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Red as they called her was heartless, at least according to the people who were her targets. But she wasn't always like this. She used to love her twin sister and adore her grandmother. But she hated her grandfather but never showed it. After her sister's death Red had nothing more to lose, her grandmother made her run and change her name, she chose the name Red the color of blood. Quite symbolic don't you think? In this story Red may or may not learn to love again (against her better judgment). She still cares whether she wants to or not especially when it's about a little girl named Clotho Moirai.

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"Hurry up." Bella whispered. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" Ella shouted back." We don't have to worry; we'll get there in time." Bella knew this of course but she couldn't help it, going to the lake is one of her favorite things to do and that list isn't very long. Alongside swimming in the lake with the water nymphs.

She loves the fireflies that flew over the lake given it a red-ish color, a beautiful sunset red. She loves the way her hair floats on the surface of the lake, the way the water covers her body in a protective shell but most of all she loves the feeling of home. By the lake she felt at peace, in the lake she felt at home.

Lost in her thoughts little Bella didn't realize they had reached the clearing in the forest. Right in front of the two sisters was the place they love so much. Turning around a beautiful water nymph called Xena saw the girls and said, "Bella Beau, Ella Nella I didn't think you guys could make it!"

"We almost didn't. "Ella answered." Grandfather wouldn't let us go."

"But grandmother convinced him to." Bella finished for her sister. Xena was used to the girls finishing each other's sentences, they did it all the time without realizing it but with what they went through every day she didn't expect anything else from the two. They leaned on each other, they needed each other." Well,' Xena's sister butted in, "we are glad you could make it, come on let's begin."

Xena and her sister Xandria looked exactly alike. If it weren't for the fact that Xena was way more serious than Xandria you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. They both had the same sea blue hair that blends in with the lake, the same light pink-purple eyes that turns into a dark shade of purple when angry. The same loving smile they kept only for the little girls they saw as their own.

Unlike Xena and Xandria, Bella and Ella didn't look alike even though they were twins. Whilst Bella had scarlet red hair, her sister's hair was golden brown. Where Ella's eyes were bottle green, Bella's were honey brown. And in character they were even more different.

Ella was as serious as they came and very protective over her sister, she saw the evil in everyone while Bella was pure in every way, she always saw the good in people much to her sister's annoyance.

The only thing they had in common was that they loved each other more than anything in the whole world nothing could get between them, they didn't even fight like siblings. One thing that Xena and Xandria never could understand.

"Can I start?" Bella asked eagerly. "Of course!" Xandria looked at the girl adoringly. Bella started to hum the song the water nymphs thought her when she was just 4 years old, 9 years ago.

At the same time, they all began to sing,

"Water cover me whole, let your powers show.

Somewhere far on a river family waits for me.

Show me love,

Show me patience,

Be the one for me

Be my home, be my shelter

Show me what I know.

Water cover me whole, let your powers show.

Show me love, show me patience, show me what I know."

As they stopped singing the water began telling a story, forming shapes, silhouettes of people, more specific; Bella, Ella, Xena and Xandria. The story of how they met. The water showed the girls running, crying and in pain. They hated their home, their grandfather and what he wanted them to become. Only 4 years old and they didn't see the meaning of life. Xena and Xandria were the ones who showed them life could be full of fun too.

The 4 girls were so fascinated with the story, even though they had seen it so often even lived it, that they did not see the man coming.

"What is the meaning of this!" the man roared. "Grandfather," Ella was startled, "what-what are you doing here?"

"You aren't invited in these woods Lord Ares" Xena stated calmly. Ignoring her words Lord Ares went on to grab on to a fearful Bella's arm pulling her along to get her sister too. "Grandfather let go!" she cried out only to receive a slap across the cheek.

Enraged by the man's actions Xandria did the unexpected; she raised her arms, the water of the lake moving with her, pushing Lord Ares back, forcing him to let go of Bella's arm." How dare you?" Lord Ares was boiling in anger.

Bella cried, "Grandfather please stop. Don't hurt them, please." But Lord Ares wouldn't listen, he would be damn if he listened to that little worm that was his grandchild. How can you call yourself a grandfather when you abuse you own blood?" Xandria questioned.

"You train them to be cold blooded killers when they are only children, when they don't do as you ask you beat them till, they are black and blue. How can you do this to kids who want nothing else in life but to be children?" she continued. "Enough out of you, useless water nymph, it is none of your business how I raise my grandchildren." He bellowed. "It is when you took does children from their parents!" Xena interrupted absolutely frustrated.

Not caring what the water nymphs and her grandfather were arguing about, Ella ran to her sister who was obviously still in pain from the slap she received. "Are you okay?" she asked. "I'm fine." Bella whispered back. But from the tears in her eyes Ella knew she was anything but fine. "I have had enough of this!" Lord Ares suddenly yelled, "I forbid you two to come any were near my grandchildren again!

And you two," he said pointing at the girls, "if I ever find out you've been seeing these useless wastes of air again, you will regret the day you were born. Now get back to the house!" Scared of their grandfather the girls stood up to leave begging the water nymphs not to enrage the man in front of them.

Ignoring the pleas of the girls Xena whispered in disgust, "You are a despicable man." Lord Ares saw only red, enraged he shook the earth beneath them. He drew a sword out of thin air and stabbed Xena through the heart.

Xandria screamed in agony able to feel her sisters' pain. By now the thirteen-year-old's where so far gone that they could only hear Xandria scream. They hoped grandfather didn't hurt the nymphs but knowing the man they feared the worst.

Rushing towards her sister Xandria begged, "Pleas no... don't leave me. You can't leave me!"

"Xandria listen to me." Xena said with one of her last breaths, "Take care of the girl and tell them the truth." "How am I supposed to do that!" Xandria muttered. "You'll know how." her sister continued, "I love you." "That's the first time you said you love me, on your damn death bed, really Xena?" Xandria couldn't believe her sister. Xena didn't say anything, she just looked at her sister knowingly because her sister knew the exact reason way, she never told her she loved her. "I love you too." Xandria eventually whispered. Feeling her life force slipping away Xena asked, "Could you sing the song?"

Xandria began, "Water cover me whole, let your powers show,

Show me a place I wish to be, away from here, in peace

To a world unknown, with love and a home.

Water cover me whole."

Before Xandria could even finish the song Xena's eyes closed. Her body dissolved into water, something that happens when a water nymph dies. By now Lord Ares had already left. With tears streaming down her face Xandria left the lake to find a way to uncover the truth.


1 year later

Ever since the incident at the lake nether Bella nor Ella had seen the sisters of water. They ignored grandfather's orders and went to the lake whenever they felt alone. Looking for her sister, Bella decided to go look at the lake.

Hiking up her beautiful off the shoulder red dress that flowed around her body. Bella went into the woods hoping that she didn't get dirt all over her dress. At the lake she saw her sister sitting on the ground, shoes of, feet in the water.

"Oh, for the love of the Moon Goddess, Ella what do you think you're doing, your dress will be covered in mud." Ella didn't care, she had bigger things on her mind right now and she wasn't about to tell her sister. Coming closer to her sister Bella saw the tears in her eyes. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Ella really didn't want to answer, so she made up a lie that wasn't so much of a lie, "I-I just miss Xena and Xandria." feeling ashamed of lying to her sister she bowed her head. Her tears falling onto her black and gold gown. Bella didn't know what to do but lucky for her she didn't have to do anything because someone was coming, unlucky for both of them the person who was coming was their grandfather.

"Why is it that you girls just love ignoring my orders?" he asked mockingly. "Didn't I make it clear you were forbidden to come to this lake. Stalking tors Ella, he grabbed a fist full of her hair and threw her into the lake. Shock at the sudden cold Ella gasped. Turning his attention to a shaking Bella, he raised his fist delivering a blow to her face making her fall to the ground in tears.

Whilst this happened Ella got out of the lake, shivering because of the cold. "Grandfather please stop." Lord Ares however didn't stop, he got even more furious and kicked Bella in the stomach a few times before he walked away.

Nether of the sisters moved. "You know," Bella whispered, "even though he does all that he does I still love him." Ella just looked at her little sister as she continued, "because even with all that he does he still raised us." By now Bella was in tears. Detaching herself from her emotions Ella said nothing, she just walked away.

After crying on the ground for a while, Bella picked herself up like she always did, used her magic to remove all the dirt from her dress and followed in her sister's footsteps to the ball.

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