Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 11


“How bad is it frate (brother)? How did this all start and where do you stand now?” Amara asked all playfulness gone. I stood still breathing evenly while looking out the window so that I could calm my thoughts and find the right words to convey. She is beginning to worry and if I do not use my words wisely, she will find ways to follow me and refuse to do what I would like her to do and that is to stay out of it all. “For now, they are merely threats, but as a precaution, my coven has fled to one of the safe houses until I am able to do further investigation and preparation,” I answered. “Are you investigating things here? Cause if you are, maybe my pack can help.” Storm asked and I turned to look at him straight in the eye.

“Thank you for the offer, Storm. I sincerely appreciate it. However, there is nothing much to investigate here. Me being here is what you can consider as a detour. I paid my witch friend a visit, so I decided to visit all of you as well, ” I explained, smiling as sincerely as I can for good measure. “Why do I have a feeling that there’s more to this than you’re letting on?” my sister pushed on making me realize that I have once again underestimated her perceptiveness. “There is. I am not going to lie. The truth is, I narrowly escaped from home. A few council members have betrayed our coven and they have kept me captive in the dungeons for a few days.” My sister gasped in surprise, so I gave her a comforting smile. “Don’t worry, they no longer exist. I watched them burn under the sun,” I said. “That does not make it any better, frate (brother)! You said they were mere threats, and yet you were held captive,” she angrily answered.

“No, it does not but, Amara, believe me when I say everything is under control. I was in captivity for a few days because I allowed them to do that to me. I was planning a line of attack, learning, and observing. I allowed them to torture me as much as they can because it was necessary not because I couldn’t fight them off. Right now, my allies are making sure that my enemies are halfway around the world searching for me. Which is why in a few days I must leave again. This is to prevent them from finding you and your pack. No one knows you exist and they will never know. When this war ends, I will surely come back. Everything will be fine,” I explained hoping that she somehow believes me. I made it seem as if what I am about to face is going to be easy even though this war is anything but.

I did not go into details of how I plan to solve this problem. I only went about the specifics and answered some of their questions in a short, but precise manner. I did omit some of the more gruesome details so as not to worry both Dakota and Amara more. After a few more hours of discussions, Storm took Amara home while Dakota headed upstairs to our room. Our room; I have never in my life imagined how the phrase would mean so much. It is such a strange thought, but I do not care. I like having to share something, anything with her. Especially my life.

“What are you doing?” Dakota sleepily asked when she caught me watching her sleep and it was strange that I find her drooling endearing. It is as if every time I look at her I only see perfection and nothing else. “Stop staring, it’s rude,” she scolded which made me grin even more. “That concept does not exist in my world,” I teased and she slapped my arm playfully. “Lie with me,” she purred and I instinctively obliged. I pulled her close situating her half on top of me and she comfortably buried her face at the crook of my neck. “Mmmm.. you smell good,” she mumbled running her hands from my neck down to my chest sending delicious tingles all over my body.

“Careful little one. I am trying my best not to lose control,” I whispered and I could sense her smile widening. “Should I consider that as a warning or an invitation to continue?” she teased and in an instant, our positions have changed making her breath hitch. I pinned her hands above her head while slowly grinning at her.“Which would you want to consider between the two?” I asked lowering myself until I am able to run my nose up and down the length of her neck. “The latter,” she panted. I tilted my head to the side so that I could brush my lips on hers, softly, delicately just enough for me to taste the sweetness and the warmth of her breath. As much as I am filled with lust for this woman, I want to savor the moment with her. No rush, no pretenses. Just me worshiping her beauty.

I licked the bottom of her lips and gave it a slight nibble before slipping my tongue into her mouth. What started as slow gentle strokes soon turned into something harder, deeper, with a fervent urgent need. Her fingers gripped my hair pulling me closer to her. What started as a gentle kiss now erupted into full-blown passion and lust. I poured every ounce of love and unspoken emotion onto every stroke of our tongues and slip of our mouths. I wanted to let her know how much she means to me and what she does to me through my touch and kiss. I will have her and make love to her if she'll let me. There is nothing I want more than her.

Two more days and I have to leave once more. Two more days and I’ll be saying goodbye to Dakota once more. Two more days and I’ll be fighting for my life and for my place. I may or may not make it out alive, however, I must try not only for my own sake but for Dakota’s as well. I must survive for me and for her.

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