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Savion Reagan and Sequoia Ethereal was a couple. Everyone said that they were perfect for each other. Both sacrified for each other. Both fought for each other. Then why... " Why Savion!! Why did this happened to us?! What happen to you Savion? What happen?" "Sequoia... Long time no see... I see.. You have grown into fine lovely woman." As the man with jet black hair said those words.. His deep crimson eyes stared emotionlessly in the teary midnight eyes belong to the woman.

Fantasy / Romance
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Our Eyes Meet Again

-Sequoia Ethereal Point of View-

I still remember the first time i saw you. I still remember the very first moment we gazed into each other's eyes. I gazed into your eyes with curiosity and interest. You gazed into my eyes with intensity. We both trying to read each other's mind.

After a long 4 years we finally met. Again. After you left me..... Left me to suffer..... Left me to cry...... Left me to...



That is the first word he said to me after 4 years.

There he is standing tall with a black cloak left unbutton. His forest green clothes hugged his toned and mature body nicely underneath the organization trademark cloak that he is in.

Yes... A criminal organization.

His crimson like blood eyes stares into my midnight like shadow eyes. There were no emotions his eyes. They were... Empty. Emotionless.. Lifeless...

Yet there was an intensity in his eyes. So intense that made my knees weak. Or was it because the man that stood in front of me was... Him? Is that why i'm shaking now?

"S-Savion Reagan... Surrender yourself. You can't escape no more." I said rather stupidly. Sequoia you are facing a man that killed hundreds. That committed countless crimes! Yet you expected him to surrender? What a joke.

Then again... What can i do? This is a prosedure that i must do. Avoid killing your enemies unless necessary. I should also not forget that i shoulder a great responsibility.

"Captain Ethereal what is your order?" One of my teammates asked me.

Yes, they are my responsibility. Their life were in my hands. I am ordered to lead this squad to complete a mission given by the Emperor. Emperor of NKL (COUNTRIES OF SEA SECURITY)

~Sequoia Ethereal Flashback~

"Emperor Ingram i heard that you wish to meet me. Is that true?" I asked the mid 50 man that sit on his chair behind his table. A glass name tag kuboid shaped placed on the top right corner of his wooden table. On it carved the words...


"Ah Sequoia you are here. Yes, that is true. I know that you have just came here after your four years travelling across the countries. But you see Sequoia kid.. I need a hand to help me. I can't ask Genesia or Sofiel or any other capable fighter. I only have you in my mind for this mission." Emperor Ingram said in a gentle yet guilty voice.

I smirked a little. "Only me huh?" I said teasingly.

Emperor Ingram sighed at my behaviour. "Sequoia girl.. I am being serious right now. "

"You do? " I asked teasingly still smirking.

"Okay. Okay. You do. Geez... Calm down. " i said after Emperor Ingram gave me a 'i'm not joking' look.

"Sheesh... What on earth did Franivan teached you for 4 whole years? You were such a quiet and serious girl before. But now... Sarcasm and teases are your style. " Emperor Infram sighed while rubbing his wrinkled forehead.

"Woah.. That is cruel Emperor. I am still the same just not with those i do not trust." I said in a mock hurt.

"This girl.... (Sigh) Sequoia you will lead a team of 5 for today mission."

"Today mission? Today? Now? "

"Yes, today. I am sorry Sequoia. You are suppose to have your day off but this is important. " he said apologically.

"No. It is fine. I understand. Emperor please continue." I said with a calm yet serious voice.

Emperor Ingram smiled at me before nodding his head. "I knew i could rely on you. Ehem.. As i said before, you will lead a team of five. They will arrive few minutes later. There were several reports on citizens missing near the town from here."

I nodded in understanding. "When was the incidents happen?"

"This whole week. In just one week there were 8 reports about the same case. Missing."

"I see... Most likely the culprit was the same." I said.

"That could be true. We do not know for sure."

"Well then Emperor.. What is my mission?"

"I need you and the other five to investigate more on this case. Track them while at it. There is a high chance that they are kidnapped. Remember.. Avoid confronting or fighting them. The main priority is to find and save the 8 missing people. We do not know what the enemies are capable of. After those eight are in your hands then return back here. Immediately. Is that clear?" Said Emperor Ingram pressing the word immediately.

I only stared at him in silent as i silently dislike the idea of not fighting enemies and just let them go. If there are really a kidnapper or kidnappers then they should stay behind the bars. Letting them go will only make them keep on doing crimes. Then sooner or later situation will worsen.

Emperor as if reading my mind look at me sternly. "Sequoia.. Do not engage in fights with them. You are a captain for this mission. Those you lead, your teammates life are in your hands. Any decision you make effect them. Whether it is for good or the other way around. Plus, those eight might be still alive. Remember that." He said in stern voice.

"(Sigh) I understand Emperor."

"Good. Thus, as soon as Francis return from his mission i will send him as a back up. He will finish soon after you leave."

"Humm.. It seems those five are already here. I shall take my leave then." I said as i glanced sideway on my left. In line,standing next to each other were five person. Two of them are female and the rest are male. All of them were in black tight clothes underneath the matching colour cloak. Their face hidden behind a mask that represent their role in mission as a team.

"Yes.. You may." As soon as those words left Emperor's mouth i along with those 5 vanished.

Emperor Ingram stared at at empty space in front of him. Where Sequoia was before. Frowned formed on his face.

"Why i wonder... I feel like something bad will happen..."

Sequoia.... Please be careful.

~Sequoia Ethereal Flashback End~


I inhaled deeply to regain my composure. Once i am certain that i feel better i tilted my head to my right a little to speak with my teammates but while doing that i make sure to keep my eyes on him, not letting my guard down. Afterall, we do not know what he will do once i let my guard down. Even for a second. I mean we are facing a member of most wanted criminal organization here.

"Blue.. Take all of the captives and return home. Including you and the other four." i said to Blue while still keeping my eyes on him. Blue is a code name.

"But Captain how about you?" asked Blue in uncertain voice.

"...... Do not worry about me. Just do as i said."

"But Captain-"

"This is an order. Are you in any position to defy my order?" i said cutting him off with a stern voice.

"...........I understand." Blue said after a short silence. In a few seconds Blue along with the other 4 and the captives vanished.

I look behind me to make sure all of them are gone. After a few seconds i look at him again. He was standing in the same position without moving an inch. It was as if he is a statue.

None of us speaking. We were just stared at each other. That's when he started to move. He raised his hand to his face that was covered by a mask that hide his lower face (nose to chin)


The sound of his mask hitting the ground echoed between us. The sound is quite loud which made me look at the mask that lied near his foot.

Is... That mask made of iron?

The thought crossed my mind for a moment. Then i look at his now exposed face which i regretted.

I swore that my breath was taken away when my eyes scanned his face. After 4 years not seeing each other i was shocked to see how much change. He silently stared at me as my eyes widened at his face

Oh my... He grown... Into such a handsome man. His face has matured. His skin still the same pale flawless skin. But.... Not only his face mature, his whole body too.

I shaked my head a little as i realized my thought. Then i put my expressionless face back on.

"Reagan you will come with me and face your punishment for all of your crimes." I said seriously to him.

"Make me." he said in monotone tone.

I narrowed my eyes at his words. I put my hand on my pistol holder that attached to my upper right thigh.

"Very well then.. As you wish."

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

As soon as i said those words i quickly took out my pistol and shot him three times with one hand.

He jumped to avoid the bullets. I continuosly shot him while he is in mid air. He quickly spinned in the air making the bullets flew passed him. Then he landed on the ground.

I took the chance to flash infront of him and swung my dagger to his neck. His eyes widened a little as he realized my action.

As my dagger only a centimetre away from his neck my eyes widened. Instead of hitting flesh, my dagger meet with an air.

"H-He... Vanished?!" I lower my hand to my side as i scanned the area around me.

"Where is he...?"

"Left? No..."

"Right? No..."

"Up? No..."

"Down? No..."

"Then...(Gasp)..." That was then i realized that the only area i have not check was....

"Behind you..."

Unfortunately it was already to late when the realization hit me. I turned around as fast as lightning and there he was. Just a few inches apart from me.

I ignored my shocked and immediately slashed my dagger across his face.


Savion stared at me emotionlessly. Not even worry about the incoming slash for his face.

"Slow." He said as he gripped my wrist stopping my attack with ease.

"Ergh!" I groaned in pain as his grip on my wrist tightened. My grip on my dagger loosened.


My dagger fell from my hand with a loud noise. I stared at the dagger with wide eyes.

Ah... Oh no! My dagger!

I roughly pulled my hand away from his grasp and quickly move to take the dagger back.

Savion immediately kicked the dagger away and snatched my left arm before lifting me in the air.

"Ah... Trying to fool me humm?" he said to me without emotions.

I gulped nervously as i glared at him. "I do not know what you mean." I said through my gritted teeth.

"Oh? Really? Let me tell you then. You pretend to take the dagger on the ground while moving your hand to your hip to take out your gun. So Sequoia... Tell me.. Am i right? " He said as his eyes raked over my hips and thighs.

"........... " I did not answer his question even though i could not deny the truth in his words. I growled and kick his stomach few times as hard as i could in my current position.

"ERGH!! ARGGHHH!!!!" I screamed in pain as Savion's grip on my wrist tighten. It was as if he wanted to shatter my wrist. I wriggled and squirmed to make him let me go but no avail. He still lift me while crushing my wrist.

"Ergh! L-let me go!! Argh! Ah! Let me go!!!!!" I shouted while pounding his chest with my free hand.

Savion narrowed his eyes and hissed warningly at me to stop. I ignored his warning and keep squirming and pounding his chest.

"Erm!!!" I froze and all of my squirming stop. Savion placed one of his hands on my waist and slowly move down to my hip. He was touching my curve and rested his hand on the side of my thigh. Blush formed on my face.

W-what is he doing?!!


My gun holder suddenly loosened up and fell on the ground with a loud KLANK.

"Huh? "

Noticing my confused look he speaks, "I can't let my enemy armed now do i?"


I growled while glared at him in anger. "Fuck you." I cursed at him through gritted teeth.

Savion raised an eyebrow at my words. "Humm? I see... You still have those potty mouth of yours."

"Ah!" He suddenly let go of my arm making me fell on my back on the ground.

I crawled backward to create distance between us. His intense eyes never leaving mine as i moved away from him.

"Tsk tsk... You have not change at all. Still fighting even when you know that you are injure." He said mockingly while walking towards me. I tried to stand up and step back.

"................. " I ignored his words as i keep on moving backwards while he keep on walking towards me.

"Your fighting was sloppy. You move weirdly. And you avoid using your left arm during our fight." He pointed out my flaws as i narrowed my eyes at him.

"Those bullets could easily hit Luna yet you missed." He said as i flashback on the time i fought Luna to save those 8 men.

Luna is someone i fought with in the past 30 minutes ago. She is one of the member of the organization Savion in. I mostly attacked her in long range distance attack. Usually i use two gun on each hand during fights but today i use only one. I can't wield a sword as it needed two hands to use. I can't even use my chi to summon my power because my body is weak now. If i use it i will pass out. Pass out during mission is not a great idea right? Dagger and small weapon the only weapon i can use in this mission. Typically even with these weapons or with only one arm, i still can fight with ease. Unfortunately, the one i am faced with today were the members of the most dangerous criminal organization. I already defeated Luna today and she retreated.

As i and those five unchained those 8 who were kidnapped, suddenly he arrived out of nowhere. Thus, why did he let those 5 save and bring those 8 back home? With his strength, he could easily defeat them. Bla bla bla here i am.

"Hmph.. I am defenseless now aren't i? What are you waiting for? Kill me. Finish what you did on the day you tried to kill me 4 years ago." i said bitterly as memories of him stabbing me 4 years ago with cold eyes flashed through my mind.

Silence surrounded the two of us. Neither of us move. He stopped walking towards me as do i. I glared at the ground before me while tightly clenched my fists. My teeth was gritted and my breathing was rough. Those memories of him trying to kill me effected my mind now. I could feel his intense eyes bore into me.

"Because of all of you... Genesia... Sofiel..... Cael.... Aiden.... Sylrioce... almost die. Because of all of you... The innocence injured and few of them died. You destroy their life, their dreams." I said in a low voice. Savion remained silent while his cold eyes never move away from me. Silence once again embraced them.

"Vion...." My voice was trembling and shaky.

-Third Point Of View-

Savion blinked in surprised. His once tightly closed lips was now slight open when he heard Sequoia said his name.

The memories of Sequoia smiling while calling him by his nickname flashed in his mind for a seconds.

"Why.... Savion why...?" Sequoia's voice was slow and broke. Tears streamed down on her flushed cheeks. Sequoia closed her eyes tightly to stop crying yet it only worsen.

Troubled look made onto Savion's face as he stared at the crying female infront of him. His lips were apart slightly. He clenched his fists tighly. But nonetheless, as soon as Sequoia opened her black teary eyes, Savion's expression turned back to emotionless in a blink of an eye.

"You left me to die... Hic. Hic. You broke me..Hic. Hic. You changed me. Hic. Hic. You made me suffered. You betrayed me... Hic... You.... Hic.. You....

YOU WRECKED MY HEART!!!! " Sequoia said in between hiccups.

Savion says nothing at her outburst. All he did was staring at her silently.

"........ Heh.. Well then Reagan. Injure or not, i will fight you." Sequoia chuckled bitterly.

"Chi. Release." A burst of gold energy emitted from Sequoia body.

"You will die if you use your chi with your condition right now do you realize that?" asked Savion.

"Yeah maybe i will. So what is the issue?" Sequoia said casually.

"The issue is that you put your life on risk. "

"It does not matter." Sequoia said coldly before marching towards him.

Savion narrowed his eyes in displeased before unlocked his blue chi energy.

"HARRRRRGHHHH!!!" Sequoia swung her fist towards Savion.

"HERRRRRGGHHHH!!! " Savion mirrorred Sequoia's attack and their fist connected.

************TIME SKIP*************


Savion flashed right infront of tired Sequoia and punched her stomach. Sequoia flew backwards from the impact and slam against a big tree in the forest.

-Sequoia Ethereal Point of View-

I slowly slid down the tree and slumped against it. I could not move. I can't even barely lift a single finger.

Uh... I've reached my limit.

"Ugh... Ah... " I moaned in pain as my whole body ache so bad.


I heard the sound of grass rustled near me then follow by the sound of footsteps. I am in too much pain to even turn my head to look at the owner of the footsteps. But even without looking i know whom the footsteps belongs to.

Someone stand beside my sitting figure. That someone was the one and only....

"Reagan... Ugh..." I hissed his name while moving my eyes sideway to glare at him. Though, it was only a weak glare.

".........(sigh).... " I heard him sighed as he kneel beside me.

"Tsk tsk... Sequoia... You are so helpless. Challenging me for a fight especially in your current condition. You are so stupid." he said in mockery to me while chuckling.

I gritted my teeth when i heard him insulting me. He chuckles even more before placing his left hand on my right cheek. He turned my head gently to face him. I tried to resist but i can't move. So instead i stared at him. Our eyes locked and i shocked as soon as my eyes met his. But what i saw was gone in a split seconds.

His eyes... What is this feeling? My chest hurt so bad.... But am i really seeing that or was it just my imagination? Afterall those gaze vanished in a blink of an eye. The gaze of love. The gaze of adoration.

"Tsk tsk... Look at you Sequoia. You look pathetic. Face it Sequoia! You are weak. Hopeless. A fool. Naive. Desperate. Desperate for my love. Listen Sequoia.. You are just a toy for me to play with when i bored. How can i even love someone as useless and brainless as you? You can't even fight. You can't even save your own friends. Just forget about those memories Sequoia. You disgust me." He said to me while leaned his face closer to me, stared straight into my eyes. As he speaked, his breath fanned my lips. His fingers grasped my cheek tightly. Thus, the pain on my cheek was nothing compare to the pain in my heart.

I stared at him wide eyes as my lips gaped open. Tears formed in my eyes and slid down my cheeks, wetting his fingers that grasped my right cheek. My lips quivered as i cried silently.

Savion stared at my crying face silently. Still not letting go of my cheek. His face remained expresionless.

"Hmph. How pitiful. Remember when you asked me to finish what i did to you 4 years ago earlier? Well then... I shall grant your wish now. Afterall i've had enough fun playing with you."

I tried to squirm to move away from him as i realize that he will kill me. He will end me for sure. Though, with my weak body, i could do nothing.

Savion tackled my body to the ground with him on top of me. I struggled as strong as i can to escape despite my body screaming in pain. Savion pinned me with his legs and hands. His legs were on each side of my body and his hands pressed my shoulder to keep me on the ground. He lifted his right hand to rip a long piece of his cloak on his neck area while keeping his other hand on my shoulder.

When he was done he looked down towards me. He wrapped the cloak piece around my neck and pulled it making me hard to breathe. He was choking me with his long cloak piece.

"Shh... Keep still. This is what you want right? You want me to end your life so..i will do it now." He said as he pulled the cloak piece even stronger. I pushed and hit his arms as i struggled to breathe.

Then, Savion leaned down and buried his face in my neck while still pulling the cloak piece around my neck and i can felt his warm breath blew against my left ear. Despite such intimate position, i paid no mind to this due to the pressure around my neck that gradually increased as seconds passed.

My vision turned blurry as my chest hurt from the lack of oxygen. I felt dizzy and slowly my vision turned black. The last thing i heard before i completely lose consciousness was a whisper from Savion.

" princess.....Forgive me..."


Extended Ending..........

"Sir Francis! She is over there!" shouted a male voice with a mask and black attire.

Another man kneel beside the unmoving female. A hospital logo attached to the man's clothes on his left chest. His pressed his gloved fingers on the side of the female's neck.

"How is she? " asked a man with brown hair who stand behind the kneeling medic man.

"She is fine. She is unconcious right now. Though her chi level is very low." said the medic man as he looks into a pair of golden eyes.

"I see..." The golden eyes man stares at the surrounding. The forest was almost destroy and it was obvious that an intense battle happened here.

"Judging by her condition, she would have more injury than what she has now yet she did not. I can see that a few cuts and scratches were already healed yet those cuts are fresh. For her to heal herself that fast... It is impossible with her chi level now and plus she would not be able to move with chi level that low. So... Who heal her? " The golden eyes man thought as he caresses the hair of the unconcious female.

"Sequoia... What happened to you?"

"Sir Francis! Should we investigate about what happen?" one of the men who came here asked the golden eyes man.

"No.. No need. Let's return back to out home and immediately send her to hospital once we arrive." said Sir Francis as his golden eyes stared at the raining sky.


Hidden from the eyes of everyone, a young man with jet black hair stand on the top of the tall rocky mountain. A metal mask hide his face as his crimson eyes stared at them. Precisely, at a certain female. The rain poured heavily on him wetting his torn cloak and hair.

"My princess.... We will meet again...."

***********THE END***********

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