History: Two Worlds Apart

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two || Into the Woods

Thana fluttered her eyes open, as she arose from the velvety cushion of her bed and sat up. The night has finally gone dark, and it was the time for Thana Sauda to awake from her slumber.

The princess stood up from her bed, and was met with the sight of her mirror. She took a glance of herself, taking in her appearance. Her eyes shown a red shade, a shade that was as red as the crimson blood she would always drink.

The moonlight shone across her windows, as the light landed on her white, pale skin. The girl walked towards her closet, as she wore a more presentable oursift. Which consisted of a black, tight suit that hugged her hour-glasd body. She was wearing black boots that matched perfectly with her suit, and then slid on her thigh strap where a knife was located inside.

Thana jumped onto her balcony, her boots landing perfectly on the railings. She looked down, and saw the clear sea sparkle because of the stars. The tides hit the ground, as it was already high tide.

You see, their castle was just right on top of a cliff, and right below them was the clear sea, where the mermaids and other sea creatures lived.

Thana sucked in a breath, before she jumped off. The girl smiled, her white gangs showing up. Right before her body met with the wetness if the cold waters, she transformed herself into a bat.

The small bat flew up, as she spread her wings and flapped upwards. Her body met with the fluffy clouds that were up on the sky.

Thana always had a habit of flying in the night. Aa the princess of the Undead, she was always known to be badass, she never pitied others. Killing a human was a piece of cake for her. She was ruthless, wreck less and shameless. But sometimes, it feels good to unwind a bit.

And flying seems to be a good way to unwind.....

Thana flew down a bit, as her body was a bit close to the sea. The bat watched as the sma clashed with each other, causing some of the water droplets to hit her.

From the transparent waters, she could see a figure from the deep coming up. And soon enough, she could see Coralia, the princess of the mermaids.

Mermaids and Vampires are very great friends, as they had an alliance a long time. Coralia was the only one understood Thana, she was the only one who could get by her harsh personality. Coralia was the only one who could handle Thana's wrecklessnes.

Thana didn't show much affection towards Coralia, but deep down inside the vampire loved the mermaid so much. And Coralia didn't need affection to know....

Their eyes met for a second, and the two let out a small signal of hi with each other, before Coralia jumped along with dolphins that rid the waves.

Thana flew away from her friend, as she went towards a other destination.

The woods.

The woods was very dangerous, seeing as many other mythical creatures are located there. Along with humans scouting the area.

Thana turned back to her normal self again, as she landed right on the ground. In yhe far off distance, she could see an ogre walk around, as he stomped his large foot around.

The ogres never follow the rules nor the laws, they don't Beleive in such things. They follow their own beliefs. And that is to never let anyone tell you what to do.

Thana walked around, her eyes glowing a shade of red as her fangs sharpened when she saw a human walk around.

Thana used her speed to get closer towards wandering human, as she see how blood flows inside the man's body. And it only made her hungrier than she already is.

Thana could've had her meal at the palace, where her servants would place her food right there for her. But Thana wanted to be more physical. She wanted to get her own food rather not getting it served on a silver platter.

After years of experience, her hunting skills improved. Seeing as she was also good at fighting, her moves were as sharp as a knife. Any human that would get inside her sight has no chance to survive, and same goes fro this one.

Thana got in her stance, as she got ready to kill the human. Bht then, Thana senses something. Like there was something peculiar about that boy.

Out of nowhere, the boy turned into a werewolf and pounced into Thana, tackling her straight in the ground.

He's a werewolf.... Thana thought, as she got back to her senses. Using her powers, she turned into a bat and got out of the wolf's hold, and turned into a human again once she landed in the ground.

The wolf turned into a human and stood up, facing Thana with a fierce expression. His eyes glowing with a shade of yellow, as he was ready to attack the Vampires.

Thana scanned the man first, before she finally realized who that man was.

Donovan Aridam, the Prince of the Werewolves.

Anger rose upon Thana, before her eyes turned glowed into white, and wind started to say around them.

Vampires has the power to control the Elements of Nature. Thana can already control the Wind, seeing as all Vampires get certain powers when they age. Thana got her wind powers on her 90th birthday. Vampires get each elemental power every 90 years.

The wind hit Donovan's face, as he scanned the princess. Yes, Donovan knows who that girl exactly is.

"Surrender now, little princess. Or else...."

Thana smirked, as a small part of her fangs showed. The vampire struck first, as she pushed a huge gust of wind, cometely blowing if the prince.

Donovan used his strength, as he stood on his ground fiercely. When the boy finally gathered a his strength, he finally attacked, as he turned into a werewolf and pounced towards The vampire.

Thana used her earth powers, in which she had gained on her 180th birthday. The roots of the tree beside her suddenly rose, as it blocked Donovan away from her.

"Don't be a coward and Fight!"

You're calling me a coward? Tsk

Thana thought, as she finay attacked Donovan. She jumped towards the werewolf, the clashing Together. Thana took her life out, as she was about to stab the wolf. But Donovan pushed Thana away from her instead, in which the younger vampire landed right at the tree, her back clashing at the wood.

Thana used her strength, as she jumped off the tree and punched Donovan. The Prince's stomach met with the fist of the princess, as he let out a help before landing in the ground.

The wolf turned into a man, as he clutched his stomach. Thana took that as a chance, as she took her knife.

But right before Thana could stab Donovan, the boy had already stood up, his battle stance ready. Thana swiped her knife right at Donovan's neck, but she missed.

Donovan grabbed Thana's wrist, as he gripped in it harshly. The two stayed there, locked in place.

With Thana's right hand being held by Donovan and her left hand was raised in the air, as it shaped into a fist, about to attack the boy. Donovan however, kept the girl's wrist locked in his, as his yellow eyes met with the Thana's red ones.

They were stopped in that position, as their chests heaved up and down. Probably from fighting.

Donovan furrowed his eyebrows, as he just sniffed something, and he could hear rustling of leaves from the background. Thana was the same, as she could feel blood flowing around the area. Thana sensed something, as she closed her eyes to concentrate.

Opening it quickly, the two royalties locked eyes with each other.

"Humans...." The two said in unison, and right at that moment, Humans started to appear.



The humans screamed, as they grabbed their swords to charge at the two.

Donovan quickly let go of Thana's hand, and got in his battle stance. Finally having her arm freed, Thana grabbed her knife and got ready to fight, as she showed her fangs that was as sharp as the blade of their swords.

I'll just have to finish that werewolf later. Thana thought, before the two tackled the helpless humans.

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