Painting with Brooms

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I thought I had died, I felt the world fall away and all the pain fade and my spirit start to drift. A raven called to me- my hands weren’t hands as I drifted and wandered towards a river. Everything was dead but the ground was soft and inviting calling me- calling me. Everything spun around me and yet the world was crystal clear; I didn’t understand but I was at peace. Inches from the water I heard the raven call again- calling for me to turn around. But why?

Someone waited in a boat- their hand out stretched on the river beckoning.

I felt my foot lift and hover over the river to slide onto the boat- my hand outstretched. Stop child of the night.

A strong yet soft female voice. Sweet and poison.

A whisper- a promise? A rose blooming in my hand only to wilt and die falling into the the palm of the boat keeper’s hand. No- skeleton?

It’s not yet time to return home. Go. Save them. The world will not survive without your gift to them. Your gift is sacrifice. It is dark yet bright. Do not get lost to it.

The voice beckoning me away from the boat. Her words clutching my heart. My trust in her warring with this need to get on the boat.

The boat began to move on without me. I stretched out my hands in grief.

You will return to us when the time is right.

Her voice clear as a bell, a hand on my cheek- kiss on my forehead.

My... head.

“Ugh.” I moaned clutching at my head, palm rubbing my temple before wincing as I registered the needle in my arm.

“Go tell the master she’s pulled through.” A soft female voice came- deeper than the one I heard. Harder more, real? Soft firm hands came to my arm pulling it down to my side. “There child it’s alright now. The loss of blood likely just left you with a little headache is all. It was a tad touch and go for a few moments. Bit of fairy dust and a gypsies eye managed to keep you with us.”

I blinked a few times trying to register the room around me, suddenly the bed began to prop me up. I focused on her for a moment- just seeing a blurr; then seeing a creature with a thin nose and doe like eyes. Like a strange pixie like elf? Or fox? Before her face snapped back to the slightly round cheeked cheery woman with tight white curly hair like it had been permed. It was absolutely horrid looking making her look pudgy. I guess trying to fit in if you had such a thin face I had seen before anything would look pudgy though.

I tilted my head for a moment trying to see the image again, for some reason there was no questioning what I had seen. Somehow I knew it was there even though my eyes told me otherwise. “Are you alright darling? Are you having vision problems?” She asked bending down to look into my eyes, lifting a finger to have my eyes follow it. Then suddenly I saw it in a blink- thin strange head, red mane of hair to high on her forehead, thin furred- black clawed finger.

Then gone. I blinked a few times rubbing them with the arm that didn’t have a needle. “Yeah a little I keep seeing a weird fox thing instead of you like the light keeps bending everything.”

The woman sat and blinked at me for a minute in silence standing beside my bed. Just staring for a very long moment, before she bent down. She then picked up a remote, tucked it near my hand smiling and then turn and walked out of the little room I was in. After a long moment I heard a high pitched shrill shriek down the hallway. I frowned staring at the door before sighing and shaking my head, it had to be a weird coincidence. That nurse probably thought I was just nuts.

Rubbing my face once more to try and wake myself up I looked around- sun shining through a window that overlooked the gardens. They must have a small infirmary which didn’t surprise me in a place so massive. And rich snobs with blood thirsty vampires that on occasion may need an emergency sucking that may nearly kill human. Or at least according to my dark vampire smut novels.

I chuckled at the thought moving my fingers to turn on the T.V and begin to flip through channels. If I was dead there was bound to be something decent on in purgatory, which was the only thing that made sense if I could still see all this. Whatever the case I wasn’t going to sit here in silence bored.

God did that mean I still had to marry the stupid vampire?

He wasn’t even hot- like where was the eyeliner and red and sexy smile. Hell he hadn’t even had black hair! His hair was fucking shaggy! Where was the handsome Interview with a Vampire types? Give me Lestat from even Queen of the Damned at least. I got some weird combo of prince and cowboy.

Maybe since he nearly drained me he can allow me one you-almost-killed-me-so-I-don’t-want-to-marry-you favor. God forbid his name end up being something like Tom too. Finally after flipping through a good chunk of channels I settled on Daria. She amused me in a morbid sense of way.

I was about halfway through the episode- her sister being just as fucking shallow as ever when Cowboy Tom entered the room. He was no longer in that weird getup, instead he wore something worse. A white top much like the Lestat from Interview with a Vampire- only Tom’s shaggy hair brushed his shoulders like Wolf Man’s more hick cousin. God this vampire even looked like he tanned- what the hell with that? His pants where just as bad and he looked comfortable like this was every day wear.


You’d expect someone to be a bit more well groomed in something like that, and not so... stocky German man with a chiseled jaw and tan skin. It was so wrong. “Watching a show.” I said annoyed waving the remote.

He frowned. “How old are you?”

His tone showed genuine concern and shame.

Screw that he tried to kill you. “Wow you’d think the guy that was supposed to marry me and instead nearly tried to kill me would at least ask me my name first. Because the fact that you didn’t request a certain age when you wanted one of us served up on a silver platter was such a big deal!” I said sarcastically throwing up my hands for dramatic effect.

Ok I was being a little over the top but-

Fuck that he tried to kill me!

He sighed pressing his fingers to the bridge of his nose. “I am very sorry for that ordeal, if you never want to see me again that can be arranged as well since you are not my bride to be after all. What IS your name?”

That stopped me.


No bride?

“My name is-” I stopped the words dying on my lips. No one knew me here, I was at no one’s mercy. He said if I never wanted to see him again. I wasn’t sure what he meant by not his bride to be but... saying if implied I could stay here anyways. Away from the other witches. Free.

Which meant I was free to choose a new name. Then the bird said “Nevermore.- The last thought, the last image, the same one that seemed to lead me and call me away from the river, that had tried to call me away from the spell in my mind. The river that a part of me knew was my brain trying to process death. Or maybe it really was the river it's self... I was that bird. It didn't make sense, but something about the analogy in my mind made sense. “Raven.” I finally said lifting my chin a bit. “My name is Raven.”

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