History: Two Worlds Apart

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"Thana....... Thana Sauda...."

Thana stirred in her sleep, as she rocked her head side to side to make the voice shut up.

"Thana Sauda..... Thana Sauda...." The voice kept on chanting, and according from its tone, it was showing no signs of stopping.

Thana's eyes fluttered open, as her eyes met with the ceilings of her bedroom. There was a small stingin pain in her head, but it was bearable for her.

"Thana Sauda...." The voice said once again.

The vampire looked to her right, where she found a small ball floating, a yellow glow surrounding it.

"Thana Sauda, you're destiny awaits you, princess.... Come with me......" The small glowing ball said, as it floated away from the princess.

Thana took off the cozy blanket wrapped around her, as she stood up from her comfy bed and followed the ball.

The princess was too immersed at the alluring ow of the ball, that she didn't know where she was walking.

The oblivious princess kept walking and walking, until she no longer felt the hard, marble floors of their castle floor. In where the orincess was standing, she was right inside the throne room
But the certain room was no where to be found, as she kept on following the glowing ball, her eyes fixicated on the floating material.

Thana took another step, and didn't feel anything else, but the air beneath her feet...

She was falling.

Her body met with the cold waters of the sea, and the glowing ball was right in front of her, as the color suddenly changed into the color of the blue waters.

"Come seek the great power of the waves.
For this power shall wash away the great sin that has been made...."

The ball sang in a melodious tone, as it slowly started to get fat away from her. The vampire swam and swam, as she tried to catch the ball, fluttering her feet up and down to crest friction with the water.

The princess started moving, as she finally caught up with the ball. But it was strange, the more she swam, the more closer she got to the shore. The sea was never this small....

But the Vampire didn't acknowledge that, she only followed the glowing ball.

Her head arose from the water, followed by her upper body and then to her lower body. Instead of feeling the soft sand of the shore beneath her feet, she felt a warm, hard feeling instead.

Inside the flaming, hot volcano, dragons roared and flew to the sky. Seeing as the volcano was their sweet home, where they were away from the humans.

Like what happened in the sea, Thana ignored everything once again. The flaming hot lava was just beneath the rock she was standing on, but she kept on walking, only stopping once the ball had stopped moving.

Once again, the ball's glow changed once again, and it turned to the color of red.

"May the burning flames ignite Your spirit. Unleash the firey Dragon inside you, as you fight with all your might."

The ball sang once again, as it started moving away from the princess.

One step, and Thana dies with the hot, burning fire of the volcano. Thana took a step forward towards the glowing ball, as she fell to the volcano.

But the hot fire never hit her white, pale skin, as she found herself on the sky above.

Thunder and lightning boomed As the princess kept on following the ball, who again changed its glow inot a color of White. She was too immersed to even bother about being electrified.

"You shall calm the heavy storm started by the two Worlds. The heavy rain shall be ceased by the destined one"

Right after the last word, Thana fell omo the ground, as the ball fell along with her. She soon landed into the ground, right inside a mining place.

All sorts of metals and gems surrounded her, as it sparkled and gleamed inside Thana's eyes. But the princess only remained to look at the color, in which it changed its color once again. It glowed silver, as it was still floating.

"Your courage shall be as hard as metal. Lives are more important to the sparkling diamonds, You shall make sure to spare them all...."

And with that, Thana came back to her senses. She turned her head from side to side, but she found nothing but the dark, still world. It was as if she was stuck on a void.

The ball was still there, floating still. Thana ran towards the ball, trying to get to it. But the more she ran, the farther she was to it.

"Where am I?" Thana mumbled, as she tried to look for any hint of lights.

The ball soon exploded, as it split into six parts.

The first ball had the color of Grey, as it boomed and roared like the thunder.

The next one has the color of red, as fire rose from it, burning brightly in front of Thana

The Next ball was blue. Thana's ears met with the calming sound of the tides, as the small drops of water looped around the ball.

The next ball glowed the color of green, as it was filled with dirt, from above it, a seedling was growing.

Another went out, as it shone sky blue. The ball was as swift as the wind, as a small gist of air looped around it.

The last ball that appeared was glowing the color Silcer, as it glistened and shone.

The six balls glowed in front of Thana's eyes, and all the princess could do was to stare.

The balls of nature suddenly started to bounce up and down, as it only bounced to one direction.

Towards Thana.

The balls bounced with synchronization, asthe six balls entered Thana's body.

Thana shot up, her head heaving up and down as she looked around. The balls were no longer there, she was just in her bedroom.

The Sacred Book glowed, as the Vampire reached her hand out to grab the item. Thana flipped through the pages, until she found the part of the book that was glowing.

The 14 Pillars of Power

Thana turned the page around, and as usual, there was nothing written on it.

Or so she thought.........

A writing sudde kt started to appear, as the letters finally revealed itself to Thana.

The First Pillar: The Elements of Nature

Vampires had that power for a long time, as they gain each element every time they age for 90 years.

But they only gain Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

The Power of Metal and Thunder shall be given to the Destined one, as she will use these powers to undo what has been done.

To gain these powers faster, the Destined one shall go on a quest to gain each of these powers.

Thana flipped through the next page, expecting to see another writing.

The vampire furrows Her eyebrows, as she found out that the page was blank, there was nothing.

That's it? Thana thought, still in disbelief.

The fire from the fireplace started to rise higher and higher, roaring high. A very small dragon made from the flames emerged from the fire, as it flew towards her book.

The miniature dragon landed directly at the paper of the book, as it blew fire from its mouth. Letters and writing started to appear, as the dragon slowly turned into small ashes.

Thana sat there in awe, as she expected for something else to appear. But there was nothing.

Is that it? I thought there was mor- BOOM!

Thana's thoughts were cut off by the booming sound of thunder from the sky.

The vampire smirked, as an idea came in her head. I wonder.....

The princess stood up, the book still in her grasp. Seeing as it was night time, as walked towards her balcony, but tune tripped on her sword, as she fell tot he ground.

I should've cleaned that up.... Thana thought, as she grabbed the book that was right on top of her sword.

Her eyes were met with the oahes of the book, but then gasped once another writing appeared.

It must be from exposure to metal...... Thana thought, as she stared right at her sword.

The thunder boomed once again, alarming Thana. The vampire hurried and went outside, as she looked at the lighting seep across the clouds.

With another crackling sound, the thunder suddenly went down from the clouds and onto the book, as another writing appeared.

Along with the thunderous sound, droplets of water fell to the ground, as it started to rain.

A few droplets of water landed on the book, and just like the others, a new writing appeared.

Thana went back to her bed a satisfied smile, as she started to read each writing.


In the far lands of the deserted Islands, three volcanoes shall you enter. The fire of the Great elder dragon shall give you your desired power.

Beware of the roars of the creatures that roam up in the sky, with teeth as sharp as a blade, it's breath as hot as the blazing sun, it's roar that will kill you and burn you into ashes....

Only until then, will you receive the Power of the Blazing Flames.


In the great cave where the blacksmith that created the Excalibur you shall go. Get one strand of his hair and cut it with one of his metal works, and you shall obtain your power.

Beware of the sharp blades you shall fscd, for your path will not be easy, destined one.


In the tides of the far Atlantic Ocean you shall go. Present yourself to the great Trident of the God's and you shall be blessed with your power.

But beware, oh chosen one, of the women of the deep that will allure you with their melodious songs. Their beauty can kill you and their voice can eliminate you......

This quest isn't just a small swim in the waves of Maldives, nor the a small sail in the sea. You shall face waves clashing with each other, tides that can kill all mankind.


Your spirit shall boom just like lightning, your heart shall crackle like the thunder.

In the clouds up above, a spark of thunder you shall touch, and the great God's shall bless you with your power.

Thana closed the book, letting out a sigh. It was all too fast for her. How can she be the one from the phropecy? How can her father just make her do all these things because of a book?

Well whatever it is, she's going to make sure succeed this.

"I'm going, Father. I'm doing this, and you can't stop me" Thana said, her voice stern.

"Very well, daughter. But you know you're duties. You shall use your powers for the sake of our fellow Vampires. And to win the war against the Werewolves."

"Do we have to go to war?"

"Yes, We do. We can finally prove that we are superior than them, that we are the most powerful of them all. This is what you've been trained for, daughter. Don't forget of what those Werewolves did to your moth-"

Thana didn't wait for her father to finish his last sentence, as she already turned her back on him and walked away.


"What are you planning now?" Cliff asked, entering Donovan's Bedroom.

Donovan remained quiet, not in the mood to exactly answer his friend. "She's more powerful than I thought....... With Thana Sauda on their side they are surely to win the war"

Cliff hummed in response of Donovan's statement, indeed the young prince was right. Thana was very powerful.

"Well......goodluck with your Mission, Donovan. You're gonna need it" Cliff placed his hand on Donovan's shoulder, and gave him a soothing squeeze.

The young prince stood up, his eyes glowing yellow. A growl left his lips, as he closed his fist tight, his knuckle turning white.

"If I'm going to kill that King, I need to kill Thana Sauda first"


On the bottom of the cliff, Donovan stood his ground, as his head was raised high above so he could see a full view of the Vampire's castle.

He could see a small balcony, and the doors were open, so the prince didn't waste anytime to get there.

He turned into a wolf and backed off a little bit, as he stood his stance to jump.

The wolf began running, his speed so fast that he was barely seen. With a jump, he had reached the high balcony, as he landed on his feet.

The wolf turned into his normal self again, as Donovan peeked. And inside, there she was, Thana Sauda, Princess of the Undead.

Thana was wearing the same black suit again, and she had a tight, black belt around her that she used to hold up the sword om her waist.

Is she leaving? Donovan thought. He backed off, making sure he wasn't in sight, as the princess ran to the balcony and turned into a bat, flying away from the castle.

The coast was finally clear, and Donovan stepped out of his hiding spot.

With a smirk, he turned into a wolf and jumped off the balcony, landing on the soft sand of the beach and then jumping again, landing on the mountains near the castle. Using his speed and his strength, he followed the princess, as he was determined to kill her.

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