Painting with Brooms

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The Vampire's Bride

I stayed silent in the car ride. The spell they had shrived to do hadn’t worked- instead I had a giant rose on my back- the thorns growing day by day around my body spreading like a virus on my veins originating from my back. Guess that story Beauty and the Beast had to of originated from something- maybe a witch who had married a werewolf or bear-kin. Love didn’t just magically get rid of spells or a curse like this though. I was so young it was likely they didn’t even exist.

All that work- and so they where giving me to the vampire prince who would be coronated in place of his dad tomorrow.I could still barely feel the future at my finger tips; blurry and muddy. Nevermore.

The poem echoed in my head once more as I thought of the spell that had changed my future. Even the high priestess of our coven Iona had promised me this spell would work and I would sit beside her; watching over. Forever the second in command leading the coven; that I had greatness in my future.

Weak little sparrow-


The tears slipped down my cheeks- pelting my hands. Married to a vampire wasn't the highest honor it was a death sentence. There was no way they had planned this all along as her second Odira had said to me. Ordering me to pack a small bag of clothing- that this car was my future the entire time. Their king for me. Even if I was damaged goods now.

She had told me that too. Laughed. "Guess you're going to be the vampires bride- despite being damaged goods."

It reverberated in my head- that laughter. When I left I hadn't cried- but now that the dark window was up and we where rolling down the highway I let my tears free. No matter how hard I tried I wasn't enough for the coven.

Suddenly a massive bump made me hic up and shift in my seat- my hand reaching for the door handle to fix myself. This was stupid. Part of me always wanted this- I was already someone tainted by the night and it's where I felt most comfortable. These should be tears of joy that I was away from all of them. Nasty witch bitches that plan my fate and boss me around. Even this year at campus the little bit I had gotten to go the witches in the sororities would find me just to pick on me or ask me to do something for them.

It's why Nate had broken up with me.

I wasn't particularly fond of him, to be honest I hadn't really been very interested in many of the boys there. They where just so loud and just trying to get you into bed to part your legs and hump for five minutes. I wanted more than that and even Nick hadn't really given me that- but he had been very romantic.

Funnily enough I had found him in an old graveyard I had been visiting- it was pretty in the fall. He was what one might define as Goth- only the classical well dressed kind. I think that's what I had liked most about him; he understood those darker tendencies I had even if I couldn't walk among those I felt most comfortable with. He once took me to a concert to see The Cruxshadows and I fell in love with Helios, Home and Eye of the Storm. They spoke to some of the deepest places in my heart.

That had been the first time I had ever put on a corset, the first time my hands where covered in gloves up to my elbows, the first time I had painted black on my lips. Even though I had fake earrings in, my hair was not dyed a perfect shade of jet black only the deep raven I was gifted with- I blended in flawlessly. Everything about me felt thin and pale and beautiful and I felt like I walked among people that wouldn't judge me for my gift being weak. If anything they probably would have thought it was cool I could see some semblance of a future. Nate had.

But then I had to show him I was one of the sorority girls- a puppet for them but one of them none the less. I was told to shove a good friend of his in the pool; his male friend that had came out as trans. I liked her- Wyn was absolutely beautiful no matter if she had ended up having the full surgery or not. She was weary of me the few times Nate had brought me over- and now I didn't blame her.

I did as they told- and Nate pulled her out of the pool but not before they called her nasty names. Her make up had ran; and the wig she had on since her natural hair wasn't quite long or as red as the beautiful mane she had was separated. Even though I tried to apologize and help them- Nate had heard what my orders where. "You've done enough."

Her sobs echoed in my mind as well- this gift tended to make memories resonate within me. Humans might call it depression, witches empathy that my gift of foresight had also blessed me with being empathic. I doubted that- it's just that I could feel other emotions when I saw the future; I got impressions. It's how I maneuvered best when I tried really hard to see.

Nothing in me had wanted to hurt her, if anything I was oddly attracted to Wyn. The more her features softened and the harder she tried to look more womanly- something about the way she did it was just other worldly. I think that hurt me worse than my boyfriend leaving me.

They where humans though. They didn't understand what it was like being a witch. Eventually they would go on with their lives without me. The car began to slow making my hands tremble and I held them to my center. This was it.

Unhooking my seat belt I reached for the door. Even though I could wait for the driver what was the use? Waiting would only make me worry more.

Or so I had thought.

The moment my hand touched the door I froze- as I saw my death.

This wasn't the murky half seeing feeling I use to get, instead it was the very first crystal clear image of me opening this door- I wasn't meeting with the prince. Not until after his coordination that was actually scheduled for tonight. They would bring me in his room dressed in white silk robes- I would sit on the bed waiting. Then?

His silver eyes flashed red- his chestnut hair tucked behind his ears as his head would dip down to my neck despite any words I said to him- like music or gibberish as all I heard was his fangs sink into my flesh. Darkness would over come me.

Deaths cold embrace as the light faded from my eyes.


Cried the raven as it flew around swirling away the image from my gaze- and I was once again sitting back in the car with my hand resting on the handle.

My coven had sent me to my death.

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