Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 10


“Frate (brother)!” Amara squealed as she barreled across the room so she could leap into my outstretched arms just like the old times. She hugged me tightly as I ruffled her hair both of us grinning from ear to ear. She may be a woman now, but she’s still the same playful and warm-hearted princess I took care of. “Sora (sister), how have you been?” I asked before nodding at Storm who has just entered the living room with Dakota trailing behind. “I’m more than good. I enjoyed our vacation,” my sister exclaimed, and my smile widened. It pleases me that her beloved is treating her more than well. Most of the alphas I have come across are astonishingly different from Storm. They’re different in such a way that though they take care of their lunas, they’re mostly barbaric, rough, and ill-tempered. It's as if their inner wolves control them more than they control their inner wolves. This alpha, however, is how should I put it? Gentle and tame. Level headed if I may say so.

He does not handle things with brute force. In fact, he’s intelligent and full of wisdom for someone so young. He’s also very powerful and the most feared alpha which is why I know my beloved sister is in good hands and will always be loved. “Storm,” I greeted extending my hand out for a handshake. “Welcome back,” he answered before snaking his hand around Amara’s waist. “Dakota said you have something important to tell us?” my sister inquired not wasting any moment to find out what’s going on. “I do, but why don’t we discuss things over dinner?” I offered and everyone piled into the dining hall.

Dakota and Storm were watching me closely as I leisurely put food in my mouth and chew. It seems that a vampire feasting on human food fascinates them. The thought made me chuckle and Amara giggled surely catching on. “Don’t be shy, you can ask him yourself,” Amara answered clearly amused. I am guessing that they have mind-linked whatever it is that has been bothering them. “Since no one wants to ask, let me take a wild guess. You want to know why I’m consuming human food is this correct?” I interjected and Storm broke into a playful smile. “Actually, I think I understand why, but it looks like Dakota has no clue whatsoever, so for your mate’s sake please do explain though the answer is more for her and not for me,” he admitted and everyone laughed. “Ah, well,” I started, putting the fork down. “The truth is, vampires can eat and enjoy human food as much as you do. Is it our main food source? Yes and no.”

“What do you mean? Now I’m more confused. Isn’t blood your main food source?” Dakota shyly asked. She was clearly mortified by her question and so I reached out for her hand to comfort her. Letting her know that I am not at all offended. “Let me tell you a secret. Vampires do not need to eat nor drink, but it is a luxury we all enjoy. It makes us feel human in some ways. Can we survive with just food and water? It is possible, but not enough. Why? Because it is not a myth that drinking blood gives us more power, but blood is not food for us. That’s the reality of it all. Perhaps, it is our drug, our supplement for the lack of better terms. Do we crave blood? of course, but older vampires such as myself do not suffer from blood lust, unlike the young ones. This means we drink blood to maintain our strength and to feel a certain state of euphoria,” I explained before taking another bite from my plate.

They kept quiet and didn’t ask follow-up questions, but I can sense that there is still something they would like to know, so I indulged. “To address the elephant in the room,” I continued and both their heads snapped in my direction. “I do not hunt humans and bite their necks just so I can drink blood. At least not anymore. I have been purchasing from blood banks ever since they came to view and to be clear, the blood type does not make any difference. And no, I have never killed humans for blood,” I explained and that must have been an acceptable answer for Dakota and Storm as they immediately relaxed upon hearing this. I winked at Amara who gave me an answering giggle. “So enough about blood, are you ever going to tell us about your big news?” she pushed on and I knew that there is no way I can prolong this any longer.

My gaze immediately fell on Dakota who reached out for my hand to give it a light squeeze as an encouragement to say what I need to say. I wanted to break the news gently because I did not want to alarm anyone. Knowing Amara, she'll most likely insist on doing something for me thus will force Storm to follow suit and that is the last thing I want to happen. They need to know, so they would not make the mistake of searching for me no matter what happens. They need to know in order to keep Dakota safe for me. They need to know so that if my enemies for some twisted reason learn about Dakota and Amara's existence, the pack will be more than prepared for what is about to come. Dakota knows what I have gone through, but this is also the first time she's going to hear about my plans. I know in my heart that neither my sister nor she will understand my decision, but it is necessary in order to lead my enemies away from them as early as now.

I drank the last of my wine and sat straighter leveling my gaze on all three of them. "The British coven has declared an all-out war against my coven and it is all because I refused to wed their queen. I recently learned that the Italian and Australian covens are conspiring with them," I confessed and Amara gasped in horror. This is it, my whole story is about to unfold. I only hope that my plans will see things through.

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