Painting with Brooms

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"Ian- who's this?" a soft almost childlike voice asked from behind me making me jump a bit.

"Dearest, this is ah. Well I suppose I never did catch your name did I?" Ian said pursing his lips slightly as he moved the scrambled eggs to a plate.

"Raven." I replied- to greedy for the eggs to turn around. My stomach growled again painfully loud enough for even her to hear I was certain. I didn't wait for introductions before I began to shovel some of them into my mouth despite them still being piping hot.

"We haven't had a witch visit in ages. How strange." She replied climbing on a stool next to me. I glanced over but she didn't make eye contact with me, instead she rested her head in her hand. Her hair was a silver blond that was pretty much white, long as cascading to her thighs as she sat which wasn't that much of a feat. She was probably about my size, and I wasn't exactly the tallest. If I wanted to I could shop in the petite section in certain places. Her voice sounded thin and tired, as if she were having a difficult time streaming together thoughts let alone words.

She wore a pure white dress with ruffles like a little girl making me frown. This person was his wife? "She's seeking solace here, apparently our painting is in the hands of vampires these days." Ian said as he set the pan into a sink running water over it before he began scrubbing.

"A witch in a nest of those vipers? How did you manage that?" She turned her head her curious eyes meeting mine. They where a startling green that pierced into mine in a way that made me shift slightly in my chair. Her features where soft and feminine but her gaze was like a storm. Her nose was small, her cheekbones well rounded making her small heart shaped face very child like despite what I saw in her eyes.

"Actually the king of vampires- that's actually part of why I'm here." The longer I looked at her the more I noticed the bags under her eyes, the faint creases and wrinkles hidden under layers of magic that seemed to slowly come undone before my eyes. She was quite old... surely she could help. "I'm clairvoyant, and my gift lead me here. I was cursed by a spell to try and make my gift stronger, when it didn't work my coven traded me to the king of vampires to be his bride."

She tisked a bit as Ian slid her a glass of juice turning away from me. "This is why I hate the outside, so much betrayal in covens where you're supposed to be sisters. Just in general. We all read about the times where everyone was at peace because they where under grand rule. Now we wouldn't even know how to crown a witch queen if we ever found one." She ran a finger over her juice not saying anything else as she seemed to stare into space.

I furrowed my brows staring at her with concern. Something seemed very off about her, as if she wasn't quite here just from the way she said things to her entire body language. It reminded me of some of the elderly women I had encountered near the end of their life cycle. "I'm just trying to find a way to fix the curse... I don't have much time left. My gift lead me here and-"

"Time... no one has much time left." She said with a large yawn. "Ian be a dear and carry me to my room?"

"Of course my dear."

I looked back between them startled. "But-"

"It was very nice meeting you Raven but I'm afraid I'm simply exhausted. I'll have to help with your issue at a later date... Perhaps you can find some help in the library. Ian will show you there." She turned holding out a small dainty hand to me- her large doe like eyes looking into mine once more; the exhaustion clear on her face.

Hesitating for only a moment I took it, shaking it lightly before she slipped her hand out of mine to wrap her arms around Ian's neck. He pulled her up like a child, cradling her to his chest before he walked out of the room with her. I stared after them for a few moments, my hand still warm from her touch. What a strange couple.

It still wasn't clear what I was doing here- but this place had answers and I was determined to find them.

Perhaps she didn't want to help me... or maybe she was just so old that she wouldn't be much help to begin with.

There was something in her eyes though something I couldn't place, as if she were incredibly...


Something told me there was more going on here between Ian and here than met the eye. To be honest she didn't even look like she was really fully here, maybe she was... a wisp? Or a golem? Something about her was very off and with the way Ian spoke about her it was as if he where enchanted by her. Maybe he was spelled?

I was probably reading to much into it, this place was confusing and strange. How was there enough magic to sustain this place anyways? It was a world inside of a painting, I had never heard of magic quite like this before.

Perhaps there was information I needed in the library, perhaps all the information I needed was from her and Ian wouldn't allow it. So far they had been nothing but accommodating though. I would look into it soon to try and figure out what my gift was telling me let alone why I was here.

After I finished my eggs of course.

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