History: Two Worlds Apart

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four || Revenge Will Start

"What are you doing here, Your Majesty? The sun is up, You should be asleep....." The maid asked, quite shocked to see the young vampire still walking around the hallways of the castle.

Thana ignored the maid, as she kept her mouth shut and walked to a different direction.

Her boots met with he hard floors of the castle, as she led herself towards her training room. It was a special room built just for her. It was located at the bottom of the castle. But there was a secret....

Seeing as the room was eight at the bottom of the classroom, there was a small pool of water right in the corner of the room, in which a mermaid would always swim around in order to meet her friend.

"Coralia! Are you there??" Thana's voice boomed around her training room, smiling as she saw her bestfriend swimming around the pool.

You see, that small pool was very deep, and it was also a tunnel that leads back to the sea. Coralia can just swim through the tunnel to get inside the castle...

Coralia was a full-moon mermaid, which meant that her powers would be at its fullest once it was the night of the full moon.

Only Coralia's head could be seen, and her body was right inside the deep waters.

"You really need a bigger pool. I can't swim around...." Coralia complained, as she splashed her beautiful white tail around the water.

"I'll take care of it..." Thana said, as she bent down to grab Coralia'd upper body.

Thana pulled Coralia up, and made her sit right at the edge of the pool.

Soon enough, Coralia's tail glistened and Shone The same white color of her tail. Not a minutes was wasted before her tail became human legs.

Coralia smiled, and sat down, as she dried her blonde hair with the small towel that Thana gave her.

"Why are you still up? The sun is out....." The mermaid asked, as she stared right at Thana.

The vampire ignored her question, as she only looked at one thing.

"You're eyes are so pretty..." Thana trailed off, as she stared right at Coralia's eyes.

Thana wasn't lying when she said that her eyes were pretty. The mermaid's eyes were the same color as the Mediterranean sea, it was a pool that Thana would always dive on. And she dared not to go out..

Coralia chuckled. "You always say that...."

"Because it's true....... Anyways, how are you doing?"

Coralia sighed, as she forced a small smile on her lips and faced Thana. "It's fine...... I guess.."

Thana wasn't assured of her answer, as she squinets her eyes to the mermaid. "I don't ebelive you.... Are those sirens still trying to invade your kingdom?"

Coria nodded and sighed, as she stood up. Thana stood up as well, as she guided her friend to walk.

"You're getting better at using your legs..." Thana commented, as she kept a tight grip on Coralia's hand.

Using her two human legs, Coralia moved them, taking small steps. It was just like teaching a small child how to walk.

"Can you let go?" Coralia asked, as she looked at Thana questioningly.

The vampire nodded, as she slowly let go of Coralia's hand and walked two steps backwards.

"Try to walk to me..." The princess taunted, as Coralia swallowed the lump on her throat and nodded.

One step....

Two steps.....


Coralia fell, as her knees met with the hard, stone floors of Thana's training room.

The vampire quickly took action, as she helped Coralia get up.

The mermaid groaned, as her anger rose up. "Hey, control your temper....." Thana tried to calm Coralia down, as the water on the pool suddenly started to move uncontrollably.

Coralia inhaled, and then exhaled afterwards. She repeated this until her anger finay bubbled down, and she was back to her old and cheerful state.

"I don't think I'll practice walking today" That was all that Coralia said, before sitting right at the edge of the pool again. Her feet met with the cold water, and soon, her white tail was back. Her dress transformed into the old clothes she was wearing as a mermaid.

Coralia went back to the water, as her head was the only thing visible now.

All was good, until the young aquatic princess suddenly felt something. Her eyebrows furrowed, as she closed her eyes.

"What? What's happening?"

"The water is telling me something......." Coralia whispered, as Her eyes remained close.

Thana watched closely, as she could see a small blur glow from underneath the water.

"I need to go.." That was a that Coralia said, before diving in the water again, and disappeared from Thana's sight.


"This is absurd! How could they demand war?!" the king of the Werewolves yelled, as he slammed the scroll on the table.

Donovan was right there, sitting in the throne right next to this father. They were curren tkg in a meeting with the royal advisers, as the sears were occupied with the King's best advisers.

"I don't think war will be a good idea, Your Highness. The Vampires are getting far too powerful each day and more of our fellow Werewolves are being slaughtered and tortured to death" One of them said, as his voice laced with formality.

"And that is why we should attack! We're going to die right before the war starts!" one of them protested.

"Don't be too naive. Vampires are powerful. Seeing as they also have made an alliance with the mermaids. Those two hate our mind, more and more of us will only get killed if we fight now."

"We also made an alliance with the cantuars. They can hell us!"

"You know exactly that the humans are hunting them down. It will only be more of a problem if we out those weakling into the war"

"And that is why we should fight!"

"No, we should!"

"We should!"

"We shouldn't!"


"Silence!!!" The screaming voices of the advisers died down, as they turned their heads to their angry King.

"We will not go to war." The King said, firn and stern.

Donovan looked at his father with admiration, as his eyes and ears were on him.

One day....... I'm going to be as great as father.....

Donovan thought, as he clasped the palsm of his hand. They were arguing about the war between Vampires and Werewolves, and Donovan couldn't help but think about the young princess in the forest.

I should've killed her...... But why couldn't I? The prince thought, as the image of Thana Sauda holding a knife came in his mind, her the sides of her mouth had small stains of blood on it, seeing as she just sucked the buman's blood of that day.

"Donovan?" The prince shot up, as he looked at his father.

"What is it, Father?"

"Come here."

Donovan stood up from his comfy throne, and walked towards the King.

The king wrapped his arm around Donovan's shoulder, as he looked at the advisers around the room.

"We will not go to war, nor go to peeave either. The only way to win against the Vampires is to their biggest weakness. So today, my son, the Prince, will prove that he is one of us! That he is worthy of being the ruler of our beloved Kingdom! And he will do that, by killing King Adeon! The King of the Vampires! "

The King proclaimed, as he threw his hands up to the air. All the men in the room cheered and roared, as they praised Prince Donovan.

The young prince stood there in shock. His father had basically assigned him to kill their enemy's ruler.

I'm not going to fail you, father.


Coralia swam as fast as she can, as she kept on swaying her tail for more speed.

"You're here!" Leila said, as she watched the Princess of the Mermaids swim towards them.

"What happened?" Coralia asked.

Leila pointed upwards, her index finger pointing directly at the surface.

Coralia and Leila swam up at the surface, as their heads were lifted up into the air.

"Follow me. Your father is already there...." Lea said before leading Coralia at a certain place.

***** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They soon arrived there in the nick of time. The place was full of rocks, it was usually where sailers would try to prevent coming through since there was full of rocks around the area.

From the far off distance, Coralia could see her father and some of their guards. Without hesitation, the young mermaid swam towards her father, and gasped at the scene.

"5 mermaids were just lounging around the rocks. When Humans came and attacked them......" His father trailed off.

Coria's heartbeat seemed to go faster, as she looked at the 5 bloody corpses laying against The rocks.

"Aria!" The mermaid cried out. You see, Aria was her younger sister.......

Keep it cool.... Control it.... Control it....... Control it.....

Coralia chanted in her mind, but she couldn't. Her emotions got the best of her......

Her eyes and tail started to glow, their colors The same: White.

Tears flowed down the mermaids's eyes, as each tear that fell down became waves.

The skies darkened, and lightning and thunder started to appear. The other merfolk that was with her looked around the place.

They were all at the surface, their upper bodies were up and their other half at the water.

Coralia was just still, as her rage was shown in the form of the water.

Waves were clashing and rain started to pour. The young mermaid's powers were clearly showing its strength.

You see, all royalty has these kinds of powers, to control the weather through. Coralia has always had a bad temper, so her emotions get swayed easily. And whenever that happen, a storm would appear.

Tears were still flowing on her cheeks, as her eyes and tail still glowed the color of white.

"From this day, Humans will pay for what they've done. I will repay every life you took from my fellow mermaids! Every 100 years, waves shall rise upon the sea and drown each and every one of you!!!!" The mermaid screamed.

The king couldn't Beleive the sight in front of him, his daughter was soughting a mermaid's curse.

A mermaid's curse was one of the most powerful things in the world, it couldn't be undone. The king looked at his daughter, as a huge tidal wave was just behind her.

Coralia's hands was raised high up, preventing the huge wave behind her from flowing. Slowly, she placed her hand down.

The waves clashed and the thunder roared. Coralia had indeed proven herself as the most powerful mermaid to ever roam in the sea. And he was sure that she'll only become more stronger, once the full moon had arise.


Thana was right in her room, her curtains closed in order to protect her from the sun rays.

"When will the moon show up?!" the princess groaned, as she paced around.

Suddenly, her room darkened, even if the curtain as already making her room Dark, it was even darker than before.

Thana raised towards her window, as she opened the curtains wide. She looked up and at the sky, seeing the dark clouds that rumbled and the huge amount of rain dropping to the ground.

She looked around, and gasped at the sight.

There was a huge tidal wave raising around the vast sea, as it moved fast and didn't show any signs of stopping.

"Coralia..........?" Thana mumbled. She thought that the wave was going to hit their kingdom, but it didn't. Instead, it moved right past their castle.

And headed towards the humans' kingdom........

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