History: Two Worlds Apart

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three || Why Didn't you Attack?

The two royalties attacked, with Donovan turning into a wolf as he pounced on one of them. The prince dodged their attacks perfectly, as he clawed the apart.

Meanwhile, Thana's eyes glowed red, and her fangs showed up. The vampire was hungry, feeling the humans' blood flow right in their veins was making her mouth water.

She grabbed one of them, as her fangs met with the sweet flesh of the human's neck. The vampire sucked the man's neck, ignoring the helpless scream he chocked out.

It didn't take long for her to finish, as she finally regained her energy to attack. Thana used her powers, as she used the wind to blow some of the humans away.

The vampire and the werewolf ended up fighting back to back, with Donovan turning back into a man and using only his bare hands to kill them one by one. Donovan's hand met with the human's neck, as he chocked him to death. With his other hand, he used it to slash another man's stomach, in which the two of them dropped dead in the ground.

Thana used her elemental powers and her sharp fighting moves to kill them, as she stabbed them one by one. She grabbed the human's wrist and gripped On it hard, completely breaking his bones apart. But that wasn't her move, she used her other hand to stab him right at his chest.

Soon enough, the screams and groans lowered down. Blood flowed on the ground, as all the humans laid on the ground lifelessly.

Thana and Donovan faced each other, their eyes fierce. Thana wanted to kill the werewolf, to stan him right at the chest or to choke him to death. She wanted to show everyone that the Princess of the Undead can kill the son of their greatest enemy. She wanted to show everyone that he's strong. That she's capable of being a queen.

But why couldn't she move? Why can't she move her hand to punch the prince? Why can she do anything?

Thana Sauda herself doesn't know the answer.

Donovan however, didn't say anything. He only stared at the young vampire. He knew that she could kill her now, seeing as his father would be proud if he killed the princess.

Donovan kept staring at her, but then flinched when she saw Thana move her hand swiftly.

The prince was expecting that the vampire was going to attack him, but instead, she had used her powers to stretch one of the tree branches, as the piece of hard wood went right at the chest of the human that was about to attack them from the behind.

Did she........just save me? The boy thought, as he just looked at the girl.

Thana's eyes moved away from the wolf's, as she used her powers to bury the human's body right at the ground.

Thana sighed, and then turned into a back, completely flying away.....


"Where were you?"

Thana scoffed at the sound of her father's voice as she walked towards her own bedroom.

"I was out."

King Adeon looked at his daughter sternly, as he watched his princess walk in her bedroom.

"You could've been killed, Thana. I already told you to quit flying around."

Thana didn't answer her father's words, as she just grabbed her door handle and slammed the door right in front of his father, sighing in releife once she was finally out of his father's sight.

King Adeon sighed, as he traced his nose Bridge with two of his fingers.

"That girl...." The king scoffed, and walked away from his daughter's room.

Thana was now all along in her room, as she took of her thigh strap and cleaned off her knife.

The scenes that happened earlier went inside her mind, as the girl couldn't help but put her thought in the young prince earlier.

She would've killed him, bring his dead body over to his father. She could so many things to the young werewolf. But her only question is....

Why didn't she attack?

Of all the things that she could've done, Thana felt ashamed that she didn't do anything to the prince. And it was even more humiliating that she was the first one to leave the scene, the prince would've thought that she was a coward.

Anger rose upon her at the thought of her name being inside the same sentence to the word 'coward'

Thana Sauda was many things, but she's most definitely not a coward.

The vampire discarded her thoughts, as she aorublty walk out of her bedroom and went to a certain place. A place where she can clear all her thoughts.


"You met a Vampire?!?!"

Donovan shushed his best friend's mouth, as he placed his huge hands above the other's mouth, preventing any sounds to come out.

"Yeah, I did. So will you shut up? Someone might hear us...." Donovan said, as he motioned hjs bestfriend, Cliff, to sit down.

Cliff was the son of the royal adviser, seeing as Cliff's dad was always with the king, it wasn't long before the two had met. And eventually, they became inseparable friends.

"There's something about her..... Something so peculiar...." Donovan murmered, as a Picture of Thana went to her mind.

"Did you kill her?" Cliff asked, bubbling With curiosity.

Donovan went silent, as the picture of the princess came to his mind. Her eyes that glowed the same color of the red, crimson blood of his victims. Her long, black hair that flowed down to her back. Her fangs that was as sharp as any blade in the land. Her aura, it was so dark and dull. But at the same time peculiar and elegant....

"She......escaped." That was all that sprung out of Donovan's mouth, as he decided to filter the earlier scenario a but.

Cliff furrowed his eyebrows, completely confused of his friend's answer.

"How did hse escape? You never let anyone escape! You kill them at once! Who was that vampire anyway?!"

Donovan chuckled, as the vampire's name Slowly souring out of his mouth.

"Thana Sauda, The Princess of the Undead...."


A certain vampire roamed around the castle, as his feet lead him towards his own bedroom.

Twisting the doorknob, the door opened, with the a painting being the first thungs that greets his sight.

The vampire walked towards the wall, where the huge painting was hanged. He traced his hands over it, as his lips curved into a smile. His fangs showing

"Don't worry, my love...... We'll get out revenge soon....."

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