Painting with Brooms

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Black is the new Brown

The spell took no time at all to figure out, but I had to rest more before I could preform it. It certainly wouldn't be as strong as a normal witch- but at least I could get my packages delivered to the doorstep. When I went back to my room there was a dinner cart waiting in my room making me grin as I began to eat and shop... and shop.

I probably bought a few grand worth of items- some of which ended up including clothing because besides my few meager possessions the moth bitten ugly heavy clothing sitting in the closet where not what I would be caught dead in. At the very least you'd think they'd have supplied me with jeans and tee's. Needless to say I picked them all out of my closet and threw them into the hallway to make room for what would be delivered in the next day or two (thank you platinum card for expedited shipping!).

I met with the chef before preforming the spell and circling the grounds and let him know my preferences. Fried foods mostly as well as never ending mint ice-cream in the freezer for my frequent midnight snacks among other snacks such as my much needed flaming hot cheetos with a hint of lime that I had to have a little container of cream cheese for. Not the foil crap- I wanted a container as well as all the code red mountain dew a girl could ask for.

After the third day of being there I woke up to the pain of the curse spreading on my body before I felt a familiar chill of a vision over coming me. Whatever was going to happen- as murky as my vision was it was enough to make me realize I couldn't stay here. I immediately dialed five.

"Monica speaking how may I-"

"Mons I gotta get out of here for the day, can you get someone to drive me to the mall or something?"

She was silent for a moment before she gave a small sigh (I might have been bugging her non stop for the last three days). "Yes Raven I will get you an escort off the grounds, let me try to contact the kitchen to see if they have anyone to spare first."

"Chill, needs to be like in the next fifteen. Call me ancy." I said before hanging up the phone immediately and shucking on some pants. I was supposed to have a few cute tops arrive today, but for now it was me in my white T and blue jeans as usual tying back my brown hair. My eyes where a startling blue but no matter how I did my make up it did nothing for my appearances especially now that I still had a touch of road rash on my face.

I tried not to look into the vanity but it was hard not to when my phone was charging into one of the few plug in's that where conveniently located in the room. I use to keep it next to my bed- but I'd wake up in the middle of the night before I'd ever get a text or call sometimes hours or days prior and my neat little gift would just alert me during the wee hours of the night.

Monica was amazing at her job because by the time I trudged downstairs one of the younger guys with piercings and tattoos sat in the foyer looking at his phone twirling keys in his hand. He was tall slightly stocky looking but he had a nice face despite his hair falling into his eyes. Something about his look reminded me of most of the clothing I had bought. Black, edgy... interesting.

"You're my driver I assume?"

"Yup that's me, baby sitting duty instead of potato peeling. Sounded fun enough."

I lifted a brow at him crossing my arms. "Baby sitting?"

He rolled his eyes shoving his phone in his back pocket. "Nicodemus was clear to everyone at the staff meeting yesterday you where to not leave here without protection. So yea I will gladly call it baby sitting." He said stocking out to head towards the garages.

I liked his attitude- not that I'd let him know it as I crossed my arms following him out to his car. His car was nothing to brag about, a old white station wagon though the interior looked a lot better than the outside. "Really you blood bags can't afford a nice car?" I said grimacing as I slid into the passenger seat. Oddly enough he had a pentagram laced with lavender hanging from his mirror. He certainly didn't look like a witch to me, though I felt a strange resonance coming from it. Natural hedge?

"Not all of us give up our blood so freely." He stated pulling out and driving down the drive way. "Though I did hear from a little bird you got fang raped your first day here."

I rolled my eyes crossing my arms in my seat. "Like it was my fault." I didn't have a come back- damn it.

We rode in silence for a while, after a bit he lit a cigarette and cracked the window with a song on the radio I didn't recognize. "Do you know any places to get my hair done while I'm at this mall?"

"Yeah there's plenty of areas, they have a food court and outdoor food court as well as other shops outside and a few vendors. This place is pretty huge so you'll find pretty much everything you need. They even have this cool fantasy store with a real witch that owns it- if you're into that kind of thing."

Hrmm did he not know I was a witch? "A real witch?" I asked as if I were shocked.

"Oh yea she's freaking nuts, has one eye that's glass and reads palms and everything. It's great. I've gone to her a few times when I have a nasty cold, her herbal remedies are actually pretty fantastic."

"Neat we'll have to check her out." My eyes caught a store as we hit the freeway. No not a store- a salon? "Hey mister bus boy-"

"My name is Trent."

"Yeah yeah whatever- we need to make a stop."

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