History: Two Worlds Apart

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Ever since the Dark Ages, Humans have always fought against the mythical creatures that roamed across the land. Vampires and Werewolves weren't against Humans though, they were against each other. They were at war ever since the Dark Ages, battling each other for dominance. None of the two dared to surrender, all because of their pride and their huge ego.

Fantasy / Romance
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one || War

Thana Sauda.

That name was well-known around the word. It would send a shiver down your spine once hearing it. It was the name that can kill more than a dozen people in a row.

Thana Sauda was different from society.


Because she was a vampire. She was the daughter of Adeon Bela, the King of the Vampires.

The name 'Thana Sauda' fits well to the girl. Considering that 'Thana' meant Death, and that Sauda meant Dark Beauty, she was indeed irresistible.

Thana was next in line to the throne, where she would have to take of her Kingdom, where she would have to do the duties of her father, where she will lead the war between the Vampires and Werewolves.

Werewolves have always been their worst enemy, they seem to always pester the Vampires in every way possible. And that was what brought them to war.

Villages were burned, families were slaughtered, and hope was long gone.

Donovan Aridam, the Prince of the Werewolves. His name was the perfect definition of Donovan's personality.

Donovan means 'Dark Warrior' And Aridam means 'Destroyer of Enemies'

Donovan never failed his father, not even once. He always made sure to place the head of his enemies right in his hand and he dared not to come back to the palace emtpy handed.

The humans however, were barely noticed by two of mythical creatures. Ever since the start, the humans had only set one goal in mind.

Eradicate everything that isn't human.

Humans didn't know how to handle something that's different from them. So they did the thing that first came to his mind.

Get rid of them.

Vampires are mythological creatures that roam at night. They subsist by feeding in the natural essence of the living. (Blood)

And humans didn't want to get their blood sucked. So they did what they have to do. They struck war and havoc across the land, tracing and killing every creature that wasn't human. But the Vampires fought back, and soon formed an entire new society.

A kingdom perhaps.

And any human would know the name Thana Sauda, the princess with a ravishing beauty. Her pale skin made her look more beuatfuk than she already was. Her luscious lips was as red as blood. Her hair was as a dark as night. Her fangs were as sharp as the sword that King Arthur pulled from the stone. Even with her irresistible features, she was still a target of the humans.

Same goes for the Werewolves, Humans despises them the most. They hate how they shapeshift from a human into a wolf. They hate how they pester everyone with their howls. They hate how they're always the strongest when the Moon was at its highest peak.

But Vampires and Werewolves aren't the only mythical creatures of the land. There are many more.

There are mermaids that swim around the waters, as they use their angelic voice to sing their tempting songs. Considering that the world is mostly covered by the blue water, the ocean has always been known to hide the mythical creatures that roam around the waters. Such as mermaids.

There are also ogres. They are monsters that are depicted as large, tall, and have disproportionately large head, abundant hair, unusually covered skin and a voracious appetite to human kind. But their stomach would always prefer having infants and children inside them.

Centaurs. They are half man and half horse, with their upper body has a resemblance of a man, while their lower has a resemblance of a horse. Centaurs and Werewolves has always been great friends, forming alliance with one another. This was because the King of the Werewolves had saved the King of the Centaurs from a battle, and the Centuars have been in debt of the Werewolves ever since.


So uhhhh, the creatures here are from other folklore and other myths. I just combined them into one story. Seeing as this book is fiction, some of the facts here are not straight and are just a figment of my imagination.

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