History: Two Worlds Apart

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five || Thana's Vision

It has been two days since the huge storm, and Thana didn't see Coralia ever since, Seeing as the mermaid was getting pretty busy.

Tonight was a full moon, which meant Werewolves would probably howl or move around. It also meant that Coralia'd powers were at its fullest right now.

Thana paced around her room, debating if she should fly out or not. There was still a little bit of rain pouring once in a while, so she was still unsure.

It'll just be a quick run.....

Thana thought, as she jumped out of her window, and turned into a bat.

The small bat flew in the middle of the night, as she fazed at the moon up high and the stars that shone.

Thana was just enjoying herself, as she could feel the breeze hit her face and the cold night seemed to calm her down.

A thought suddenky came to her head, a thought of the Young Prince she had just met in the woods came to her mind. The image of him fighting and pouncing onto the Humans came into her. They way his expression turned into a fierce one, they was he growled at them. It was.......... Memorable?

Thana had somehow flew towards a certain place. A certain place where she and the young werewolf had met that night.

The woods.....

Thana soon turned into her same state, as she walked around the woods, her eyes glistening red.

She continued to look around, until she suddenly felt a stinging pain in her head, it hurt so much that she ended up screaming.

Thana's hand rested in a tree, as she supported herself. She was trying her best to block whatever it is in her mind.

She soon gave up fighting in, and let it flow in her brain....

It was a vision.

She closed her eyes,as the scene of her father came to her mind, and the prince of the Werewolves was inside her vision as well. The young prince had a stake made of wood right in his hand m, and was about to stab his father.

"AHHHHH!" Thana screamed again, before opening her eyes again.

Without hesitation, she turned into a bat and flew back to the castle.


"There he is......" Donovan mumbled ever so lowly, that he was sure that no one would hear his voice.

He was currently spyijg on the king, who was right at the throne room, speaking to some off his officials.

Donovan was right behind a small pillar, hiding away from the King's sight.

The King's officials Slowly started. To get out of the throm room, leaving the two alone.

"I know you're there, werewolf." King Adeon taunted, his voice laced with sterness.

There's no point of hiding now. Donovan showed himself, making eye contact with the king.

"Donovan Aridam......get out of my palace now, while I still have my patience...."

Donovan scoffed. Did he just threatened me?

The prince got on his battle stance, as he gripped hard on the wooden stake right in his palm.

With a growl, Donovan pounced, as his hand was right on point with he King's chest.

But Adeon was too fast, his hand grabbed Donican's wrist and twisted it, resulting the boy to fall in the floor.

But Donovan wasn't going to stop there, there was no way he's going to come back to the palace empty-handed.

Donovan shifted into a wolf, and pounced in the king. He had managed to tackle the king, as he ended up laying in he ground.

Before he could stab him, Adeon had already turned into a bat and got behind him. He morphed Into his old self again, and used his speed and agility to grab the Boy's neck, choking him.

"This is your last chance, boy. Escape now before you die"

Donovan choked, but he still refused to surrender. He used his hands to claw on the King's back.

Adeon groaned and fell down, and Donovan uses that chance to get up. He had already changed into his normal self.

He grabbed the wooden stake that was left untouched in the floor, and walked over to the bleeding king in the floor.

Donovan raised his hand up, and placed it down swiftly, about to stab Kind Adeon. But he was stopped, when a sword came in between the wooden stake.

The material broke into half, as Donovan stared at it.

Donovan looked at the person who the person with the sword was. And with no surprise, he smirked.

"Touch my father again and I'll hang your head up on my wall." Thana said, her teeth gritting with anger. Her skin was more pale than usual, her mouth was open a little, and he could see a full view of the girl's sharp fangs. Her eyes were as glowed red as the crimson blood, and her cheat was heaving up and down.

Thana charged first, as she used her speed to run towards Donovan and stab him, but the werewolf dodged her attack.

Donovan turned into a wolf and got on top of Thana, but the vampire had kicked the wolf in top of her, causing the young prince to hit the wall.

Using her Gravitakinesis (the power to manipulate gravity), she raised her hand up, and Donovan raised along with it.

Using her free hand, she opened the windows wide, as a small gist of wind came inside the castle.

Without hesitation nor mercy for the young prince , she swiped her hand to the left, and that made Donovan go left, as he was thrown outside the castle and was left there to fall to the sea.

Once the prince was no longer in sight, Thana used this as a chance to go to her father, as she ran towards him and scanned his clawed back.

Thana took steps away from her father so she could open the window, as she was going to use her powers.

With her Photokenisis (the power to manipulate light), she made sure that the direction of the moonlight shine to her father's body.

Seconds passed, and King Adeon's scarred back Slowly started to heal, as his powers and energy was stored again.

"How did you know that I was in danger?" that was the first thing that left King Adeon's mouth.

"A vision came to me. A vision of a wooden stake dug deep in your heart. I immediately flew here once I saw that scene in my head...."

King Adeon's ehes widened, clearly startled at his daughter's story.

"What is it father?"

"Thana, I think it's time for you to know your other powers....."

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