Is She Your Sweet Dream

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Chapter 3

Next day, when his working hours were over, he went on a road. After a while driving he turned the wheel into the bend on the road and saw the little house. The old wood was dark brown color and was wet from the rain drops that had stopped just a while ago, the grass in the garden was alive, green and full of life like it appreciated the water excess. It was beautiful. Fresh air filled his chest. Far away Bedekovcina’s lakes were glittering, separating one from another with an asphalt road. This place was healing his soul; he already felt better from the beautiful view. He wanted to check how it was that day on the Blue Lake and started walking to the beach.

He wasn’t disappointed. The water in the reservoir was too cold for swimming, because it was still winter, but in the distance fish were flipping. Maybe in the twilight he would walk around with his fishing equipment and try to catch something. Happy, he returned into the house and unlocked it.

To his great pleasure, he realized that in the house was left a bed and one big wardrobe in one bedroom, and the living room was almost whole in its place. He was very glad, because he didn’t know when he would have enough money to equip the house with new furniture. He would have to settle with what he had.

He took the little refrigerator from the car full of food and left it in the kitchen. He took out a portable stove which he carried with him in cases like this. Then he made supper and sat down to eat.

The house appeared warm and hospitable, but Perun had to admit there was something extraordinary in it. Inside some energy was felt he had started feeling reading the book about Slavic mythology which he brought with him hoping to read before sleep. Or it only seemed like that? Maybe it was because the reservoir was so close, he thought, and he felt its energy. And it was getting darker.

The night started to fall and Perun decided to lie down. He took a blanket and a pillow and went to the bedroom. He made his bed, he took the book and started to read.

The book was talking about the scariest mythological creatures. He was reading it for some time with great pleasure. One page drew his attention.

“Mare, or Nightmare, is a creature from Slavic Mythology known for sneaking into people’s beds at night, sucking their life energy and leaving them hungry for sleep. A man attacked by the Mare starts to dread his bed like a dying man is afraid from the black ground; he does not want to sleep any more…”

In the continuation there were records about other mythological creatures which were equally interesting.

“Oh, I’m so tired”, he mumbled dreamily, put aside the book and turned off the light.

The time passed, but he couldn’t fall asleep no way. He turned at one then on another side, he was now cold then hot. Perun opened his eyes widely in the darkness and through his head started passing the words from Ariana’s message and her last photo she sent. He repeated them in himself, and his pain grew with every memory.

Outside came a full moon which shone through the window and lit it. He was looking in front of him in the pale moon light; the white sheet on his bed looked endlessly ghostly. The energy he felt in the house amplified; some unusual sound like crickets filled the room but so quietly that Perun didn’t pay any attention to it at first. He was half-dreaming; at the edge of his bed appeared few white fingers. From the floor held out a female arm in a thin white nightgown and started to crawl down the bed. Perun couldn’t move; at his own horror he realized he was paralyzed. Crawling down the bed, a creepy female shadow straightened, with long unbraided black hairs, and she sneaked into his bed.

Perun had just a little time to see her before she stuck her slim body next to his. She was not pretty, nor ugly; her long black hair gave her a dark appearance. But there was something very ghostly in her expression, and Perun realized it was not an ordinary girl. The creature wrapped him with her body and caught with two hands his head, pulling him toward herself and Perun felt like she was drawing his energy from him. He was exhausted, but he started feeling strong sexual attraction, he felt her body close to his, her smell entered his nostrils and to his big surprise he realized he liked her smell. She was so disturbing, and at the same time so soft, so warm.

The creature straightened in bed and sat on his chest. Perun felt her weight pressed him too hard and started to choke him; he got afraid he would die. Her body vibrated in front of him and excited him. He felt he was experiencing live death, he was alive, and at the same time dead, he felt like he was buried alive in the grave into which he can’t move freely.

He thought to take a swing, to hit her and to end that torturing but he couldn’t. He was paralyzed. Exhausted, he thought his end had come.

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