Two sides (rewritten )

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Chapter 2:long way home

All-day I dreaded my walk home. Why?! Well it’s because it more than likely was going to rain, and my dumb self forgot an umbrella. So now I have to walk home in the rain. Great. I then see JJ standing it the rain with an umbrella. “Hey, Rana! You ready?” JJ asks as I run towards him. “Yeah! Good thing you remembered your umbrella! I had forgotten mine! Now let’s go!” We walk to our neighborhood, talking about random stuff so that way no one from school could tell Mallory Charvel. She always picks on me when JJ wasn’t around, and of course, she has her little group of friends that stand around and pick on my friends Abby and Marlin. Any info that to pick on me and my friends they use it. So, I wasn’t going to give her something else to use to pick on me and my friends. Normally she would try to pick on me when I would wait for JJ to meet me outside so we can walk home, but I guess that she didn’t do so today because JJ was already there. I haven’t told anyone yet because I figure that it wasn’t that bad, but now that I think about it, I probably tell someone soon.“Hey, so what’s with that Mallory girl? She is always trying to be my partner in class, even when I tell her that I’m already your partner. It’s a little weird....” Wait... That’s it! “Do you think it’s possible that she likes you?” I mean when I think about it, she always picks on me, but never when JJ’s around...and with what JJ just told me, she’s trying to get with him even“yeah, that makes sense. Anyway, so I think what we should do is just let the dreams happen. Every morning well just log it in a book. you have a spare journal right?” JJ asks. I nod my head in response. “Cool well you better get home or else we won’t get our homework done, so let’s go!” We walk home talking about random stuff, in random stupid school work because I figured we could catch up we haven’t really talked about anything other than dreams in a good while. you know I enjoy talking to him and I can’t wait to see his sister, and watch the new episode of off the charts, and even say hi to his mom. I would say hi to his dad but I don’t see him very often. If I do it’s like really late at night and I’m staying over their house. Then again he’s lucky to have a dad. my dad died when I was like two. of course they helped us cope with the death because, very close to us they all knew each other since Middle School, so it’s only natural that I and JJ are friends. All in all, this has been one crazy walk home, and as much as I enjoyed it I cannot wait to go sit in his beanie bag chair. That thing is amazing! “So, Since we’re only a block or two away from my house, wanna race?”
“Heck yeah, let’s go! On the count of three! One...Two........THREE!” And we were off! We are running past trees and a lot of cars surprisingly until I touch his front door. “I Win! For the first time in five years!”
“Whatever!” JJ says as he comes up behind me. “I’m just glad to be home!”

Sorry for the long way I’ve had major will writer’s block and yeah new chapter on the 1st of July!

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