Two sides (rewritten )

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Chapter 1:The dream

I hear my alarm clock going off and I slowly turn to my side to turn it off. I get up and sigh. “Another day that Mallory Charvel picks on me for no reason. I don’t understand, why me?“I whisper
Slowly, I get up and get dressed, not at all ready for another day. I had another one of those dreams. I might tell Jason, but I’m still not sure if I should or not. There are only two outcomes. The first one being, he will agree that we need to monitor my dreams, and the second ending with him thinking I’m insane and he and I stray away from each other. Maybe I’ll just wait. “Rana, come on! You need to get something to eat before you have to leave!” my mother calls. I run downstairs and into the kitchen. There, my mom is fixing me a plate of spam and eggs. “Thank you, mom!” I say as I sit down. She smiles and brings me my plate. I start eating and my mom grabs her just some spam since she is allergic to eggs. I always thought her allergy was a little weird because she could have stuff made with eggs but couldn’t have just eggs. I look over at my mom and see she is staring into space. She looked sad and realized she was thinking about my dad. About one month ago, he died. Yes, it’s been really hard, but I know we’ll get through this. I pick up my plate and place it in the sink, and I hear my mother get up to place her place in the sink as well. “You should probably get going soon. I think Jason is waiting for you at the end of our driveway .“I grab my bag and head towards the door “Bye Rana, I love you. And be safe!” My mother tells me as I open the door. “I love you too, and I will!”
My mom locks the door and I run down the driveway to Jason. Ah, yes Jason L James: my best friend. He’s been with me through thick and thin, and he’s really helped cheer me up since my dad died. The only thing he doesn’t know is that Mallory Charvel and her group have been picking on me. We walk all the way to school talking about random stuff, and once we reach the front we part ways, so he can head to practice pitching since he is in baseball. all alone once again, which means I’m now an easy target for Mallory. I turn around and see her coming my way, and my fight or flight responses kick in. GET INSIDE GET INSIDE GET IN- too late. I feel her cold hand touch my shoulder. “Oh, Hi Rana. Nice weather for Brownsville texas, isn’t it? Say why don’t you come with me and we’ll get something to eat.” She says, sending chills down my back with every word. “Umm, w-well I don’t kn”
“Now,” she says having her two friends grab me. “H-hey what are you doing!” I yell. She just smiled and they took me to the side of the school and through me into a pile of trash next to the dumpster. “Really?!” I yell with tears in my eyes. They all just laugh and walk away.
I climb out of the pile of trash, walk back around to the front of the school, walk inside, go to the bathroom, clean up what I could, and change into my PE outfit. I wanted to go to the principals’ office so badly but there was one issue. Her friend Karla had dirt on me and all of my friends. So if I even try to get her and her group in trouble, since Karla is the principal’s niece, They would get us all in trouble, and they would get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. So, I step out and walk to the cafeteria sit down till class. Hopefully, I don’t have to deal with her at lunch.

I sit down at a table outside with my friends Abby Johnson and Marilyn Moore. Once we sat down we started to talk about random stuff, like school, anime, stuff like that, suddenly as we were sitting and talking, I hear someone call my name but, I just ignore it because it’s probably just people yelling all at once to create that illusion. “Rana!” I hear someone call. Ok, now I know someone is trying to get my attention. I turn around and see that it’s my best friend, Jason James. ” Hey, what’s up JJ?” I say to Jason. “I need to talk to you,” He says looking more serious than normal. “Ok about what?“He normally doesn’t talk to me at lunch, so it must be important. ” Let me rephrase what I said. I need to talk to you in private. I mean, away from your friends and other people” He says. “Um, ok,” I say as I turn to Abby and Marilyn. ” Hey I gotta go, so I’ll see you both tomorrow since we don’t have any classes together in the afternoon.” They then turn to me and at the same time say”ok, fine...we’ll see you tomorrow.” They then get up and give me a hug, and I walk over to Jason. ” ok JJ what d-” he then grabs my arm and takes me to an old, abandoned, dusty, classroom. “For real! Why did you drag me here!” I ask getting a little upset. “Look, Rana, I need you to tell me the truth. No matter how stupid, or crazy, or dumb it may sound.” Ok does he really think he can just drag me here to tell him something that could have probably waited till later? well, I’m already here. Mine as well ask him what he is asking me to tell him. ” ok, what did you need me to be honest about?” He turns around for a moment then looks at me and says “Tell me about your dreams,” he asks.
“Um, what do you mean dreams?” He then once again looks away, then back at me.” I mean tell me, have your dreams affected you in any way” ok, so he wanted to talk about those dreams...I mean he is my best friend, but maybe I shouldn’t tell- No he said no matter how crazy it sounds “Yes, I fact last night I had a dream that someone that looked a lot like me was standing in a forest when I suddenly hear someone yell” lookout” .thats when I looked up and saw something shooting towards me, then scratching my eye. I think I might have fainted because, Soon after someone who looks like you, runs towards me and picks me up, then runs to some kind of tent. He then sets me down and says “don’t leave me” then he kisses me and I wake up.” Jason walks around the classroom, thinking about something. He then stops walking and said ” how did this dream affect you”
I think back to earlier and remember how I was scratched on the arm. “This dream predicted that I would get scratched” I then showed him the bandage on my forearm. He then says” I had the same you think it’s possible that the dreams are only affecting you?” I sit and think about it for a moment. ” I mean it’s possible. Because if you were also affected they you who have seen me being scratched. Now, all we have to worry about is if I die in the dream because if I die in my dreams I risk dying in real life.” Well, Shoot. Suddenly, I hear the bell.” Hey, we can talk about this more after school at my house! See ya JJ” I turn around and walk to my class when I hear” ok, see ya Rana katana” He knows I hate it when he calls me that! It is gonna be a long way home.

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