Lamia Venator

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Abigail is a rare breed. Her kind is known to be nocturnal creatures that are thirsty for the liquid that gives us life. Abigail needs blood to sustain life but lucky for us she needs a special kind of blood. Who is us? Humans. When she drinks the blood of humans there is a chemical reaction within her body causing every vampire that is close by to go into a frenzy. This is a problem since they want to kill her and drain her of the last drop of blood from her body. Vampire blood does not have this effect on her. She feeds on vampire blood or blood bags since the reaction is very low when the blood is not straight from the vein. When she fought Chris she knew that there was someone much stronger than him looking for her. Abigail prepares herself for anything that might come her way but her lifestyle might have different plans. She is not your typical vampire that sleeps all day and stalks her victims at night. During the day she is working at her local Starbucks with her boyfriend Mason, a human. Then she heads home where Mason's now five-year daughter awaits them. She might be playing house during the day but do not let that fool you once someone oversteps their boundary her fangs come out and she becomes the Lamia Venator, the vampire hunter.

Fantasy / Romance
Judith Quiñónez
Age Rating:

New Dawn

Life goes on. It always does.

Life does not care if you need a moment to breathe and reminisce over all that you have been through or dwell over some unfortunate events.

Life stops for no one, living or dead.

In two years I learned a lot over the world and about myself.

The world is unfair that much everyone knows. However, the struggle to fit in with humans and vampires alike is not a battle for the weak.

I have to be ready to kill or be killed. It does not matter if it is human or vampire.

Two years where the scary stories of my childhood no longer seem so far fetched. Those monsters roam the earth just like you and sadly like me.

I am not human.

I am something, oh, so much worse.

Two years ago I was a normal girl. A girl that worked for everything that she ever had. I was someone that struggled to pay my bills, make friends, and have a social life.

Now I am someone completely different. Two years does that to people, but most people will not go through what I went through. Now I am a girlfriend to a handsome, sweet, and loving guy — Mason. He is the one that helped me out of my dark turmoil and become my sun in the dark world that I belong to. He helps me hold on to the little bit of humanity that I have.

Mason comes with baggage, a piece of baggage that I welcome with open arms. Mason comes with a daughter named Hannah. She is now four going on five and is attending kindergarten. To Mason’s utter surprise she grows, shocker, and is becoming her own person.

These two keep me normal, is some ways.

In my small circle, there is one other person that hangs around me and that is my Sire, Wes. Wes is a vampire that knew that I was special even in my human form. He is the reason that I am technically alive at the moment, to a vague sense of the word. I am his creation, he is my master. He would probably get a kick of me calling him as such. Mason knows what I am and seems to be completely fine with that. Wes is the one that is helping me control my hunger and instincts.

You see I am the only know being with the blood type C negative. Vampires cannot control themselves when they smell me but Wes somehow managed to turn me without feeding on my blood and thus creating me.

Wes said he did it, turned me, to save me. After I turned I found out why he did it. He had been alone for over a hundred years and wanted someone to keep him company.

Out of all this madness and moments, I feel as if my world would crack Hannah is the glue that keeps my world from collapsing in a sense. Her beautiful grey stormy eyes brighten my day as she smiles whenever we are reunited.

Soon after becoming a monster, I found Mason and Hannah. Hannah was two years old with Mason barely gaining custody of his daughter he lost everything.

Mason’s roommate kicked him out and he did not have anywhere to go. I was living on my own and perhaps it was the fact that Hannah was growing on me or the feeling of being completely alone that I decided to let them in.

Being a vampire has its perks, hell would want to stay in this world if there was nothing good about this life. One of Hannah's favorite is my ability to run through the city faster than a car could. Never getting sick is a plus, my human self was always sick. I save a ton of money on groceries since I do not eat.

There are pros but with that, there are cons as well; feeding off of humans. I learned that I can survive off of vampire blood since my blood has a chemical reaction when human blood is in the equation sending all the vampires close by in a frenzy and they try to kill me.

I chose to kill vampires — my conscience takes less of a hit since they are already dead.

Vampires are meant to kill humans. Feed off of their blood. They are not supposed to kill their own kind.

Killing vampires drew attention from a higher vampire. That is when the true trouble began.

Chris came into my life with guns blazing. Ready to kill me or have me join his coven. He knew that there was a vampire that was killing vampires to feed and he knew more than we did back then.

He knew that I was a special breed.

A special kind of killer.

I am the Lamia Venator — which means I am a vampire the hunts vampires. I cannot even catch a break being a freak.

When Chris came after us he had some help. He had his coven with him —his pack in a sense.

Wes called in for some help from an old friend. We could not see eye to eye, how could I when he tried killing me for my blood when we met. Vincent and I budded heads more than anything.

In the end, Chris managed to get a hold of Hannah and Mason. Vincent and I went after them. Wes helped me rescue Hannah but with Mason in trouble, I was not paying enough attention. That distraction got Vincent killed. When I managed to get Chris he used his last breath to tell me he is not the last of his men.

Whos men? I do not know.

The fight with Chris happened two years ago and it still haunts me.

His words burn in my mind. There is someone out there that knows about me.

What I am.

What I was created to do.

A vampire that hunts vampires.

Chris tried to hurt the people closest to me and that got him killed by these very hands.

My tiny hands lift up before me and I stare at the light blue nail polish that Hannah picked and painted herself. They have started chipping at the end of my nails from all the scrubbing and wiping down I do at work. I slowly flip them over a part of me excepting blood to drip down on my freshly clean counter but they were just as clean.

“Abby,” his voice has always calmed me and this time was no exception.

“Yes,” I glance up but instead of seeing Mason before me was a teenager with too much acne spread across his red face. Mason gave me a look as if to check if I am alright. I give him a small nod.

“Sorry, I ordered and I don’t think you got what I wanted,” the bobbing of his adam’s apple gives him away. He does not talk to girls and from his fidgety fingers even I, a Starbuck’s barista, make him nervous.

“I’m sorry what did you want?” His eyes stay on the counter and he swallows down loudly.

“A tall Caramel Frappuccino,” he finally looks up at me, “with extra caramel drizzle.”

“Sure thing,” I beam at him and his dazzling blue eyes sparkle, “you have some very pretty eyes.” His face reddens even more, “your total is $1.25.”

His eyes widen and his eyebrows dip, “How?”

“Don’t worry,” he shoves his hand into his pocket and pulls out a ball of cash and pulls out a crumpled dollar and then a quarter. He hands it to me and my hand feels his clammy hands, “it will be out in a few.” His hand recoils and I can sense his embarrassment. “Your name? Or should I call you pretty eyes,” maybe I should stop it looks like he is ready to pass out from shock.

“To-tob, Toby!”

He bends down and grabs something from the ground and when he comes back up I see his skateboard, “cool ride.” A smile flickers on his lips as he flips his ebony hair out of his eyes.

“Thanks,” he makes his way to one of the back tables and takes a seat as he pulls out his phone diddling on it.

“Mason, a Grande Caramel Frappuccino with extra caramel,” Mason’s dark eyes narrow as he shakes his head. I grab the cup and write his name on it with a side note and hand it to Mason. In the last two years, he has let his hair grow out making his wavy hair more distinguishable.

“I swear you’re going to get us fired,” he hisses but does as I ask him.

Once Mason is done spraying the whipped cream into the cup he glances over at me, “here you go,” I am taking a drive-thru order when Mason hears what they are ordering and starts it.

“Why don’t you give it to him,” I whisper.

“I am not the one he has been ogling the entire time,” my eyes go to the boy in the back and he drops his eyes quickly and acts as if he just got a text message.

“Toby!” His eyes lift up to meet mine and he gives me a small smile and makes his way towards me with his skateboard under his arm.

“Thanks, Abigail,” I nod my head as the ding in my headset lets me know that someone is at the drive-thru.

“Welcome to Starbucks,” Mason movements catch my attention, he seems to has some rhythm in his hips at the moment as he dances to some song playing at the moment, I bite back my laughter, “how may I help you.”

That is how the day pretty much goes. Wanda loves us and she loves little Hannah so the chances of us getting fired from that one coffee are slim.

Mason is always upbeat and loves to goof around making my day go by so much faster.

Hannah is enrolled in kindergarten. Wes takes her to school and picks her up when we are unable to.

Hannah and Wes’s relationship has improved drastically. Hannah has this alluring presences and Wes, well let’s say he had a lot of work to do for Hannah to like him.

Mason hangs our aprons up once the clock strikes two and he makes his way towards me grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the front door.

“Bye Wanda,” he smiles back at her, and I wave at her. Wanda rolls her eyes and waves us off.

Any normal human would want to stay as far away from me as possible. I am stronger than any man, faster than a car, and have supernatural enemies but I guess Mason is not a normal human. His arm snakes around my waist as he pulls me closer to him. My body curves into his as he plants a soft kiss on my temple.

“I love you,” he murmurs against my skin and I look over at him. As a human, I did not know what love was just the love you receive from family but Mason makes me feel as if I am the luckiest girl in the world.

“I love you too.”

The words are as natural as air and he seems to like it when I say it back. We walk through the city hand in hand like any other couple. Mason is the type of person to smile and wave at people we pass as for me I tend to have my eyes lock on him.

“Do you want to know what I am thinking,” he suddenly asks as we turn the corner of our street.

“Sure,” Mason has become very opened minded since we met. Who wouldn’t be? He is dating a vampire. “I’m not Edward I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

He chuckles and then sighs, “you’re not going to like it.”

“You want to take a break?” I would not be surprised since being with me brings along a lot of unwelcome surprises.

“Pssh no,” he looks at me, “why would you think that?” I shrug and pulls him towards the apartment, “I was thinking since you’re the only mother figure Hannah really has," he takes a moment to think about is next words, "would it be okay if I put you as her mother on her school documents.”

My fingers release Mason’s hand as I turn to face him, “What? Why would you think I wouldn’t like that?”

“I don’t know it seemed like a big move,” he scratches the back of his neck, a nervous gesture.

“A big move? Mason you moved in with me when I barely knew you, I dropped the biggest bomb known to the human race on you, and you think telling me this is a big move?”

“I guess you’re right but are you okay with it? You know since the whole...” he lets the words hang in the air.

“Of course you know how much Hannah means to me.” I decide to answer part of his question.

A few months ago Mason asked me to marry him and I completely freaked out. I am not ready for that and he understood well at least he said he did.

Marriage is for normal couples. Couples that can kiss each other and not worry about being cut by the others fangs. Couples that can make a family and grow old together something that will not happen with us.

He smiles and we walk up the steps and make our way to our apartment.

Now that I have someone living with me I decided on decorating and making this small place feel more like home. I bought a flat-screen television which Hannah and Mason love, new couches and now I routinely buy food.

Mason opens the door and gestures for me to enter first as he always does.

Wes is sitting on the love seat reading the newspaper as Hannah is napping on the couch.

“Hey Wes,” his eyes slide to me as his index finger pressed against his lips.

“She just fell asleep. This girl has more energy than the energizer bunny,” Mason walks in and drops the keys in the key bowl by the door.

The noise is enough to startle Hannah as her eyes shoot open and the smile that pulls on her lips is not a sleepy one.

“Abby!” Hannah sits up and looks over at Mason and I, “daddy!” Hannah’s light brown hair flows down her back in a curly cascade. Her light grey eyes scan the room and she appears as if she just woke up from a long nap.

“Well,” Wes folds the newspaper and puts it down on the coffee table, “it appears I’m off the clock. I need to feed so see ya later.”

Wes pushes himself off his seat and walks over to Hannah giving her a kiss on the head and she kisses him on the cheek.

“Bye Wes,” she chimes.

“Bye Hannah Bear,” he waves goodbye to all of us and makes his way to the door, “meet you at Creeks Bridge at midnight,” he says so low that only I hear him and I give him a quick nod.

It appears that it also my night to feed.

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