History: Two Worlds Apart

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six || Powers

Thana was now currently walking around the hallways of the castle, as her father was right in front of her, walking as if he wasn't just clawed by the Prince of the Werewolves.

"The phropecy......" King Adeon mumbled ever so lowly, but it was enough for Thana to hear.

"What phropecy?" Thana asked, as she looked at her father.

King Adeon didn't answer, as he only kept on walking forward. Until he stepped dead on his tracks, as he was now facing a huge wall.

He raised his hand up, and the wall suddenly started to disassemble. Behind the wall was a huge room, a room that Thana had never entered before.

"I think it's time for you to know the Sacred Phropecy, Thana...." Adeon stated, as he motioned his daughter to come inside the room.

Thana stepped inside, as she scanned the place. There were exactly five pillars around the room, and each pillar had a skull on top of them. The only source of light in the room was a torches hanged on the wall, and a huge, dusted book was right on top of a table right in the center of the room.

King Adeon raised his hand up and closed his fist, and soon enough, all the torches inside the room lit up.

Thana walked up, as she was now standing right beside her father, who blew the dust off of the book.

"This is the book that the Goddess has gave the Vampires a long time ago.... It was kept in here for protection, for it is the Sacred Gift of our Goddess...."

Thana's eyes widened, realization hitting her. "Y-you mean--"

"Yes, Thana. Selene, the Goddes of Moonlight, and also The Mother of All Vampires...." Adeon cut her off before she could even speak, as he traced his fingers against the book cover.

Within a swift move, he opened the book, and Thana made sure to scan each page his father turned.

" This book contains everything about our kind, such as the past rulers, our origin, our powers, and also the Phropecy..."

"What's the Phropecy?" Thana asked, her eyebrows furrowed. Adeon turned to the last page of the book, where only a small writing was seen.

On the highest peak of the Blood Moon, a Vampire with the Blood of Selene shall unite the Two Worlds Together. The 13 Pillars of Power shall bless her with both a blessing and a curse....

Thana furrowed her eyebrows and stared at her father, the two making eye contact. "So you're saying..... I'm the Vampire in that Phropecy?"

"There's no other Explanation Thana, you already have those different powers that even I do not posses. You've been blessed by the 14 Power Pillars, and you've already unlocked some of those powers...."

"but what does it mean?" Thana mumbled, as she kept on looking at the Phropecy.

"The Phropecy said that I've been blessed with both a blessing and a curse....... What does it mean?"

"It's not for me to figure it out, Thana Sauda"


Donovan groaned, as he kept on stabbing the dummy with a knife. It has been a few hours since he had been thrown out of the Vampire's castle, and he was more furious than ever.

The fact that he was beaten by Thana Sauda, the Princess of the Undead, was so humiliating. And it only adds more that she beat him so easily that the fight didn't even have to last an hour or so.

"I will not fail this mission. I will be King. I will Kill you, Thana Sauda" that was a that Donovan said, before morphing into a wolf and jumping out of his bedroom window, landing at the Rocky terrain of the mountains as he navigated his way towards the Vampire's castle.

It was still night time, and the moon was full, his powers were stronger at this time. The young werewolf was determined to kill the princess. No matter what.

Thana Sauda's head would be his biggest achievement.


In Thana's training room, the vampire slid her fingers from side to side, as she watched her knife float from side to side.

She was holding her book, as she read the phropecy again and again. She also read the other pages of the book, hoping that she could get other information about the Phropecy.

Her fingers fumbled with the sheets of paper as she filpped pages apart, reading through each chapter.

Thana suddenly stopped, as she came across a certain chapter of the book. The huge letters written on it immediately captured Thana's eyes, as she started to read.

The 14 Pillars of Powers.

Thana flipped through the next oabe, as she was ready to find out about the 14 pillars. But was left dumbfounded when she didn't see any letters nor any writing on the next page.

It was all blank.

"What? What is this??" Thana mumbled. Confused as to why there was nothing on the page.

The young vampire stood up, grabbing the book right in her hand walked out of her training room and into the throne room.


Three guards were standing in each side of the throne, while King Adeon was talking to five of his officials.

"Give us a minute alone with the king." All of them turned to Thana, who had just enetere the room and nodded, giving her a royal bow before exiting the room.

"What do you need?"

"I want to know about the 14 Power Pillars, Father. What are they? The phropecy said that they will bless me with both a blessing and a curse. I need to know what it is"

King Adeon rose up from his throne and walked towards his daughter, taking the books from her hands. He flipped through the pages, turning to the chapter that Thana was talking about.

"The 14 Power Pillars isn't addressed as 'they'....... The Pillars are an 'it'" Adeon started off, as he traced his finger on the page.

"The next pages of this chapter has always been blocked. It's been said that only the Vampire from the phropecy will be able to unlock the chapter."

"But what if I'm not the one-"

"You are, Thana. You've been different from us since you were born. You've been different in many ways. You're powers are stronger than us, and I Beleive that the chosen one is you..."

That was all that left King Adeon's mouth, when Thana passed out.

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