Painting with Brooms

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She took me to the gardens just as the sun had begun to rise. A lot of the human and vampire weary looks but I did my best to give a small nod to let them know we where fine. No doubt Nicodemus or Monica would be on top of this soon and this witch could go back to where she belonged.

My hands shook a bit as she led the way- I was terrified of going outside after so many visions of things going wrong. Still... despite everything not one vision warned me away. Perhaps they where faulty and this witch was giving me false hope. I didn't have much to lose anymore though. I could feel the vines creeping every morning- the ache almost unbearable even after it was done my breathing almost labored.

“Let us sit.” She told me as we made it to the center of the gardens near a fountain. The Poison princess leaned over and placed a hand in the water mutter a quick spell I didn't recognize but I didn't say so- I only felt the magic around us ripple in a way I never could manage. “The moment you said they used the vampire king in a spell I knew what they where doing- they found the strongest vampire they could to try an enhance your gift did they not?”

My eyes widened in surprise before I nodded lacing my fingers in my lap to keep her from seeing them shake. I mean this was THEE poison princess of legend- she was terrifying. “It didn’t work though, if anything the images I get are just as blurry and unfocused. Now I have this mark on my back that keeps growing and it hurts every morning.” I told her- though in reality it started near my heart. It was close enough to the truth- it was all over.

She skimmed my finger over her lips in thought. “So typically that spell works only if you’ve met your fated one. With how young you are I highly doubt you’ve met them?” She inquired.

I shook my head the blood draining from my face. I knew what that meant- I was way to young to meet my fated one. Hell I wasn't even sure if I was ready to. There was no way I could... that's pretty much why I had come up with the last ditch plan to be turned. To be honest though... it had to be within the next few days and I wasn't ready for that. I wasn't ready for any of this.

A fated love changed your life and made you incredibly strong if your mating ceremony let you retain your powers- and it also became your weakness. Once you let your power bond with them through sex even if it was just oral- if they died you would lose your will to live or your powers would slowly fade over the years.

“You have to find them- that spell is forbidden since it only gives you a month to find them before the spell consumes you. Once you find them and mate with them the mark will disappear; and your powers will be very strong. A vampire is only able to produce offspring with their fated ones; which is why ultimately this deal with vampires would be a simple fix if anyone bothered to do the damn spell. What witch wants to be a vampire for eternity though?”

A simple fix to this curse? I shook my head frowning at the thought of being fated to be with a vampire... the same reason I still hadn't had the courage to be turned. It wasn't really death I feared. “I know I wouldn’t want to, not being one with the earth anymore would be...” The thought twisted my heart painfully.

A small understanding smile appeared on her lips. “That’s why that spell is the way it is- the only way to push off a vampire’s curse is finding their beloved. You now have their essence- but it will kill you if you don’t fix the curse. We are not meant to hold their essence, they are dead immortal beings that are not meant to pull magic from the earth. The only reason it works is because clairvoyance is a gift from the underworld much like the gifts vampires have.”

“I didn’t know that, they just told me it would help enhance my powers for the good of the coven. Priestess B also said I would become her right hand and then...” I lied about not knowing about the underworld- I knew my powers where connected. I just didn't know enough about vampires... thinking about how they could have fixed it though. Trying to hide my emotions where useless- they really had discarded me. They hadn't cared... “So I won’t die?” I asked hopefully in a small whisper.

“If we find your beloved in time and you manage to have sex with them. Not all fated ones are so... willing." She said uncomfortably before continuing. “It’s one of the many reasons as to why that spell is forbidden. You’ll need to be very careful if you do succeed in finding your fated one though.”


“Seeing the future- you can become a slave to it. Lost seeing beyond and not seeing what’s right in front of you. When it’s clearer you might start making choices based on an ever changing future. Sometimes it leads to madness. The only way to fix it is to find the eye.”

“The eye?” I understood getting lost in visions- every time I was killed it felt so real I felt like I lived it.

She smiled a bit. “One thing at a time. First we must find your fated and see if you’ll survive the month- how long since the spell?”

“Three weeks.” I said softly- she told me I had a month. How was I supposed to find my fated one and sleep with them in that amount of time?

“Then we have little time to lose- but first before I help you, you must help me and tell me everything you know.”
The price of salvation... Tell the woman that haunted my nightmares as a child about everything I held dear in order to live. I had to make a deal... with the equivalent of a devil.
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