The Extinct Race

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In the olden day's mankind was categorised into three groups. The first one is the human beings, the shadow creatures and finally the soldiers. The one protects mankind while the other one destroys everything in their path. So, when all the shadow creatures decided to team up, they killed all of the soldiers. Leaving only the humans and the shadow creatures alone...or so they thought:

Fantasy / Horror
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Since the beginning of time mankind was divided into three categories. Humans who were curious little creatures and depended on each other.

The Shadow Creatures that are responsible for all the evil in the world. They are not to be crossed path with, these creatures have many names. Such as the Children of The Night, Children of The Moon and the Devils children.

And finally, the Soldiers of Nature who protected humans from the Shadow Creatures. Every soldier was different from each other, some had wings and others didn’t.

Some had been gifted to bend one of the elements while others could bend all four of the elements but only a handful could bend all the element and time itself.

These soldiers were gifted with many gifts. Some soldiers who could not fight turned to help others by healing diseases with their powers, helping with the growth of plants or communicated with the peaceful spirits of the woods for guidance.

So, when all of the shadow creatures decide to team up. They started to massacre each and every soldier. It took seven months to kill them all.

Leaving only one left, Hanneli Hettie Stredom. Who was one of the greatest healers to exist left behind

She kept a diary full of knowledge about the shadow creature’s strengths and weaknesses. Before she died due to a bite from a hybrid, she gave her diary to one of the human farmers.

After her death, the human took it in his own hands to continue the soldier legacy. Although he was only human. By using the diary to kill each and every shadow creature.

The human decided to start training other humans to protect themselves and to kill a shadow creature leaving the humans to be called hunters.

In the 800 years after the War of Light, the numbers of hunters got bigger and bigger. Making them split into seven clans all across the world.

In that time, it was confirmed that Hanneli Hettie Stredom was the last true Soldier of Nature to ever exist…or so they thought:

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