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Eclipse Awakening

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16 year old Lexi Firestone and her best friends are spending their summer away from home. In an attempt to deapen their friendship and strengthen their bonds, they decided to stay in Zacks family summer-home. Though as they soon discover that leaving home was a mistake as their secret lives away from Lexi surface in the worst possible senerio. Now it's up to them to save lexi and help her adapt to her new, supernatural life.

Fantasy / Romance
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Undying Secrets

Stars shine bright in the sky, while the sun is deep down under and the moon is slowly rising, until the clock strikes midnight. Worlds change into the lies that were said to be true, but one world, our world, was already true.

“Hey Zack!” I said excitedly to my friends. My name is Lexi, and these are my best friends in the whole world. I came from a big city to a small town. Why did I move exactly? I guess I just didn’t 'love' all the attention that I got. Most people would. Of course not all of the attention was for a good reason. Most girls are, or were, jealous of me because of all the guys that tried to swipe me off my feet. Apparently I looked “hot”, but that is just an ellution of the eye. I’m not hot, just very pretty.

“You look good!” Zack said in his amazingly calm but boyish voice. I’m sure I am as red as a tomato right now but still, I can’t help it.

“Oh..u-uhm thanks Zack!” I couldn’t help but feel stupid for letting my ‘oh I’ve had a crush on you since the seventh grade’ studder out. I turned to Christina and Zoey. "Hey guys, didn't see ya there." Christina wiggled her eyebrows as she responded.

"Lex, you were in a whole other universe." I quickly snuck a glare in her direction before our conversation was all 'funny' comments, so that I could be ready to shoot daggers at the next one.

"Lex be honest, how long are you going to pretend?" Zoey chimed in.

"Pretend? Pretend what?"

"Nevermind." And the descussion about my love life was dropped imediatly. Zack seemed confused but kept his mouth shut.

"Okay, lets get going already!" I don't know who spoke last but I was too excited to care. We were on our way to Zack's Grandpa's lake house (Which he only used in the winter, which really didn't make any sence) to spend the summer. Since we were all about seventeen, our parents really didn't care what we did, And so we decided to spend all summer partying and being stupid like every normal teen.

We were about halfway there when the car 'dinged' and eruptly stopped. The tank was empty. Great. Just great. And the nearest gas station was about a mile away. I wasn't very bright but even I could come to the conclusion that we were in for the walk of our lives. About five minutes later we had a plan. We would wait until morning to head to town. Zack, Christina, Zoey, and I would walk to town (after moving the car to the side of the road, of course) and split up there. Zack and I would find the gas station and purchase a gallon or two. Christina and Zoey would grab some food and drinkables for the road.

As the sun shrunk under the horizon, we all got settled back into our seats. It was a little cramped so I ended up half on Zack's lap. He smirked and gave me a wink before closing his eyes to rest, which made me feel a little off balance. Closing my eyes I hoped that tommorow would be a better day.

"You awake Sleepyhead?" Zack chirped ever so lightly. I opened one of my eyes to peek up at him, but quickly opened the other when I saw that I was completely in his arms. There was no 'half on/half off' about it. I was one hundred percent on his lap. I jumped back into my seat as fast as I could, hoping that no one else had seen."What's wrong? Didn't you like sleaping on me?" Zack teased.

"And a good morning to you too." I replied coldly. There was no way in hell that I was going to let him win. So I did what I always do. I teased back. "Didn't you like the feeling of an actual girl sleeping in your lap?" Oh I love it when he's speachless. If he was that way all the time, maybe he'd have a whole football field of girls just waiting to screw him. But instead, he always speaks his mind, and just look where that got him. One girl, with about the same IQ as a snail, crushing on him for five years, and not a single bit of competition lining up outside her door. Man what a guy, right?

I peared into the seat behind me to find a tired Zoey and a dreaming Christina. Then I looked at my watch and was starting to close my eyes to join them in their quest to dreamland when Zack finally spoke up. "So....I-I was wondering if you'd like to go for a little walk?" He looks so nervous! I really wish I could read his mind at this moment but looking at his face tells me exactly what I wanted to know. This was serious. He NEEDS to talk to me. I bit my lip to try and suppress the sudden urge to grab his hand and yank him out of the car and walk away with him in tow. I mean it's not everyday that the hottest guy you know wants to talk to you alone. At night. In a romantic kind of setting!

"Oh. Okay, let's take a walk." I said in a brief sentence so he wouldn't notice the gleaming of hope in my eyes. As we walk through the forrest I couldn't help but glance at Zack. His features were full and illuminated in the soft glow of the moon. Suddenly my eyes land on his lips, and their fullness. I couldn't help but wonder how they might feel in a sweet, passionate, kiss. Zack glances at me. Oh crap! cought red handed! I shift my gaze to my feet and the ground under me, being sure to look at everything but Zack as a solid sence of warmth crept onto my face.

"I like being in the wilderness." Zack said as he stopped walking and turned toward me. He shows nothing but his undying friendship in his expression, though his eyes show something more that I can't quite place. He is now right in front of me, and slowly reaching for my hand.

"So, what was so important that you couldn't wait until at least six to tell me?" Zack's hand instantly fell to his side, and his eyes never met mine. The world was silent, the only remaining sounds coming from our beating hearts. It was like this for several long intense minutes, when he finally looked up into my eyes.

"Lexi......We've been through a lot together haven't we?" His question was barely a whisper, if the crickets were still cherping I wouldn't have even heard him.

"Yeah, now that I think about it, I guess we have." I look into his deep emerald eyes, searching for the last thing that I would ever find in them. Love. I was searching for a certain sence of love in his gaze. Not the love of an aquantence or friend, but the same kind of love I had felt for him since the seventh grade. The love that is barried deep inside his heart. We stood staring into each others eyes for a while, it almost felt like hours in the cold breeze, but soon we started walking again.

"I've been meaning to tell you this for a while now but-" My gaze fell to the ground, and that's where all hell broke loose.

We were both standing there eyes darting across the ground until suddenly, two headlights came out of no where. Zack was standing on the left lane of the road, while I was on the right. Zack suddenly stopped in his tracks, his expression going blank, eyes glowing a dark forrest green. Wait, forrest green? His eyes are emerald, so why? I looked up at the approaching car, then yelled for Zack to move. He didn't budge. My legs were pumping before I could even comprehend what I was doing. Before I knew it Zack was on the ground off to the side, and I was right in front of the rampaging vehicle. I threw my hands over my head and crouched into a fetal position. I mean what else could I do? Dying for someone I love is a noble way to go, right? I mean, what could be more noble than hurtling yourself toward someone you love to save their ass?

It seemed like everything was happening in slow motion. The car approaching, the breeze in the trees, and Zack. The only thing that was at full speed was the beating of my heart as the car approached. As I sat crouched in the middle of the road, I looked up toward Zack. His eyes were back to their usual emerald shine, and he looked confused, disoriented even. As he realized what was happening, he spun around and jumped to his feet with inhuman speed. Zack is now facing me with fear written all over his face. He reached out his hand as he ran toward me but it was too late. I felt the impact so clearly, that I couldn't avoid the truth. I am going to die.

My eyes were squeezed shut and the pain unbarable. Memories of Zack, Christina, Zoey, and I flooded through my mind as I felt myself slipping away. Sweat cold pain shot through me like lightning on a cool winter stone. Just as I thought it couldn't get any worse, I felt the wind beating against my face. It felt as if the whole world had gone cold. Like the sun had dissapeared from existance and the only heat coming from the warm hands holding tightly to me. Wait what?! Warm hands?! I opened my eyes and looked up but I wasn't crippled on the ground as I thought I'd be. I was in a strong embrace, my feet not even touching the ground! Who is this person? Where are they taking me? And why am I not dead?

My body felt cold against this enviting warmth, but the pain has long evaporated by now. I looked toward the strangers face but stopped halfway. What if he tries to kill me if I can recognize him in a crowd? What if he is a criminal in desguise, running from the law?! I don't know what to do. The burning curiousity that fills me tempts me to look into my saviors eyes, and I had almost given in but the warning in my saviors voice shot off every warning bell in my head.

“Close your eyes!” The mystery person who had saved my life yelled to me. Seeing as he had just saved my life, I did as I was told. As soon as I closed my eyes The wind grew even stronger.

I could feel us running into a thick dark forest. “Are you okay?” As far as I could tell from the muscular build of the person carrying me it was a man.

“Y-yeah I think so-” but as soon as I said this, I felt a sharp pain in my ankle come rushing back to me! “Ow, okay not fine definitely not fine!” As soon as I started panicking, the very strong guy that was holding me stopped dead in his tracks. He laid me down on the ground, taking a look at my ankle.

“Do you know who I am?” I was so confused as to why he was asking this now, when I was obviously hurt, but I couldn't avoid the question.

“Umm...n..no I don’t. Should I?” I couldn't help but open my eyes to his sudden silence, but he wasn’t even focused on me at all. He was focused on my ankle. At first I had thought that he was just worried. I knew I was wrong when I took a little closer look at my ankle where his vision lands, but it was not focused on the bruised up part, but a small line of scarlet red that was dripping down into my shoe. This made me suddenly nervous, do to the recent animal attacks on people around here, but I was probably the only person crazy enough to think it was the doing of a bloodsucking monster. “You okay?!”

As soon as he heard my voice he jerked his head towards me. In the moonlight I could see the glisten of hunger in his eyes. As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, his eyes turned blood red. He managed to smile a little obviously knowing what I was thinking, and trying to help me calm down, But his smile suddenly shifted, making room for the glistening white fangs that had appeared in his mouth. He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me even closer, and I could barely make out the words he had said while I was having a freaking panic attack, but I did make out the ending.

“Lexi, you smell delicious…….you need to leave...NOW!” And with that he pushed me away, and started to yell. He was worried. So I took this opportunity to make a run for it!

I was still running through the pitch black forest when I heard a branch from the tree above me crack. The branch started to fall, but I didn't have enough time to jump out of the way! I dove for the ground, The tree branch landing on top of my legs. I was trapped! I could feel myself losing consciousness, when a pair of strong hands lifted the branch off of me. It was Zack! But he never comes alone, and how did he find me so quickly? Right when I finished this thought, I saw two bright lights coming from deeper in the woods.

“She’s over here!” Zack yelled to the two figures that emerged from the trees, it was Zoey and Christina!

“Oh my god Lexi, what happened!?!” They both ran over as fast as they could.

“H...h..help…” I could feel the world moving farther and farther away, as I slowly lost consciousness. The world went black, but I could still hear voices.

“You have to!” I could tell that this was Christina.

“Yeah Zack, she is gonna die if you don’t! Do you really want her to die?!?”

“No...I don't want her to die, but it’s too risky, if I turn her...and she doesn’t feed by midnight, then she will lose control and forget who she is!” Wait a second, did he just say...TURN me?! Do they mean that my long time crush...my best friend...was a bloodsucking monster! No this can’t be! I can’t believe it, after all we’ve been through, he never told me he was a-a...VAMPIRE!

“DO IT ZACK! Zoey yelled, making even me shudder. I managed to open my eyes, but what I found wasn’t the Zack I knew, he was a vampire!

“Aaahhhh!” A scream escaped my mouth making them all jump. “Y-your a v-vampire!”

“Lexi, it’s not what it looks like!” they all say at the same time.

“Yes I...I am a vampire, but I don’t want to hurt you! I could never hurt you Lexi, I love you!” Zack was panicked, but I was so overwhelmed to notice my leg...it was bleeding, fast! I tried to keep my eyes open and not lose consciousness again, but it was too late. I had lost too much blood. I couldn’t hold on to that tiny invisible line of consciousness any longer. I let myself slip away.

“NOW, DO IT NOW ZACK!” the girls yelled together, and all the sudden I felt a prick on my neck! I knew right away what it was, or rather who it was. But I slipped away into darkness too fast, my blood draining quicker than before.

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