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Iam a new writer here. And it's my first attempt hope you all like this.

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Story #1

Once upon a time in a small village there lived a boy named Aaron who wants something in return of his work done he was from a poor family background. In his family eating one time’s food was so difficult that he wanted to do something which would change his family’s situation.

He had two siblings His siblings were not capable of doing any work and earning money so it was very hard to run a family. His father was a running a small shop of groceries. Every-day one of his brothers should go and assist his father in the shop. Normally 4/7 days Aaron works in the shop. He always expects some tips from customers but no-one gave him a single penny.

One day he was taking rest at his room unfortunately his mother called him and said “go Aaron your father need you because a big order is there in the shop your father called you for packing those groceries”. Aaron left the place immediately and in the way he saw a small parrot was lying on the ground he felt so sympathetic he went there and took the parrot and he went to his father’s shop. The work took so long he went home at 10:00 clock at night. Normally the time for closing shop was 7:00 clock. He took that parrot with him.

On that night his father was so happy because he earned huge money on that day. His father promised him to buy new clothes for whole family next day. That night all the family members after having supper they went to sleep. But, Aaron was awake because he didn’t tell about the parrot to anyone. He hid that parrot in small bag. After some time he gave some chillies and some tomato but that parrot didn’t eat because of hurt in its wing, Aaron didn’t notice about it then he went to sleep. Aaron named it “Sweetie”.

The next he opened that bag what he saw! The parrot was missing he felt unhappy his mother asked reason for his unhappiness he said everything his mother smiled and said” you idiot you don’t know why a parrot falls from a branch on the ground?” He replied “no”. Her mother said because it was hurt. And your father had taken it to the vetinary hospital. Aaron was waiting for whole day until his father came home, at 8:00pm his father came and had his dinner and went to sleep. He didn’t say anything about the parrot. Aaron asked him but his father didn’t reply. He got angry.

The next day when he went his father’s shop he saw the parrot was playing. He jumped with joy and thanked his father. From that day onwards the business started to flourish. After some days that parrot has flown away.

And on that night in Aaron’s dream a sweet angel came and said “THANK YOU AARON FOR SAVING MY LIFE IF YOU WERE NOT THERE I MIGHT HAVE DIED, ONE MAGICIAN has TURNED ME INTO A PARROT AND ONE HUNTER Shot AT MY WING, I WAS IN THE ANGEL’S GARDEN before I CAME HERE TO SEARCH MY FRIEND, HE WAS LOST”. Aaron asked “what is in return of my work”! That sweet angel said “YOUR FAMILY WILL NOT SLEEP HUNGRY ANYMORE AND NO-ONE WILL BE UNHAPPY, ONLY HAPPINESS WILL BE THERE”. And then the angel disappeared. The next morning Aaron’s father brought them to the shopping mall and had delicious lunch in a hotel after a long time, Aaron realised that if we help anyone some-one will help us someday…….


Let the nature be in its own course.

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