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"THE WONDER KID" is an adventure-fantasy based story-line with the hidden mysteries about her in the plot. The power within the kid, her past, present and future is unknown. She seems to be poor in her appearance but portrays a graceful, kind and generous attitude which doesn't match her appearance. What happened and will happened to her with her mysterious powers when she meets a man on the railways?. Will that person be capable of exploring her hidden powers,find her birth place and reveal who she actually is? To know more about the wonder kid, I suggest you to read and enjoy the interesting plot!!!

Fantasy / Mystery
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Now, when we were in the train looking for our respective seats, we encountered a decent old man trying to carry away the poor little girl with him. He was very quick with his actions but I tripped him with my leg immediately on the train and he fell down and got his nose bleeding. He seemed to be very professional while enacting the action of kidnapping her. A lot of questions arose in my mind. Who was this old man? Why he had to kidnap the girl? Did he follow us from the railway platform? Who was behind this kidnapping plan?

I was confused and got the man to my seat who was unconscious with his nose bleeding. He was dressed decently with all his clothes being the top brands in the current market. He was around his sixties, but was active physically and mentally. I made him sit on the seat for some time and provided him water and cotton from my bag to stop his bleeding and to make him feel conscious. By this time I just took his mobile from the pocket and his wallet.

He had was 20000 souns !!!!!(currency of country GHISTINOLOPE). He had a recently released model of a mobile which was the markets most demanded phones. I had this question repeatedly disturbing my mind, “Why would such a rich person want to engage in an act of kidnapping?”.

I asked that little girl whether she knew this person. She mentioned that he had been following her on the platform and on this morning, she managed to disappear from his sight and end up in the platform where I met her. I checked through his phone to look at the emergency contacts list where I found out 15 missed calls from a person named “MRS.FILANGEE”.

This guy was back to consciousness and gave a kick on my stomach when he found me handling his mobile. It was paining terribly, but I hung the little girl tight with both my hands. His kick was so hard that I couldn’t breathe for 5 seconds and had to gasp out and in forcefully to get my breath. He got his mobile from my hands and hit he hard on my thighs to leave the girl, but I never left her. I was stubborn about my feelings for that girl for I knew that something is going to happen badly to me. What if he was an organ seller who needs a kid for his business emergency? No, I wouldn’t let this happen to this little girl, for I promised myself that I would safely drop her in my orphanage. He beat me with all the power that he could. He was actually excellent in his fighting style that I could only defend myself and protect the girl.

After a minute the young man pulled the young man and asked him the reason for hitting him hard. He was about to punch that young man where unexpectedly he(old man) got punched on his nose and went unconscious again. Nobody in the train had the courage to help me except that young man named “bruttistunatin”. He was tall, long hair, well-built muscular body, casually dressed. He looked at me with a gentle smile after punching the old man and said “There is always a limit to every tough time. All you have to do is just face it with the sense of great confidence and look into the opponent’s eye with the fire burning to destroy his deeds and overcome the obstacle”.

The crowd went with their claps and I, slowly with uneasiness, moved my lips with the “thank you” pronunciation. He hit me so badly that I couldn’t draw the air from my lungs to speak. The people in the crowd carried the old man and left him to the police of the next railway station where the train would generally stop. This little girl was afraid all this time and hugged me with her eyes tightly closed. I asked her if she knew that old man. She replied nodding her head up and down which meant yes to me. She was so panicked about the fighting situation, so she started crying.

All I thought I could do was to make her not cry. So, I made funny faces with my nose and mouth in one direction and and my eyes meeting at glabella. I tried all those funny faces with my tongue pointing to the other side of the mouth. Finally, YES!!!! she laughed when I tried all of them together. Her sweet way of laughter made me forget my pain, both physical and mental. She revealed her cute little teeth with a dimple on her cheeks while she was laughing. All I could do was admire her childish smile for time went 10 times slower to me.

Facts about time were proved wrong for emotions in my mind for I found time was all dead-slow while admiring her childish, joyous, lovely smile. I bought her tea which she was holding in a very professional way with a proper tea etiquette. This time I was pretty sure that she was not born poor. It was the decision of the fate which made her beg for food.

Meanwhile I met BRUT(BRUTISTINATIN), who I came to know, was a magician who is supposed to have an international show in GHISTIN and VIGONIPOLIS(neighboring state).He also gave us the tickets for the magic show. I found it weird that magicians won’t generally be muscular and therefore asked him how did manage to be so. He replied saying “THAT WAS THE MAGIC OF YOGA, BALANCED DIET AND A LOT OF SELF-CONFIDENCE!!!!”.

I, on behalf of my orphanage, invited him to present his magic tricks and give awareness about yoga and balanced diet, which he promised to arrange a time for a very low payment. When I returned looked down for the little kid, she was not on the seat. My heart skipped a beat and I was hurriedly looking for her, throughout the compartment and finally. I thanked all the gods for she was found searching for a dustbin near the restroom in the train.

She was def, dumb and wore poor clothes. These were the only qualities of her which showed that she was poor, poverty driven, malnutrition. Apart from that her actions, behavior and attitude towards the little things that she does seems majestic and royal. Then, I really wanted to investigate and gather information about who was she? where is her actual hometown? How was her family?

With a professional and a majestic behavior at her young age, she didn’t seem like a normal citizen to me anymore.

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