Unlucky to be Lucky

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10. Reflection

The moon was hidden behind thick clouds, making it a cold, dark night.


Cashew sat on the side of Monsuta’ bed and hopelessly looked at the blonde. Upon hearing more groans full of horror, Cashew eventually decided to give up what he was doing and light a candle to see what was going on. With the warm glow growing stronger, Cashew could make out beads of sweat upon the blonde’s head and his face was twisted into a look of pain and terror. He must be having a nightmare.

“Please, stop...” Monsuta lurched out of his bed and into Cashew, painfully making them both plummet to the floor. This sudden movement nearly made Cashew jump out of his own skin, but nevertheless he managed to get up and somewhat calm down the sweating, huffing man before him. Monsuta coughed profusely, fighting to get air back into his lungs, as if he had just come from a deep sea dive without an oxygen tank.

“Your alive, right?” Cashew nervously whispered.

At first Monsuta’s eyes just widened, as though he just noticed that Cashew was even in the room, and it took him a couple more moments before he managed to make out any signs of agreement, still adjusting to real life.

“Yeah... I think so.”

“Well good. Great. You were writhing frantically around and even shouting randomly, I couldn’t get a wink of sleep!” Cashew got up and started to walk back to his bed.

“Wait,” Monsuta panicky pushed himself off the floor, momentarily grabbing onto Cashew’s shirt.

“Don’t blow out that candle, please. Come down stairs and get a drink with me.”

Cashew irritatedly sighed, but nonetheless decided to follow the blonde downstairs. Monsuta had made some tea that was infused with the most amazing smells, those which Cashew had never smelt or heard of before.

“What is this?” He couldn’t help but ask with suspicion as Monsuta handed him the warm mug and sat down not far from him on the same couch.

“This tea is made from a rare flower grown in India. That land is extremely far and exotic, so it is additionally infused with the biting scents of spices, salty smells of the ocean and it has absorbed the air of all the countries it has passed in order for me to buy it in England. And now it has also passed through two different dimensions, which probably makes this the most expensive tea you have ever tasted!”

(Wow, he’s talking a lot today about such useless things.) Cashew decided he could let himself take a sip after seeing Monsuta do so, and immediately he was overwhelmed with a soothing energy that spread through every nerve and vessel. It seems the same thing happened to Monsuta, because the other relaxed and his pupils dilated back to normal for the first time since he had woken up. He was actually enjoying the silence and was nearly falling asleep until he saw in the corner of his eye that Monsuta was opening a book with the title of ‘Mirrors’ on it, and irritation once again made its way back into Cashew’s system. (I would rather die than hear a whole speech on mirrors, no way would I let him read this to me!)

“Hey, what were you dreaming about?” He really didn’t care about the answer, but decided that this topic would be most affective in stopping the blonde from reading. It took a few moments before he replied, but the conversation that followed made Cashew regret agreeing to coming downstairs at all.

“Betrayal runs thickly in my family. Sometimes, there is someone who pulls a lever to open up a dam that holds it all up and all you can to is drown. Sometimes, you are the one pulling that lever... Tell me about yourself. I don’t really know much about you.” Cashew was thrown off by Monsuta’s sudden question, but upon steeling a quick look towards the other he saw that his eyes were closed, face stuck in a pained expression and his posture was hunched over. Whatever it was, Cashew got a feeling in his heart to reply truthfully, though he didn’t know why. It was probably that damn tea.

“I was adopted... my parents were killed in a horrific accident when I was very young.” Well, mostly truthful. Cashew couldn’t explain any of his actions at the moment but he tried to keep it as vague as he could manage. “Merl found me on the night after hearing the racket and ever since then, he and Shirley have been amazing people who decided to adopt me and look after me. I’m extremely grateful.” His own face took a pained expression, to which Monsuta seemed to sense and slowly looked over.

“I think you should leave.” Surprised, Cashew looked into Monsuta’s half white, half black eyes.

“What on earth -“

“Listen, Cashew, I am a bad person. I hired you to stay here with me purely for my own selfish reasons. I wanted you to make this place a lot cleaner and livelier, filling my lonely void simply because you do not smell like the other people. Everyone is terrified when they come near me, and when they are scared they emit a stronger smell of blood that drives me absolutely ballistic. It’s like torture and I hate it. But you did not... I took advantage of that despite knowing I could never repent for my dark past. I thought maybe if I act happy for the people who died then it’s possible my life would be worth it! But they just look angrier than ever before.”

“Are you listening to yourself right now?”

“The dream I had tonight simply reminded me to snap out of it and remember my sins. Therefore, I wish for you to leave. Please do it for -“

“Hey!” Cashew aggressively smashed the cup upon the wall and stood up in front of Monsuta, “I hate your guts, that’s true, but don’t think you can just order me to leave so suddenly. I put too much effort into my garden and putting up with your face for you to just destroy all that. No matter how bad or evil you are, I don’t really care. I only care about one of your actions, not the rest. Don’t you even think of dying somewhere alone in a ditch, because I’m going to stick myself to you so much, your gonna feel like your repenting for your sins just by putting up with me! Only I can kill you. Only I deserve to kill you. Don’t you forget that.” Slightly out of breath from shouting in such short amount of breaths, Cashew daringly held Monsuta’s gaze for a few tense seconds.

“You don’t understand,” Monsuta’s eyes seemed to sink back into his face and it was apparent it took a lot of effort to stay sitting up, knowing that the truth is out, “I have killed a lot of people in my past.”

“I know.”

“No listen, you don’t want to be next to someone like me, I’m dangerous.”

“I know.”

“The more time you waste here, the more chance of.. huh? Wait, what did you just say?” Monsuta’s face broke into confusion, at the realisation of what the other had just said. Cashew looked down at his tea, making his hair cover his face and forcing his expression to be unreadable.

“I said I know.” With that, Cashew turned away from the blonde and made his way upstairs.

Monsuta was frozen to the spot and had no idea how to react nor behave. He was as still as a lake of which not the slightest breeze nor creature had stirred. His eyes were locked on the spot where Cashew’s mug had crashed into and he watched as the tea slowly dripped down the bricks. Something which flashed in his eyes made him snap out of his trance and he leaned back with a loud and painful sigh. Slowly, he placed his own mug onto the floor and rubbed his palms over the temples of his forehead.

“I will take this as progress. At least he didn’t try to kill me with my own mug this time.”

He made himself laugh.


It was dark and Monsuta had just fallen asleep. The two men had come back from the London Zoo just moments before, but it seems that all the walking and arguing from their day had exhausted Monsuta to the point that he had passed out the second he touched his bed sheets. Cashew was extremely tired himself, but he could not pass up such an opportunity. Creeping quietly over to his satchel, Cashew took out the same little bottle he had used to poison Monsuta’s drink a few weeks ago. (This time I’ll get you!)

Cashew had noticed that there was some sudden development between him and Monsuta, feeling that despite hating the other man with all of his heart and being two completely opposite people, they somehow clicked. Realising this fact was extremely irritating for Cashew, but nevertheless he had to admit that it was true. (I wonder if he ever feels bad for killing my parents... does he ever even think about them?) Of course, he would never say these thoughts to anyone, ever, and even now he was building up anger the more he thought about it. (Of course he wouldn’t think about them, I mean, look at how happy he always acts!)

He creeped back into the bedroom and made his way to the blonde’s bed. He gave the other a light prod to the stomach, to which was replied with motionless snores. Unable to contain his excitement, Cashew had to physically pinch himself in order to get back to business.

He slowly unscrewed the lid to the bottle and hovered his hand above Monsuta’s mouth. (Thanks for being a great host, but I think your time on this world is over!) just as he was about to drop the poison into the man’s mouth, the other gave a sudden jerk and flipped himself onto his side. (What is this?) Cashew annoyedly thought to himself, but nevertheless he quietly made his way to the other side of the bed and tried again. Hovering his hand over the sleeping man’s mouth, he started to turn his hand to drop the liquid in when Monsuta once again gave a jolt and threw himself to the other side. Confused and annoyed, Cashew continued this activity to the point where Monsuta would move every few seconds, at which point Cashew finally gave up. He was once even slapped in the face and kicked in the shin from how sudden the other’s movements were. (Is this guy having a nightmare or what? I never even imagined such a human thing to occur to him.)

Full of bruises and scrapes, Cashew closed the lid with disbelief and was about to just strangle Monsuta until he heard a soft groan, calling “no..” and “please, stop...”. Lighting a candle, he saw that Monsuta was sweating excessively and panting. Cashew decided to give up and shoved the bottle of poison into his pocket, just in time as the blonde lurched out of bed and crashed blindly into him.

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