Painting with Brooms

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I didn't sleep. I couldn't.

I'd never been in a relationship before. I didn't know what they even looked like... at least not a functioning one. Why was life so tragic that a parent-less seventeen year old virgin that had to experience her death time and time again through visions, traded to a vampire king to be his meal by her own coven that cursed her making her even more useless in their eyes- given a vision of possible salvation only to be rejected by her mate who is in a FUNCTIONAL HAPPY marriage. Yet somehow in this deep dark pit of misery part of me...

Part of me stared at the landscape thinking. Thinking about the vision I had- this was the first time I tried to pursue a future instead of avoid it. How was I supposed to get there? Maybe she held me while I died and I misread it- but that didn't seem right I felt so... different. Mature in some way that I wasn't before.

It showed me a vision that didn't exist.

But then... I sighed rubbing my temples as I let my mind race. I couldn't shake the feeling that Rose wasn't happy. Somehow that bothered me. It was fine that she didn't want to be with me, I understood that completely. They had just been together so long and I was a seventeen year old. It didn't make sense to leave him for me and I would never ask that of her- or of anyone it was insanity. Her happiness though?

I wasn't saying I could make her happy, but her happiness meant something to me. If I was going to die from this curse then she could at least be happy if she was supposed to be my fated one. Then again maybe some part of me just wanted to believe she was unhappy.

This place was beautiful- and she painted it. I could see just from the night over looking the pond- with details from the little fire flies flickering and the gentle mist rising as the sky changed with a galaxy of stars above us... she was beautiful inside. Magic always called to a part of ourselves- unique to each person and this- this was all her. Before I had known this, it was hard to believe it had been one person that made this place come to life.

I had to see it before my time ran out. I only had a few days at best if I could stomach this curse. Opening the window I climbed out leaving the windows wide and trying to memorize which window it was that I was hopping out of. Roses- blue roses with purple tips in the dim sunlight as it rose. Planted right under my window facing the pond.

I smiled a bit before I took off at a brisk walk, tossing off my combat boots once I was past the pawn going down what looked to be a sandy trail letting my toes sink into the sand. As I followed it down I found myself on a beach- the sun creeping over the horizon taking my breath away. Pinks and yellows filled the sky with their vibrant colors over the ocean that reflected bits and pieces.

In all my life I had never seen the ocean and I was in awe. The wind whipped back my hair without bothering to strain my ears with the noise. It was like magic was alive pushing and pulling with the currents- so much so I fell to my knees as I sat and watched in silence.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Her voice was soft- hesitant making me briefly close my eyes as she came up behind me.

I didn't want her to be here when the curse struck, the sun was rising so the pain was also coming. So I didn't respond hoping she might leave, instead she walked over sitting next to me pulling her knees up to her chest as I sat with my legs folded under me. "I'm sorry. I was rude before and I... I haven't had anyone but Ian to talk to in a long time and I just-"

"Don't apologize. You said what you wanted to say." I said barley moving my lips as my eyes roamed over the sea. The water crashed beautifully against some rocks far out in the distance, small little white flowers dotted the golden grass swaying in the breeze. It was... breath taking.

"You don't understand." She said frowning- I could feel her gaze on me out of the corner of my eye but this time I was the one refusing to meet her gaze.

"I do. You two have been together for a very long time, and you think I'm a threat to that. I didn't have a choice in this- but you painted me as the bad guy when I'm just a seventeen year old girl trying not to die. I may be young but I'm not stupid." Finally I took pity and turned to look at her, my face closed off from any emotion like back when I had to face my enemies in the coven. It was easy to make them think they hadn't hurt me. "I also saw something in the hallway- I saw how unhappy you where when you came back the last time. I also see it written on your face and in the scenery around me."

I was stabbing in the dark- but if everything was made and maintained that meant the room I had seen fading. It wasn't a coincidence they all seemed to have a common theme. Each and everyone one of them looked like a place to lounge with a loved one. I also was guessing she still was unhappy- but maybe my gift had been more useful than I thought as I saw her face start to crumble a bit.

"You're mistaken I've just been to tired to maintain-"

"Maintain things- things that mean more to you have more magic in them than the things that don't. The library was crawling with life, this place is too- and you just happen to show up here?"

"I saw you running!" she said in her defense trying to look offended.

"And you followed." I replied not batting an eyelash. "You followed after you rejected me. You're apologizing when there's nothing to apologize for and there's nothing else to be said." I leaned forward closing some of the space between us until my face was inches from hers. "Why?"

Despite being blunt and mean she didn't back down- she glared at me. I half expected her to spit in my face. I would have deserved it. I was being mean on purpose. She just wouldn't leave and I could feel the sun starting to hit our faces as she looked up at me with her giant green eyes.

It was like the world suddenly fell away and this moment was suddenly the most important thing that ever happened as she slid her arms down her legs, pushing her body up with her hands- her lips lifting to slide softly over mine.

A moment that seemed suspended in time.

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