The Legend of The Chi Crystals

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Everyone has chi. Chi is essential for living things to stay alive. Yes... that indeed include plants and animals. Chi also known as the inner energy. We channeled the chi energy to perform powers. The most commonly use powers are the elemental power but few special cases do have rare non elemental power. However, where do we receive the Chi from? How can us possess Chi? What is the origin of the Chi? In an old ancient book, there were words written about the Chi Crytals. According to the book, Chi was given by those crytals. But... how? Crystals aren't suppose to be alive right? So how can a crystal give a human a chi? Also, the book told us about the first human who found the crystals. Who is this human? How did they found it?

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The First Encounter (1)

Title~ The First Encounter

Elaine: "Do not let the evil paints your heart."

-Third Point of View-

A long time ago humans were once living in a perfect harmony and peace. There were no wars, no political issues and no one was killing each other. Humans were not ranked by the level of their wealth and power. Everyone was the same. Instead of wealth and influence, a man strength was prove by their ability to hunt animals for their family, for the people around him meanwhile a woman strength prove by their abiliy to take care of the family well being. Even though wars never occur it does not mean that arguments never exist. However, this arguments and misunderstandings never once threaten the peace and harmony among men.

Unfortunately, the saying, "Nothing lasts forever. " was not made for nothing.

It all begin on one fateful day......

Once upon a time, a man was on a hunt for food precisely, for meat. Meat supply for his small family was not enough so he went into the forests behind the village to hunt a deer or any living creature that is safe to consume. While walking, his eyes caught a glimpse of brown. He turned to look and how happy he was to see an adult deer standing beside the bushes near him. With only a wooden handmade spear, he managed to kill the poor deer. With a happy smile graced his young face, he made his way back home.

Thus confusingly, the man could not find his way back home. He was lost. How come? Hunting was a part of his life and the way around the forest surrounding his village was like the back of his hand. Plus, the forest was where he always spent his evening when he was a kid and a teen.

The most interesting part was that he felt as if he was in a different place. The forest felt strange to him. Everything about the forest scream the word unfamiliar in his mind. The forest was thick. Thicker than before and bigger than usual. He can't see any living creatures in here well i mean animals because trees are a living things too. As he was walking, he suddenly tripped by a huge tree root and he lose his footing. As a result, the deer he was holding earlier accidently thrown across him. The poor dead deer lied lifelessly on the ground. The male quickly raised on his feet to retrieve his hunt back.

*Crunch* *Crunch* *Snap*

The sound of his boots walking on the dried leaves and twigs on the ground echoed around him. As he was nearing the deer, what he saw behind the deer was beyond his expectation.

"W-what... What is this place?" The man said almost breathless as his eyes stared in awe and disbelief at the sight infront of him.

There he was standing on the edge of the cliff. He could see the beautiful view under the cliff. Everything was so small under him which indicated that he was standing on a very, very high cliff. The trees down there are giant and tall. The color of them were varies. Orange, green, red, just name it, everything was there. The waterfall made the view even breathtaking. The water was so clear that you can see everything inside it. A few leaves was floated on the clear water surface. Falling from the trees that surrounded the waterfall. Thus, behind all those excited, shocked and happy feeling, the man somehow... Felt confused.

"Why is there no animals here?" True... How true... Despite all of those wonderfulness that this place emitted, there was not a single animals or humans here. Not even an insect. No birds conquered the clear blue skies. No fishes ruled the water. It was as if this place was alive yet in the same time....


The man then stepped over the deer to get a better look at the view beyond him. Unfortunately, a strong wind suddenly blew from behind, which made him lose his balance and you guess it.... Yes... He fell. From the cliff. Let me remind you again. The cliff was insanely high.


The man could only screamed in terror as he knew that nothing other than death are awaiting him as soon as his body make contact with the ground below. What a poor soul.

"I wish i could have the power to stay survive." The man said in his mind as he helplessly stared at the incoming ground below him. He knew that he will die but somehow he wishes that he will have a power that can help him to escape from his incoming death. Then again, little did the man know, what he wishes just now marked the beginning of humans cruel fate.

The man closed his eyes to brace for the impact. Yet.... After a few seconds he did not feel anything. He slowly opened his eyes and gasped in surprise.

"I-I am still alive!!!!"

Somehow the man's leg was tangled in the vines from the tree which stopped him from meeting his death. The man was hung upside down. He used his small pocket knife to cut the vines from his legs.

A few moment later, the man was standing infront of a tree. The biggest tree that he had ever seen. He felt like an ant compare to the size of the tree. He ran his palm over the tree's surface in awe. He can fell the roughness of the tree under his palm yet it felt comforting. Then, a huge stone caught his eyes. The stone was wrapped by thick vines. The stone was on the ground in between the thick roots of the giant tree infront of him.

He crouched down and ran his fingers over the stone before removing the vines from the stone with his pocket knife. He sat down on the ground as he stared at the stone in puzzlement.

"What is this?" A small black diamond shape like stone crystal was stucked on the huge stone. The male then using his knife to remove the small black crystal from the giant stone.

A few minutes later, the man finally done. He placed the black crystal on the ground while looking at it curiously. He racked his mind to find an answer to his question.

"What is this thing? A stone? A crystal? If yes then... Why can't i break it?" The man asked himself. He was trying to figure what the stone was a moment ago by experimenting on them. He threw it. He stabbed it. He stomped it. He burned it. He even bite it. Yet... The black stone remained unscratch and unharm.

Nonetheless, in the end the man climbed on the cliff he fell from and try to find the way back home. This time however, he made it home but... he brought along the black stone with him.

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