Riverlind mistory

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Thay used to be ordinary kids

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Riverland mystery

One gloomy night on January 5,2019 the power went out across two towns

Hollow And Riverland.It was strange because that never happens at least not anymore nobody knew why except for will mike dustin eli lilly callie noha and jonah besides the fact that they lived in two different towns callie noha and jona lived in river lind but they really didn’t know how because everything was normal but just in case something was wrong they all got in there cars and met up at the mall let me tell you why they were all on edge it all started on january 5,1994 the power went out but this was not normal because it just happened let me tell you why at RL laboratories (Riverland laboratories) the government opened a portail they shouldn’t have opened and messed wit things they shouldn’t have messed with the portail that they opened was to a dimension called DT(deion town) were bad things happen creatures escaped they sucked up all the energy in town in the blink of an eye noha had a bad feeling and then he started flying and his eyes turned gold callie and jona backed away they were freaked out noha slowly fell to the ground and his eyes went back to green and every one was confused and noha all of the sudden felt weird so he grabbed onto a chair so he couldn’t fall but the chair broke because he squeezed it to tight but those chairs were so strong but that didn’t matter because callie said she had friends who could help noha learn how to use his abilities to help people they didn’t know how not they studied what powers he had how they could be triggered and how he was able to use them so they got on there bikes and went to the mall because that’s where the power went out first and when they got there there was a swarm of these gray ulgy scary dragon like creature with black eyes and ulgy bone like wings that were scaly and slimy with sharp ulgy yellow decaying teeth that looked like they could eat a whole full grown human which they properly could and they were flying around the mall like there was something they were protecting so ell and noha used their powers to attempt to get in to see what was inside but they failed so time for plan B witch they didn’t have one so they were doomed but then they came up with one they realized that the dragon things weakness was light and they had the lights on there bikes and they were pretty bright so they all turned there bikes tword the mall and flicked on there lights and all the dragons dispersed when they got inside there was a massive monster that had skin that looked like it was decaing and had huge teeth ulgy and rotten and it was boney and had blood dripping from its teeth and face and there were flies swarming all over the place and it looked like every creetcher was dead but they were clearly alive because they were snarling and growling and screeching and there hairs were perky and they breathe black toxic smoke so all of the kids left the mall and went home they went home and went to bed but at 3am helicopters and swat cars were speeding around with there sirens on and the choppers were flying so low there spot lights were shining through the window so they all woke up and met up at nohas and turned on the tv and on the news both towns were qorinteened so they were all locked in riverland so they all went to sleep in the morning all of the kids parents called there cell phones so many times that all of their call histories were from their parents so they all called back there parents and said they were at nohas and they were safe jonah was a very cool kid that’s why everybody was shocked when he switched his watch pressed a few buttons and a hologram he could call people type on it he could pretty much do anything a computer he invented that watch himself he was pretty smart but didn’t show it as much and he still had good grades he typed in a password or two and they all went into noah’s room and the bed slid into the wall and an elevator popped up and they all got in it and it lowered into a dark room noha clapped his hands and the lights turned on and the roofs center opened and this chandelier made of diamond poped out the roof was smooth the room was a large circle made up of wite smooth stone with long boxes with bullet proof glass there were eight of them each with its own unique suit inside one with a red leather jacket red tight jeans with rips black sneakers and a black mask that went around the eyes the weapon was a black flick out bow staff because whatever powers noah had they were gone besides the fact that he could run faster than normal people and same for jumping instead of his old powers he had acre bedecs the second suite had a blue leather jacket with a mask like nohas black ripped jeans and blue sneakers this site was jonas he new how to fight because he took karate lessons plus he had a extend out baton the next site was mike’s his suit had a black leather jacket with a yellow mask like nohay black jeans with rips and black vans ells suit was a long green leather coat split at the bottom knee high black leather boots with black leather pants and shirt as a backup weapon she had to laser pistols and the mask was black and made of leather the next site was wills it had a wite leather jacket a wite mask same as the others oh and i forgot to mention that there jackets hat a hood the wore over their mask any ways wills suite had wite pants and converse lilies suite had a pink leather jacket pink pants black and a black mask as well as black shoes callies suite had a midnight purple leather jacket the mask was the same color pants and shoes were blck callies shoes were nikes dusten had a gray leather jacket and a black mask and pants his shoes were gray under armour so that’s the first wall the second wall had a computer with a huge screen built into the wall and a police scanner so they know what’s going on and a box of calms to they could talk if they half to split up they can communicate and then jona asked which one is mine noah said the blue one noah and jonah went up the elevator and so did the others they all whet home exept for jona he stayed and hung out with noha and jona seid noha im gay and rilly like you and noha kissed him and backed away and jona seid i gotta go i need to get home and when he got home callie and lilly seid so what happend with you and noha he seid it was akword we kissed but i dont even think hes gay but thats what you seid about me and well you were oveussly wrong lilly lauhged and seid i knew you were gay before you did and jona just laughed it was late no they all whent to bed jona couldent sleep as he loocked at the clock it seemed to tick even slower and as feer grew stronger in jonas eyes he texxted noha to see if he was awake he was so noha texted him back saing im coming over and jona texted ok when noha got there he went into jonas room and layed in bed with jona and they curlled up and they both fell asleep in the morning noha and jona whent down stairs and jonas parents seid sneeking your boy friends now are we with that look parents give you when your in trubble on there face and noha seid no no no its not what it lookes like what does it look like nohas mom seid it lookes like you snuck your boy friend in hoha seid i came on my own and then jona seid noha came because i asked him to i coldent sleep and jonas parents seid ok noha you can stay but can you give us a minute with jona alone so noha whent up stairs and jonas parents seid what were you thinking and jona seid im sory i needed someone to confort me jonas parents seid ok we understand but that doesenet make it ok jona seid im sory i wont do it agen and then his parents seid ok its fine but you do it agen and your grounded jona seid ok he whent back up stairs and they hung out and then they whent down stairs and asked if they could go to nohas and the parents seid ok you best behave so thy got on there bikes and whent to nohas and when down the ellovater and called the others because on the police scanner there was a robbroy so they suted up and whent to the store where it was happening and stopped the criminals and went back to the liar and hung out talked and played some games and had fun noha told everyone to stop for a second because he had a gift for them he gave them all a watch like his the color of the holograms and pretty much everything was customizable you can even hook it up to the lair and hook up all of your contacts that are in your phone onto the watch noah said your welcome and they all said thanks and then they all played more games and then they all went home and hung out with some of their other friends and then when home and went to bed and noha wrote in his journal and in it he said today has been good and i really like jona goodbye and then he went to bed in the morning everyone went to nohas when they got there noha seid anyone want a bacon sandwich lilly said yes and so did the rest of them they ate and then hung out a little later callie seid i feel really weird and my back is killing me and then all of the sudden these huge black weengs sprouted out of her back and her eyes turned a glowing silver and because her wings were so big they could barely fit in noah’s room she said i wonder if i can retract them into my back so she thought really hard and all of the sudden her wings retracted into her back and her eyes turned brown and everyone said wow that was amazing and noha said well i guess you will be needing a new suit design and she said yeah i guess so and then noah was working on the site for hours jonah went into noah’s room and seid you need a break and noah said this needs to be done and jona kissed him and said i love you and noah said i love you to and then noha got back to work he made her sute have holes were her wings came out her suit was a black leather shirt and pants and knee high leather boots everyone stayed at noah’s house noah and jonah stayed up noha worked on callies suit and jona played video games they were in noah’s room while the rest of them slept down stairs after hanging out they went to bed jonah slept on the floor and noah slept in his bed in the morning they all went into the lair and noah said ok we need to come up with a plan to kill monster mike seid well we know it hates light will seid let’s make a huge light thats so bright it will burn him to death noha seid good idea but where would we get the power source to power it lilly said we could take the power source from river lind lab noha seid what source lilly said the one that powers the whole building and noha seid perfect and then jona seid one problem that place is crawling with monsters and noha seid because the lab is so far i can modify our bikes i’ll put motors on them and armer them and they said ok good and callie said i’ll just fly there noha seid ok less work for me and they just laugh noha lilly and jona all got to work with all of them working together the light was almost ready they just needed the power source and all the bikes were ready and they all trained extra hard and will made laser machine guns and callie seid guys i need to tell you something they all said what she said i have powers i can control nature and any thing made up of nature so ill be good noha said i’m giving you a laser pistol just in case and then he yelled everyone put on your hollow hatches and cons suit up go go go there motorbikes were heavily armored and then seid your masks have built in lens that can identify unknown substances and if you see anyone it will run there face through the facial recognition system and tell you everything that it knows about them ok let’s go so they all suited up got on there motorbikes and road to the lab and callie flue there when the got there they were shooting left right and center well callie used her powers by flapping her wings and then she used her gun the source was in the basement so they all fought and got the source grabbed it and got outta there they got on there motorbikes and went back to the laier stuck it in the light and flicked a switch and it turned on and then they turned it off Noah’s bike had a trunk that was dragged behind it so he put it in there and went to bed at nohas and then in the morning they ate and suited up noha pulled jona aside and said I love you so much i don’t know what i’ll do if anything happens to you and jona said i love you to so they got on there bikes and went to the mall with the light and went inside noha screamed hay ulgy the huge slimy monster turned around and noha pulled out the light and flicked on the light and the monster slowly disintegrated into thin air and the portail closed and all the creatures died and the town got fully reconstructed when they went back to the lair noah and jonah made out and lilly seid get a room jon said no thanks and then callie turned on her powers her wings came out and her eyes turned gray and jona said ok ok don’t kill me as a joke and they all laughed and played games

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