Vasukeya The Tribe of Vasuki (Book 1)

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Lohit had a simple life. It had no complications. He had a loving mother, a caring father and two best friends - was there anything more a kid of 11 could ask for? His simple life is thrown away into a turmoil one night when a so-called ancient cult attacks his home. What has his parents been hiding from him all his life. Read to find out.... A fresh story based in an imaginary land, relax it's still earth, just some cooked up places. I had this story with me for a long time and finally i am letting it out.....hope you guys like it!!

Fantasy / Mystery
Mayank Yadav
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(11 years ago....)

Latika was in pain.

Too much in pain.

She felt like she was going to lose her senses. The pain was unbearable. Compression after compression, her spine felt like it would break any moment. She thought she would be used to it by now, but even after three childbirths, the fourth one hurt just as bad.

Not like she resented it. She knew she had to endure it. This could be the one. Maybe this time the new one might actually live...

Dr. Radhika Raman was on the edge.

This had been the most stressful case she had encountered in her time practicing as a gynecologist. Latika had never yet delivered a live baby. Even a practicing professional like Radhika, who has seen miracles happening in the blink of the eye in this very place, was losing hope after the third failure.

But Latika’s hope had been infectious. This woman had some solid substance, she would give her that. She seemed impossible to break. The kind of girl that used to scare guys in school. The thought brought a slight curve to Radhika’s lips.

The thing was, her case was not normal in any sense. Every pregnancy includes some fetal heamorrhage into the maternal blood system, but in Latika’s case, the bleeding had always had been intensive, almost like draining a whole baby every month starting the fifth. This much loss of blood only had one meaning in the end - stillbirth. And all of Latika’s cases has been the same. All stillborn.

This one was also the same. Part of Radhika started suspecting there is some cause of this happening that is not related to the fetus at all, but the vessal, or the mother. But she could not voice out her concerns as of yet. She needed some confirmation before she could point it out, because Latika was one of the healthiest patients she had ever encountered.

The next compression seemed to be making its way. Latika was losing her stamina, Radhika could feel it, but she was not letting it show. She still had that determined expression Radhika was familiar with. She checked, the head was now visible.

This is it, it was happening.

“That’s it Latika, just a little more, it won’t be long now,” she said in a calm and professional voice.

“It should have been my husband saying this,” said Latika, panting heavily, ” but he too seems to have lost hopes of becoming a father.”

“I would too after so long.” said Radhika, “Seriously Latika, if i didn’t know you better, i would say you were just too horny for unprotected intercourse!”

Latika managed a weak chuckle which turned into a wail and then into a scream as she expelled the new one out.

And suddenly it happened...

There was a sound so familiar and yet so unfamiliar to Radhika that was heard.....the cry of a newborn.

Familiar because she had heard this sound all her life as a gynecologist. Unfamiliar, because this sound was heard for the first time from a child delivered by Latika Raheja.

Dr. Radhika was numb for a second, and Latika had already passed out, smiling blissfully, but not before she let a few ecstatic tears escape.

The door of the operation theatre flung open and an incredulous Raman entered.

“Is that...,” he couldn’t say any further, words had totally failed him.

“Yes Raman,” said Radhika, smiling, “You are a father now.”

Disbelief and bliss was written all over Raman’s face.

It has happened, he thought, destiny has spoken, we are saved. And with that, tears started running down his eyes.


Hey Guys!!

If you are reading this, you have made it to the end of the first part of my first ever literary creation - Vasukeya, The Tribe of Vasuki. I hope you like the prologue. Please do like if you liked it and do comment and tell my any typos or suggestion or any random stuff!

Please Make sure to review my work so that I know what to you think of it.

And yeah....this is my first time so please go easy on me :P

Thank you!!

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