The black life

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This story is of a teen girl and about her sorrow nowadays The all suicide are committed by the people the main reason of their suicide is depression that how they begins ,after reading this story you guys will get

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The black life

The Black life

There was a teen girl she had a complete family with mom dad sisters and brothers but she was not a happy girl she was Very talented also. The reason was to being sad was the person whom she loved a lot but he never tried to understand her feelings that's why she was sad .time passed and a worst day came in her life that day her mom left ,that day she was like nothing left now but the the boy whom she loved he called her and handled with very fondly then with him and love she managed herself a little and as the day passed he cared for her and loved just like her mom now that grief was coming out Of shock, it felt like my desolate world started settling again but then something happened there was an argument between the both because of that, the boy did not trust her again and instead making her sad, broke all his words and promises left alone. After that there was really nothing left ,she was so much hurted she cried, had lost her mind, became crazy and then wrote two letters from bottom of heart one was for him and other for her family she had pain and tears in those letter, and then she committed suicide, ,upon hearing the news of her death he was deeply regretted ,but now no-one could do anything except pity ,because when he couldn't understand her while living,, what after death???????????

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