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Taming a Vampire

"You want to drain her!?" I asked clutching my hair. Was he insane? "You almost killed me and you said you regretted it- and now you're sitting here talking about doing it again?!"

The look of anguish on his face was enough to rattle my brain. "You don't understand..."

"So make me understand." I replied crossing my arms and glaring at him. "You can't be remorseful over nearly killing me and then plan to do it to someone else like it's nothing. It makes zero sense, even if my life is in danger." I may be an immature teen sometimes still but even I had the moral sense to know when something was just plain wrong.

"Raven you're a special circumstance- not only because I couldn't control myself but because well..." He rubbed his neck sighing. "If my father was to sacrifice his life for someone he would think it a waste to see someone suffer the same fate so easily I would imagine."

Inwardly I softened a bit. Him giving me unlimited cash and a place to crash as well as dealing with me... it was out of guilt and loyalty as well as honoring his father's memory. Now I felt a bit low. I felt like I had used him- which I had but I only had one life to live and with the way I felt this curse spreading across my chest I wasn't even sure how much time I had left. The thorns where starting to wrap around my torso onto my back- I was lucky it wasn't peaking out of my clothing yet.

"I thought vampires around here exercised plenty of control. Trent said he's never even been bitten."

"Trent?" Nicodemus asked confused.

That made me laugh- of course he wouldn't know the name of a lowly kitchen boy. I waved off the question. "Why can't you a great powerful old vampire not exercise control? How did you stop with me?"

Nicodemus ran a hand through his hair and leaned against the wall of the hallway as he sighed. "When someone is crowned king, they bond with something called the Nexus here. It's just a lay-line of magic that allows us certain liberties even some of the oldest vampires don't have. The power comes with a cost. We have to protect a portal for the Fey to come and go from on this and the other side."

"There's an other side!?" I asked with my eyes popping open. Fairies!? Didn't time work differently there? Could I get out of this curse if I went there? No probably not... I had read enough to know that time can go slower or quicken there. Fae magic was chaotic and their realm was even more so. My excitement deflated a bit before he sighed again at me interrupting.

"Yes there's another side and occasionally I visit but witches are not currently welcome through the portal so no I cannot take you. What I'm getting at though is that being tied to this power also causes a hunger to come over whoever is bonded with it. When you saw my eyes go red? It's the magic taking over calling to my baser instincts that will only get worse with time. It practically drove my father mad before he brokered a deal with your coven. I honestly think he was ready to be free of it... He carried it longer than anyone else. There where periods of time he ordered people to lock him away and starve him just so when he was freed he'd feel some sort of relief from the thirst. Once I taste blood from the source I can't stop. That's why I'm searching for my beloved."

"You told me beloveds where rare though. Why would they be in our coven?"

"The Fae have a number of those who are clairvoyant as well, and that was part of the deal even if the witches didn't know it. If they send their strongest- that witch is supposed to be my beloved. The only way to tell though is..."

"To drink their blood." I said nodding as it started to slowly make sense. "That still doesn't answer my last question- how did you stop with me?"

"That's what I've been trying to figure out to be honest. You certainly didn't sate my thirst your blood just suddenly tasted... putrid. Like death. Almost like when I use the magic that's been bonded with me it's... hard to describe. To be honest I don't even know if I'd be able to turn you let alone anyone else if you taste like that to anyone else."

Oh gee didn't a girl just loves to hear her blood was disgusting. "Well I mean even among my kind... I'm pretty abnormal. Clairvoyant witches really aren't born anymore. Or maybe it's the curse... Do you think I could like... taze your or something? I mean do we have to kill her?"

"The only way to send her back without suffering the wrath of your entire coven is to be sure she isn't my beloved. But..."

"Kind of requires her to be alive. Can't I just like... cut her hand and like have you lick it or something?"

He shook his head grimacing. "That's not really how it works for bonding with a beloved."

"Well I wouldn't know I've only read stories about your kind give me some credit." I sighed running my hands through my hair. This was a complicated situation, but I knew I didn't want to die. "Well maybe I can like zap you or something?"

"Zap me?"

"With magic, like you know.... a taser just more um... effective."

"I suppose it would be worth a try..." He said frowning. "It's better than the alternatives.

"Kay, well lets go eat ourselves a witch then." I said clasping my hands and heading down the hallway.

"Raven! Wait I don't know-"

"Only one way to try this lets do it Kingy!" I said skipping down the hallway and pushing the doors open again. The blond girl quickly shut a drawer to his desk as I burst in looking startled. Considering I caught her red handed rifling through his desk and she had already killed me (figuratively speaking since it was a future event and all) I suddenly felt less bad about draining her even if I couldn't save her life.

"Raven." Nicodemus warned coming up behind me.

"Alright ya blond poodle, bare your neck." I declared stepping in towards her.

"W-what?" She asked stepping away from the desk.

"What she means to say my dearest is that in order for me to be sure if you're my bride I will need to... have a small taste of your blood." He gave me a dirty look pushing me back behind him.

She blinked at him several times as if unsure what to say. "B-but I was sent to be your bride by my coven. Is this because of the other witch? I thought she wasn't-"

"It was her wish to remain here and she is not my bride either. I-"

I nudged him forward- tired of the talking to urge him on. It had the desired effect... though it wasn't quite what I had expected. Something in him snapped- because as soon as I blinked she was pinned against the bookshelf with books flying his fangs descending into her neck as she screamed.

That's when I saw it... the letter opener clashing to the floor from her grasp moments after his inhuman speed had pinned her, ripped from her weakened grip. The sound of blood being slurped as she whimpered was enough to make me cover my mouth as my stomach suddenly churned. Even though in my head I thought she deserved it- I knew this wasn't right. I couldn't have someone's life on my hands even if I saw a vision of them killing me.

"Nicodemus get off her!" I said- he ignored me. Still in the throws of drinking as her voice became weaker and I could see her knees starting to give out. "Nicodemus!" I yelled trying to throw out my hands to zap him. The magic hit- but he only shuddered and growled pausing in his feeding before biting down once more. "God damn it Nicodemus!" I growled walking forward and yanking on his shoulder. The moment I made contact a chill went through my hands that seemed to seep into him- making him shudder his fangs suddenly retracting.

I pulled at his shoulder again- trying to pull him back and let go of her and the same chill from my hands escaped. Even though I could tell it was magic- I wasn't purposely controlling it. I didn't question it though, magic like mine was already spastic and if it was working that's all I cared about at the moment.

After the second pull he gently began to let her go- her body sinking to the floor before he turned away from me pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket. A typical vampire wiping his mouth of blood to be polite, he was back. "Are you ok?" I asked tilting my head to try an look at him.

"Quite. Thanks to you. That actually turned out quite well."

I frowned. "Quite well!? You freaking snapped and nearly killed her!"

He turned around smiling- as if he had won the lottery. Was he fucking insane? "But I didn't. Thanks to you. Now we can test every witch that comes to visit."

I crossed my arms. "I am NOT doing that again."

He raised his brows tucking away his handkerchief. "My beloved is supposed to be the strongest in your coven- and according to the Fae they are stronger than your current coven leader. So it would benefit you to help me. They might actually have the power to fix that curse of yours."

Fucking hell.

Guess we where doing it again.

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