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Keys to Paradise

"Yes well... Raven. I have to give you my sincerest apologies for what occurred, there must have been some sort of mistake with them sending you. The contract clearly stated the strongest of their coven must-"

"Hate to break it to you chief" I said holding up a hand "-but I am hardly the strongest. In fact I'm the witch they decided to preform magic on, against my will; to try and bring out my powers. Instead they killed a vampire king and put a stupid curse on me which from the way it grows each day probably has me on a lovely time constraint since that's how curses go. Then decided to throw me to the vamps to be drained dry."

The Vampire Prince (or was he king yet? Who knew if the blond bimbo told the truth) visibly flinched at my words. "You where unwilling to be apart of that spell?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah because I know what happens when you try to enhance a witches power and a power like mine? It's never been done before, not successfully. This isn't like trying to turn up the charge in some normal witch." Quickly I clicked off the television and sighed. "Look if you're looking for redemption forget it I told you going into that room what you where going to do to me and you bit me without consent anyways." My words where like a whip, but I was furious. Furious about my life, my circumstances, my limited life span, this stupid gift.

He had the nerve to look ashamed as he kneeled down beside my bed, his hand over his heart. "I am humbly in your debt for such an atrocity. This hunger is new to me so much so that it does such harm- I wish what I did could be undone, but I fear there may be more to come unless I find my true bride." He paused for a moment as if thinking. "You say they forced you into this spell, would you truly wish to be returned to them?"

"No I don't." I replied stiffly crossing my arms before hissing at the stupid IV growling as I held my arm rubbing it slightly. "Look- all I want is to live out my days away from them, the way I want to live. Consider it a dying wish to someone you fang raped if you actually want to help. Unless one of your goons want to turn me before I can figure out a way to break this stupid curse."

He stared at me a long moment as if processing my words. "You wish, to stay here? After what I've done?"

I glared at him. "Just because I'm staying doesn't mean I'm your meals on wheels buddy."

"No no I'm not thinking your this... meals on the wheels? I am just shocked you would entrust your care to me after my atrocities to your persons."

This time it was my turn to stare at him trying to decipher what he was saying. I think he was saying he was surprised I'd stay with him despite nearly killing me? The look on his face full of remorse seemed to fit that. "Well yea- because you owe me."

He grimaced a bit at that. "Y-yes I do." the hesitation in his voice was enough for me realize I was laying on the guilt a bit to thick.

"Thanks... and uh, I'm sorry about what they um... did to your dad by the way. My coven I mean." I said tucking back a stray hair. I wasn't good with apologies and I wasn't good at saying sorry for your loss either. Overall I was honestly kind of shocked I got as far as I had with my attitude- most of the time it ended badly for me. Most of the time I didn't care. There was only so far others could go with someone who could see the future to some extent.

"I'm sorry too, for these great tragedies in your life. My cousin mentioned you hadn't wanted to go with her. I also see great pain in your eyes the longer I look at you."

That gave me the creeps. "Look mister uh... vampire prince thingy-"

"My name is Nicodemous, I am King of my kind and Lord of this estate now." He offered looking up at me- not batting an eyelash at the title.

Damn. Vampire King- no nope nuh uh. He was ugly as sin and already told me I wasn't his bride. Wait why wasn't I his bride? "Look, N-nicodee-moose saying stuff like looking into my eyes and seeing my pain is a tad creepy. Witches know the eyes are the window the the soul but peeking is kind of intruding when you voice it out loud. Second, you said I wasn't your bride? I thought I was sent here to be your bride."

He frowned standing back up adjusting his frilly ugly cuffs. "You were, but the contract was for the strongest witch in your coven. Your leader also hinted that they would come willing. You are certainly not her though."

"The strongest? Why the strongest? How can you tell? Do they taste different?"

He gave me a bland look twisting his lips as if he where disliking the conversation. "No they do not taste different than any other witch, it wasn't a matter of preference for tastes. My beloved has been fore told to me, and that she is of your kind in your coven. So when the agreement was forged that was the request. A King for one of their own. However now they have gone back on this agreement."

"How can you tell I'm not your beloved? Should I meet all your vampire friends just to make sure I'm not theirs before I die or get turned by someone that will turn me?"

Nicodemus rubbed his temples a bit sighing. "Child, that is many many questions but I can assure you if you need it I or one of my linage would be more than willing to turn you should you wish assuming you survive. "

"Assuming? You mean there's a chance that..." I thought it was a for sure thing like all the time.

"Yes, there is a chance you may not be strong enough to survive the change, or that your body rejects it entirely. Only the underworld gets to choose who may live eternal if you first walk the earth mortal. Even beloveds are no acceptation to this rule so with the slim chance I could introduce you to someone that might be bonded with you it would make little difference."

Wow... well there went that get out of jail free card from death I had been hoping for. I simply nodded at him my face going grave as I looked down at my hands hiding my face with my hair. Death had it's hand on me, chilling and cold. The grip wouldn't let go.

"I'm sorry if that was not the answer you where hoping for." He whispered shifting next to my bed.

"It's fine... I'll make do with the time I have left. Can you just leave me to my show for a bit... please?" I added trying to keep my voice steady still not looking up.

"Of course." He murmured before slowly shutting the door behind him.

I'm certain he heard when I let loose my sob.

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