The Waterfall

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Harley, a 23 year old Female, has a dream after her curiosity led her into a forest that was unknown and while she was their she meets a Man with torn pants and big beautiful Matte Black wings..

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one


I live in a small town, Derié, and I work at a big bar that is owned by a fancy rich old guy. My boss and friends think I should try and live better and go get a rich boyfriend but I think that most men and women aren't a good fit, or just don't want to tolerate with me so ive been on my lonesome for as long as I can remember.

At Her Apartment

When I got home I do the usual and make coffee, put on an anime movie, and then I fall asleep to it on my hotel bed. When I awoke I had longer to go the forest but I had heard rumors of random deaths and dissapearences. I thought it was all a bunch of bs if you ask me. But today was my day off so I went with food and water in case I got lost or found a missing guy..or girl. When I walked in the forest I felt the two teeth near front 2, hurting. Im gonna decide to keep going though, none of the rumors were true. And I was gonna find proof. But.. I I'm begging to feel restless has of for me walking so long I thought I might puke. I rolled up against a tree and fell asleep.

"AHHHHH!" i screamed. My two teeth had come out and grew in two Razer bladed teeth. And felt as if I was to eat but as soon as I looked at the food I packed I did NOT want it. In gonna journey longer into the—....what...the...hell......theirs a man by a tall waterfall with colorful plants all around him...i decided that I'm going to run back now and hope he didn't see me.

" Don't run. "

Those words stood me in my place at shocking turn around and see a set of long big fluffy looking wings and a Beautiful man if I do say so myself. Oh sh*t hes walking up to me. Make yourself presentation Harley!.

" who are you? " I could swear I felt my stomach turning inside out..."I'm Harley? Who are you and what is up with those lovely wings of yours?! Like woah buddy, their are.. Phew gorgeous." He laughed and his wing had flowers out in my direction. I had a very scared yet confused and excited at the same time. I went to touch his wing but hesitated.."Go on, humans like—" he paused in his words and then his wing extended and pulled me so close to himt hat i thaught he would have kissed me! I tried to pull away but his wings were to strong. He took his finger and lifted up my lips to see my teeth. "Hey buba back off." I said looking annoyed. He replied with a soft beautiful voice, " just...I...ah" he started to blush rapidly when he noticed how close he had brought me. I pulled away and asked, "not to be an a*s but were have you been surviving and why do people end up missing or murdered when they come in here?" He looked up at me seriously and I saw another guy with long brown hair and the same wings as the guy in front of me. " they were murdered because they had tried to take the magical water and our wings as a trophy. And as for the ones that go missing they either got lost and we didn't see them or they fell in love with one of us and never came back." He said, replying to my question. I realized that I hadn't got his name yet.."I can see your wondering about my name? Are you not?" He said with a cute crooked smile. "Pfffffffffffttt nooooooooo" i said sarcasticly. And he could tell because he started to laugh and his laugh was heavily to be frank. "I'm Mic. I would love to get to know you!" I replied with a cute dazed look, " then you would have to come out of the woods. Mic." But when I said his name I had felt like I wasn't in control of myself any longer. He nodded and spoke, "I will come with you, but we are to go back here every night?" I looked up and said, "Deal. Pleasure doing business with ya." He laughed and when he was done his wings had been no were to be found.

At her apartment
**Me: wonder were you've heard those words?**

"If you would like a place to sleep I can give you my bed and go into the 'living room'." I said after a few moments of awkward silence. He looked at me with gorgeous pale violet eyes ad I started to think, "is he a blessing from God cause he sure as hell looks like it." But I had realized after I said it that it was spoken out loud. He smiled his crooked smile and spoke, "I fancy you to Harley. Do you believe in love at first sight?" To be honest, I didn't believe in love at all I had never really had love. But of course like I always did, I lied and said, "who dont?." He smiled, and I noticed that he had scooted closer to me and I did the same in return. I could see her noticed because his eyes had lit up.

I think I just fell in love....

" Love does not consist of gaizing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."
~ Saint Exupery

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