My Boy

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When the gifted Scott Lewis agrees to go to FlareRidge Highschool, a school for teens with talent, he has no idea of how much this decision is going to change his life. Instantly building up a friendship with the stunning girl Claire, Scott quickly discovers that everything isn't what he thought it would be.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scott rushed down the staircase, swinging the almost empty bag over his shoulder. Many things weren’t needed since his father was gonna bring most of his stuff by car. Stuffing a piece of toast into his mouth, he muttered a ‘thanks mom’ before hurrying outside. He was late and was gonna miss his bus if he didn’t hurry and make his legs move a little faster, so he did. A relieved sigh escaped his lips as he jumped on the bus, dropping down on an empty seat beside an older guy and placing his bag between his legs.

The already lingering smile on Scott’s lips widened as a message from Daniel ticked in. Dan, as Scott called him, had gone to the same school as Scott was gonna see for the first time now for a while. It was also Dan who had convinced him to change schools. From what he knew, the school was for teens and young adults with talent. Scott had quite of a voice, and pretty skilled fingers when it came to piano. Just a week ago he had been accepted as a new student but was still scared that the principal or someone else would redecide and say he wasn’t good enough.

The bus came to stop, and Scott picked up his bag before getting off. A big white building was in front of him, looking like some kind of private school for those rich snobs. Scott again felt the creeping anxiety, scared that he would be sent home.

‘No,’ Scott said to himself, straightening his back and tightening his grip around the bag’s strips. ‘I can do this.’

Following the crowd, Scott let the other students guide him inside. It wasn’t as he had imagined, not at all. On the inside, it looked more normal, more like his old school. There were long rows of lockers on each side, a few doors that probably led to classrooms as well. Scott also noticed a staircase that led to another roof. Students were everywhere, filling the halls to the edge. Scott mumbled a few excuses while making his way through the human-maze, going in direction of where Dan had told Scott to meet him.

“Hey!” Scott panted after finally making his way through the crowd. He looked up to see his best friend of seven years, Daniel Alvarez.

“Hey mate,” Dan grinned widely at Scott’s missing breath, his white teeth showing. Daniel could easily be a model. His hair was a dark blonde, his hair tips a more light color. He had green eyes with a little hazel twist to them. He was a little shorter than Scott but half a year older. While Daniel was 18, Scott was still 17. Scott always teased Dan for being taller, calling Dan words like dwarf and shortie.

“This school is overcrowded!” Scott whined softly, tightening his grip around the bag on his shoulder. The other boy just gave his arm a light punch and ruffled his hair.

“Maybe,” Dan scoffed with a smile, shaking his head. He then reassured: “As soon as the first classes start, a lot of people disappear from the halls, it isn’t like this the whole day,”

“It better not be,” Scott huffed, a small smile sneaking onto his lips. A part of him already knew he wasn’t going to leave this school. Something about it had him hung up, some of the students just had an interesting aura to them. Not like he had been looking at the other students like some creepy stalker. Of course not. He just really liked to send stares in the direction of a small brunette and a tall hot - ahem, good-looking guy.

“You have an eye for Claire?” There was something in Daniel’s tone that Scott couldn’t quite read.

“Who’s the boy?” Scott completely ignored Daniel’s accuse, not removing his gaze from the black-haired god. He was tall and muscular, but not exaggeratedly muscular, just as Scott liked it. It wouldn’t be far from the truth if you said that Scott would throw himself out from a bridge to get in the guy’s pants. Probably because Scott knew he couldn’t win him in any other way.

“Oh, Axel?” Daniel’s tensed body relaxed and his shoulders fell down.

“If that’s the name of the black-haired god.”

“It is.”

Scott wasn’t afraid to talk about guys like this when it was with Daniel. Any other guy would probably have found it awkward, but Daniel was used to it, and luckily wasn’t Scott’s type, since Daniel was pretty sure he was to girls. So if Scott caught feelings it could easily destroy their friendship. But as said before, Dan wasn’t his type.

“Claire was the girl’s name, right?” Scott asked, trying to lead the subject away from his new crush that probably wouldn’t last for more than a week before his eyes had landed on a better-looking guy, though that was quite difficult.

“Yep,” Dan answered with a small nod.

“She’s pretty,” Scott tilted his head, trying to imagine the non-existent brother of hers. He would probably have looked quite good...

“Earth to Scott? You’ve been staring for 2 minutes now,” Dan waved a hand in front of Scott’s face, a huge entertained grin on his face, yet a hint of bitterness in his tone.

Scott jerked up, his eyebrows furrowing before he realized. He must have gotten pretty lost in the world of imaginary hotties. “Right. Sorry. Ehe.”

Dan couldn’t help but smile at Scott’s careless answer, imagining he had been someone else. Then Scott would have been an embarrassed mess by now.

“Let’s go to the principal’s to pick up your schedule,” Dan murmured, grabbing Scott’s hand with a grin, dragging him down the halls. Scott had to use several seconds on gaining back his balance so he didn’t fall.

“Hey!” he whined, giving Dans’ back a small push. Dan just laughed at this, not caring.

“Shut up and let’s go get your dorm key and all of that,” Dan smiled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dun dun dun, and here it is. The first chapter of the Fantasy/Romance book My Boy. I hope you guys enjoyed, and I would appreciate it if you dropped a comment or a review if you liked the chapter.

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