The Rise of The Supernaturals

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Once upon a time, the supernatural and humans live in peace but in a single mistake can cause all of it to e destroyed

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

There once a place where all supernaturals and humans lived in peace, loving each other, caring for each other, and helping each other.

But all of it was put in vain when one werewolf killed countless of humans in front of many, causing the human race to hate all supernaturals, everyday one wolf,vampire,withes and etc have been beheaded by the humans, some even make the supernatural their slaves, or they get sold to a slave or a prostitute.
years had gone by and the humans became more crueler and the supernatural rebels against them causing a war to break through killing millions of people, but a group of mix races combined and end the war having them temporarily have a peace treaty.
will the treaty last long or will they try to kill each other again?

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