Painting with Brooms

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I found absolutely nothing in the library- not that I had expected to. Sure there was a extensive knowledge on a lot of magical things that I never found in the Coven's main library- but even on my Clairvoyance there wasn't much. It did mention a magical marble called simply "The Eye" that was supposed to enhance my gift. The problem was it didn't really do me any good considering I was dying and it's last documented location was in the library of Alexandria- which as everyone knew no longer existed.

That didn't stop me from looking into what sort of spell could have been constructed to make a place like this. If I could at least figure out exactly how it was made I might get a bit more insight on Ian and Rose. I was pretty sure that this place was literally made of paint and magic- though I wasn't sure if the faded rooms were simply old or if it was connected to the memories of one of them. Paint faded- but so did memories, and that was my main question. Had they both created this place?

Unfortunately no one had ever made something like this- that's because it was quite literally a death sentence. Even if someone found their fated one it would only delay the inevitable. That was simple fact.

An entire world like this would draw off of someone's life force. The only way to tell which one was to prick their finger and see if the blood dissipated. Or well.... any other type of bleeding. "Guess that would certainly make periods much easier if it's Rose." I muttered flipping the page. If it was both of them though- then that meant their relationship was intertwined with magic which made matters complicated if one of them was my fated one because that meant their life was linked to one another. Which meant if I figured out who it was and the other went off the deep end...

This was so unfair... one of them had to be my fated one. Which meant in order to save my own life I had to break up a marriage. That was a little much to ask of a seventeen year old in my opinion. Fate was seriously cruel.

A knock sounded at the door making me jump. Ian- he was probably here. I had been lost in the books long enough I didn't notice when the sky began to dim, floating lights of pure magic lit the area like lanterns floating in the air. I opened the door only to see Rose standing there in coveralls that where way to big for her covered in colorful paint splatters, sweat on her brow. "Ian said you might be hungry."

I gave her a small smile "I'm famished." I replied following her out and shutting the door behind me.

"Did you find what you were looking for in there?" She asked leading me out through the maze.

"Not really." I admitted.

"Really? There should be a huge collection on curses and vampires." The way she walked was dainty and graceful, like I would imagine a fairy might walk with grace and innocence.

"I looked in the curses but I didn't find the spell that was put on me- plus I already know how to fix it. I'm just missing-"

"An ingredient?" She asked cutting me off perking up and stopping in place to turn and look at me. "I can make you anything you need." she said pulling out a paintbrush from her coveralls.

"Ah... no not exactly." I said trying not to laugh- something about the way she got excited made me a tad shy. The shine in her eyes was something that made her light up- then as if she faded into the background once more after she registered my words.


"It's OK." I said holding up my hands. "I'm sure I'll find what I need... in time. Especially thanks to all your guys' help." I finished lamely. I just couldn't tell her I was here to break up her marriage. They had been nothing but kind to me.

She gave me a small smile. "I will do everything in my power to help you."

I chewed on my lip as I considered her words. "Well maybe... you're pretty powerful. If I could find my fated-"

"No." She replied flatly turning around and walking away. I followed furrowing my brows.

"Why not?"

"Because fated ones are a joke! Forcing you to love someone when you're already in love. I'm perfectly happy with Ian and this world. You don't need a fated one to be happy."

Are you though? Something made me question this and the more I thought about it as we walked in silence- and an unknown force pulled me forward urging me to place my hand on her shoulder. A part of me knew I shouldn't... but I was to curious to know what was driving this need. Hesitantly I reached out as we walked touching her shoulder softly making her stiffen.

Images rushed into my mind's eye unlike I had ever felt before. Her and Ian together in this place when it was just flowers. Ian and her in a swing. Her painting new items, painting in a fridge for the first time making Ian clap in delight. Ian and her fighting. Her leaving and suddenly in the middle of a war. Coming back. Another fight. Her friends dead- her coven in ruins. Returning to Ian who held his arms open for her waiting. Always waiting. Despite her leaving several times and the fights getting worse and worse. Red paint splashed over cave walls.

He waited for her. She always returned just as he had said.

Then suddenly I was her in his arms the very last time she returned, her face in his chest as he stroked her hair. "I'll never go again." I said- Rose said.

Inside though as the words where said they felt like a death sentence as she buried something inside her I recognized immediately- the same feeling I felt towards many of my peers. Resentment. She continued to return to him- not only because she loved him. She felt guilt, upset, regret. Why?

"Raven!" Rose called- echoing in my mind as my mouth formed the name... my name. "Raven! Wake up!" Panic.

My hand no longer on her shoulder as I panted, sweat pouring down me as my limbs trembled finally returning. What was that?

"You're back, where did you go? Are you OK?" She was kneeling over me, her hands touching my cheeks and face- I was crouched on the floor my hands around my legs as I blinked trying to figure out my surroundings. My eyes must have been dilated because the rooms light was harsh making me wince.

"W-what happened?" I asked my voice trembling slightly.

"I don't know you touched my shoulder and when I turned around you had a blank look on your face. I tried to shake you out of it but you curled up in a ball and just shut down." Rose said fearfully tucking a stray hair behind my face.

I shook my head frowning. I didn't even remember doing that; as if my body was on autopilot. "Did I say anything?" I asked blinking up at her.

"No. Are you OK?" She asked again her tone just as worried as before.

"I'm fine just... That's never happened to me before." I had clear visions about my death but that? It was like I was inside her invading her privacy seeing a memory that wasn't mine to see. I avoided her eyes by rubbing mine- I didn't like her gaze so intent on mine.

"Are you certain? You didn't accidentally cast something?"

"No not at all. I just- saw something."

"Your clairvoyant- I forgot!" Her eyes going wide before she gasped suddenly. "Did you see something about me?" She asked smiling excited.

"N-no." I said my cheeks pink with shame.

She frowned before her mouth opened into a little o and she covered her mouth giggling. "I'm sorry that's so rude of me- asking you about your visions. I've never actually met one- but any witch worth her salt knows that a clairvoyant will only tell you what you need to hear. Otherwise it can screw things up. I suppose that means my life is in your hands since I have to trust you won't let anything happen to me. Right?" She said wiggling her brows playfully.

I could tell she was trying to cheer me up and it made me chuckle a bit- before my stomach growled loudly. Rose looked down her eyes going wide before she grinned. "Guess we need to feed the birdy. You know I bet I could convince Ian to let us keep you." She laughed again making me shake my head smiling as well before she gave me a hand up.

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