Is She Your Sweet Dream

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Chapter 8

Few days later, Perun and Malina got married in a small church in Bedekovcina. At their wedding there were none but two of them and a colleague of Perun, Vinko, who came from Zagreb to witness. For the second witness they asked to be the bell ringer from the church. Perun sat like on needles and couldn’t wait for the ceremony to end. When it was over, Vinko congratulated them, entered his car and returned to Zagreb, and Perun and Malina started walking slowly toward their house near the lake.

Just as they entered, Malina apologized, entered one of the bedrooms and stayed there for a long time. Perun was waiting, and at last he got tired. He took his fishing rod and shouted:

“I’m going by the reservoir, I think the fish will bite today!”

“Go, have a nice time!” - shouted Malina from the inside of the room.

Perun descended by the water, positioned his rod, sat on a stone and started watching the tip of his cork. He wasn’t doing anything; he just looked in one spot and meditated. For a short time he felt relaxed. Easy rippling of the water calmed him. From the east started to blow warm wind, and the coming of the spring was felt in the air. Soon he caught a small pike and let it go. He never ate the fish he had been catching, because he considered them as equal participants in the fishing sport. He would feel like he was eating his buddy, he thought joyfully.

Few hours passed and he caught several quite big fish. It was twilight already, and Perun got very hungry; although he didn’t want to leave, he realized he would have to return. He collected his fishing gear, exited on the road and started walking toward his house.

Inside, with her back pointing at him, Malina was setting the table.

“Good evening,” he greeted her.

“Welcome” she said and turned her face to him.

When they faced each other, Perun looked at her carefully. Something in her looks surprised him; her face was not dark as usual, with dark circles under her eyes, and black hair too lush to look healthy, but was light, gentle and pretty, with soft skin glowing like pearl and black, shiny eyes. Her hair was tied in the back, but it was obvious that it was not like it used to be, too, because it shone like the raven’s wing. She even looked taller, more stout, and she was wearing clothes that made her look very attractive. Her curves carried Perun’s eyes away. This Malina featured beauty different from the one she used to show; it could compare to the beauty of his former girlfriend Ariana. Perun wanted to say something, but forgot what; he had opened his mouth, but shut it a second after.

“Food is on table” said Malina with a smile. “Here, sit down.”

What a smile! Perun lost his breath from her two rows of white teeth. Confused, he sat on the table and started eating.

“I’m so happy” said she sitting next to him “ today is the best day of my life. I love you so much, Perun, I am thankful for the fate connecting us!”

“Because we got married?” he asked a bit stupid.

“Because I am with you. And please, leave me never!”

Perun was watching her dazed. He couldn’t deny she had attracted him before, but this change conquered him completely. He stared at her, and a wide smile glared his face.

“You look stunning.”

“Oh, I… put on a little make-up. Hope you don’t mind?”

“Mind! Not at all. It’s very sexy.”

“I was hoping you would say that. We have slept together already for a few nights, and we haven’t made love yet. I started thinking you don’t like me.”

“I like you, Malina, but… I am a bit disturbed. Late events disturbed my equilibrium and I can’t feel excitement. Please, don’t get mad!”

“Of course I will not. It is all right, we don’t have to do anything if you are not ready!”

“Thank you!”

He was quiet for a while.

“Malina, I want you to know something. I have the same feelings for you I used to have for Ariana. Know I didn’t love her more than I love you. I even like you more. But, one thing is clear: I should always try around Ariana and satisfy her all the time, and you are something very different.”

“Maybe I am not a girl who is only for advantage?”

“Hmm, probably. And I thank god for that. I used to have a girl for advantage, and now I have someone who loves me for myself, with whom we are close and together in sickness and health. It’s enough.”

“Perun, never forget what you told. When you are thinking about me, think I love you and I do nothing because of what you own and I can take advantage of. Everything I do is from love. Please believe me.”

“Why wouldn’t I believe, Malina?”

“I meant… if you just start having thoughts. It all depends on oneself, you know.”

“It won’t happen, believe me.”

“Let’s go out in the garden now! Our yard had become beautiful at night. We have a lamp, too.”

“Great idea!”

Perun and Malina enjoyed their evening near the reservoir until late that night.

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