A girl's journey to her fated mate.

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A tragic accident that unknowingly saved one girl's life from an unseen threat ended up costing her all memory of who she was which led her down a path away from who she was destined to be, and into the arms of a deceptive man. That's when fate steps in to bring two fated mates together, and fulfill the girl's destiny.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


In a small County in Tennessee far away from the big City lights deep in the country woods where many residents don't even know exist is the home to the Southern Moon Pack. This was a small Werewolf pack with around only 83 wolves where what they lack in numbers they make up for in strength with their pack having some of the largest, and strongest wolves throughout all the surrounding packs in the state.

The pack is led by Alpha Rufus, and Luna Ann who have two children 17 year old Damien, and 16 year old Bella. The Beta of the pack is Daniel, and his mate Julie who have a pup on the way.

What everyone in the pack is unaware of though is what seems to be a normal busy day getting preperations done for the mate ball would soon take a fatal turn that would change the pack forever.

"BELLA, WAKE UP WE HAVE A LOT TO GET DONE TODAY," yells Bella's mom Luna Ann from downstairs.

As the bass of her mom's voice vibrates throughout her room Bella jumps up in a jolt, her normally beautiful long curly blonde hair sits on top of her head in a curled up mess that looks like a nest that a bird could come at any moment and lay an egg in.

Besides Bella's current morning bed head issues she is truly a beautiful young lady with a tall slender build, silky fair skin, long naturally curly blonde hair, honey brown eyes, and full red lips that look like she is always wearing a glossy lipstick.

As Bella begins to rub her eyes in a attempt to wake up she recalls last night's nightmares that kept her tossing and turning all night. "Ugh, I can't believe I overslept, last night's nightmares were way more intense, and clear then they have been all month when they first started." Bella closes her eyes as she begins to think of the nightmares that plagued her all night. She begins to visualize the pitch black room she is standing in where the only time she can see anything is when lightning strikes illuminating the empty room, and the rain that is pooring down around her.

"Hello, where am I?" Bella calls out into the darkness as lightning fills the room once more, but this time the room is no longer empty a figure stands across from Bella on the other end of the room the figures features are out of focus although Bella can clearly see that the person standing in the room with her is a female who is the same height as well as the same build as her making the figure look very similar to bella except the shadowy figure has dark hair.

"BOOM," the lightning strikes again the female figure is now gone, and a silver blade appears to be floating in the air, "BOOM," another figure appears.

This time Bella strains her eyes to see the different figure in the room who seems familiar, and looks alot like her grandmother Mae who was the previous Luna of the pack before she died in a rogue wolf attack when Bella was a little girl.

The female figure is talking, but she is whispering leaving Bella unable to make out what she is saying, just then she hears the words, " Don't stop for her."

Now Bella is laying on the grass, its raining glass, and she can taste blood in her mouth before everything goes dark as her dream ends.

As Bella begins to slowly open her eyes after replaying her dream in her mind she is pulled away from her thoughts by the sound of her bedroom door opening.

"Hey loser, get up, mom's been yelling for you," her brother Damien says with a smirk on his face as he towers at her doorway.

Every since Damien changed into his wolf for the first time at 15 he looks more like a man who is a bodybuilder rather than a teenager.

"Don't think just because you aren't going to the ball that you can sleep in, you know you have to help mom, and dad get things ready for my party today," Damien said as he crossed his arms letting out a light chuckle.

"Trust me I haven't forgot that today is your birthday, you would never let me forget, Happy Birthday dork," Bella said as she stuck her tongue out at her brother. "Also, I'm just fine not going to the ball, I have no interest in going to that boring ball," Bella says as she rolls her eyes.

"Yea right, like you aren't excited about going, and finding your mate one day. I know I will find my mate tonight at the ball, anyways, love ya sis, see ya downstairs," Damien says as he walks out the room whistling down the hallway with a cocky smirk on his face.


Ugh, I know I told Damien I'm fine not going to the Mate Ball, but honestly it's all I can think about. He is so lucky that his 18th birthday fell on the same day as the Ball otherwise he would have to wait till next year to go.

The Mate Ball is the most elegant, and exciting event for werewolves to attend once they turn 18 years old where they are now able at that age to find their mate. Until both mates are atleast 18 they are unaware of their mate, your mate could be in your pack, could be someone you see everyday kinda like my brother's best friend Grant he turned 18 a few months ago, and was telling my brother that he was looking forward to the Ball because he didnt think his mate was in our pack since he hadn't found her yet then Bam two days ago a girl in our pack turned 18 it was like a light switch turned on soon as they seen each other.

The Mate Ball was created to give werewolves the opportunity to find their mate in case their mate isn't in their own pack where all the surrounding packs within your state attend the ball after they turn 18, and if they don't find their mate during the first ball they are able to attend until they are 27 where that will be there last year to attend. Most werewolves though find their mate before the cutoff, but those that don't continue searching by traveling with pack business out of state.

I find myself dreaming about the ball all time as well as the mixture of excitement, and fear it brings out of me. For me it's more than just finding my mate, but it's about finding my wolf. Because I am the only person in my pack without a wolf.

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