Painting with Brooms

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I was fully recovered by the end of the day. I didn’t ever end up seeing the curly haired nurse again instead it was all vampires that catered to me once the sun set. A vampire with red hair escorted me to my room- one I noticed was far far away from where I had been taken before. My small bag of meager belongings sitting on the queen sized bed with a forest green comforter.

The vampire didn’t stick around long- and I noticed a note stuck to my bag.


I have attached a card to this note, feel free to live out your days as you so choose. If you have any issues feel free to call Monica at any time by pressing 5 and * on your keypad next to your bed. The kitchens are down the hall to your left- I have left instructions with the Chef to let him know you’ll be in tomorrow to discuss your preferences. If you need to reach me directly I am 8* but please do not call during the day for obvious reasons. Monica can be reached 24-7, if she’s ever unavailable the call will be redirected to Harvey our gardener.


Reading it over I grinned pealing off the envelope that had been attached to the back. A shiny black card slid into my hand making my eyes light up.

Zero spending limit.

This was platinum.

Guess the novels got one thing right about vampires. Or at least these ones. Needless to say all I needed now was my phone that was safely nestled in my bag. No one had bothered to try and contact me- not really a surprise. First thing I did was buy myself a shiny new laptop- but then I realized I didn’t have an address here.

Frowning I picked up the phone next to my bed and pressed the number five.

“Monica speaking, how may I help you?”

“Hi Mon, Raven here. I’m trying to order a laptop and I just realized I don’t have an address for this place.”

The woman didn’t skip a beat- she also didn’t seem to be upset with me using her name in a short term. “Of course miss Raven, the address is 1456 Morgana Lane- however due to the barrier restrictions you would be better off sending it to the post office and then having one of the vampires retrieve it and-”

“Ugh right that lame barrier. Give me a minute and I’ll call you back.” I said hanging up and punching in the number for Nicodemus directly after picking up the phone once more.

“Lord Nicodemus is currently in a meeting how may I direct your call?” Oh god the blond bimbo- I recognized her perky voice.

“This is Raven, when will his meeting be over?” I asked tapping my foot. The vampire hung up the phone on me making me glare as I set it back on it’s hook and lower the tab that had my laptop-to-be on it.

The thing about my gift as weak as it might be, I had this uncanny ability to find people once I recognized their energy and since he had drank a ton of my blood it was really easy to know his exact location was up two floors and over in the west wing opposite from me. I sat outside the door for probably an hour or so before everyone started exiting what I assumed was a conference room. One by one they filed out- the curly nurse (or doctor?) seeing me went white as a sheet and shuffled out quickly, the rest where fairly normal looking until the last one with scaled golden cheeks walked out grinning.

“My my my, and what do we have here? A little witching? ”

He was tall, thin, scrawny and his eyes looked slightly yellow, a human would think he had jaundice if not for the scales. His black hair was slicked back with what looked to be grease and his hooked nose did nothing to enhance his features. The longer I looked at him the more I got this impression he was a being I didn’t want to mouth off to.

But who are we kidding this was me.

“I’m here to see Nicodemus, not some scaly freak.”

He growled low in his throat at me narrowing his eyes, but the sound was suddenly much larger and louder shaking the hallways. I tried not to look like I was about to piss myself but I'm sure he could tell the effect had rattled me to the core. “Hak’vo, do not harm her."

The scaled man crossed his arms his eyes still narrowed at me. Guess the dragon was on a leash, the thought made me smile at him with a pinky wave before I walked into the conference room. Nicodemus sat there with a pile of papers and his hands folded as I closed the door behind me. "What is it now?"

"We-ll master I don't want to take up a ton of your time. But see there's this issue with the barrier."

"It is the only one we can construct to keep out your kind." He said blandly. "Among other unwanted creatures."

"Yeah well it's causing issues with trying to order stuff. I'm assuming that dragon was the one that set it up?" I said gesturing to the door with my thumb.

Even though I'm certain he meant to hide his grimace I saw it clearly before his face went back to passive. "Yes he is the one that helped us set up the barrier."

"Well that barrier is only oh so effective. If anyone has something he wants, if another dragon comes by or if they carry a medallion like the ones you carry it's kind of moot. I could put up one to replace it."

Nicodemus frowned lacing his fingers in front of him as if mulling over the idea sitting forward. "You're telling me you're willing to preform a spell over this place that is more effective?"

"Until you find your bride, yes that's exactly what I'm saying. It won't be perfect by any means and only a super strong witch could break it but I mean anyone from my coven wouldn't kill me like that unless they wanted to face the council, and anyone outside my coven would be hunted down if they tried. So really it's just a win win for you if I put one up."

"And... what exactly do you get out of this?"

"My amazon packages delivered to the door." I said crossing my arms with a pout.

Nicodemus sighed and chuckled shaking his head his hands lowering to the desk as he stood. "You're encorrigible. Do what you will, contact Monica for the preparations."

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