, me neither, Malina. Maybe you should teach me?”

“What about Ariana? Did you not have sex with her?”

“Alright, you caught me. I really did.”

Perun let her hand go and started walking out of the water. “I think it was enough.”

Malina watched after him.

“I wish you just once think about me with the same passion you feel for her, Perun” she spoke sadly “I don’t know why you are being careful to me like I’m made from glass. ”

Perun wanted the same, but he was afraid. Malina was a very good person and he didn’t know her that well.

“But I am even better with you because you are a better person, Malina!”

“But it is not true I am better! I am not perfect at all! I am very much like her. If you knew what I am really like, you would turn your back to me, leave me and return from where you came from this moment. Is it all the same to you?”

Malina talked passionately, but as she spoke the last word she opened her eyes like she said too much and tried to get back together for a while.

Perun looked at her thoughtfully.

“Is it all the same to me what?′

But Malina was already calm again.

“That I want sex as much as her, that. But we seem never to make love. It’s frustrating.”

She pulled the dry towel from the backpack and started rubbing her hair with it.

“Malina, please give me some time.” said Perun quietly. “It’s true I usually am not like this. I can’t sleep at night, and if I do I have nightmares. I draw my last strength to talk to you. ”

Malina jumped at her feet and hugged him. He put his head on her breasts. They were soft, and gentle - little firmer than he was used to. But she was innocent, he remembered, and still unused to show her sexuality in the right way. She smelled delicious.

He wanted to bring her down on the grass and show her at the same moment his desire, but he refrained. What if he gives out in the last moment? Besides, was her feelings for him real enough? Maybe she only wanted to experience sex! It would be so much different from what he needed! He was hungry for love, bare necessity that plain sex couldn’t not satisfy. What was her opinion about him, at all?

Little, he felt pitying himself. He was so lonely and left to other’s will sometimes. And they were not always ready to cooperate. Malina was just like all the others - she cared only about her vanity. Now it became clear to him.

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