Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 12


I was panting so hard when I broke our kiss. It’s becoming very difficult for me to control the urge of marking and mating with Eric. It wouldn’t have been this difficult if he and I are the same. If we were, none of us needs to hold back from fulfilling the urges. Wolves are very sexual beings. I hate to admit it, but we’re lusty more so with our mates. It’s pure instinct, so if your mate happens to be different from you, it’s hard to act as if you’re barely thinking about sex. And right now, all I can think about is pushing him down on his back, so that I could take matters into my own hands. I don’t know how vampires seal the deal with their beloved. Maybe they have their own rituals as well, but who knows? Maybe sex could be a part of that ritual.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked as he peppers my neck with soft kisses. “Hmm?” he hummed. “What do you do to claim your beloveds?” He drew his head back so he could look at me and the seriousness on his face had my heart pounding hard. “Nothing. In other words, we do not have intricate ways of binding our beloveds to us. However, some go through the notion of marriage and most vampires who have human beloveds offer to turn them. Why do you ask?” I froze on the spot when he asked because I don’t exactly know how to express how I feel without sounding too imposing. “Dakota...” He cajoled and I swallowed hard.

“Do you know how wolves claim their mates?” I asked looking anywhere but his eyes. “I do. What do you want to say little one?” I felt like my throat is clogged because not a single word wants to come out. He didn’t ask or push for answers any further. Instead, he waited patiently for me to break the silence. I swallowed a couple of times before gathering the courage to peak through my lashes. “Can I claim you?” I whispered looking directly into his eyes and his answering smile had me melting. “Then I am yours for eternity. Do what you must to tie yourself to me because there is nothing I want more than you,” he declared before taking my lips once more.

He gently pulled my shirt over my head with me still straddling him. I ran my hands up his arms over his shoulders and down his back slowly savoring the feel of his skin under my touch. If there is such a thing as perfection, he would be it with his broad shoulders, muscular arms, hard pecks, and well-defined abs. He rubbed his thumbs over my nipples and I whimpered at his touch. I know he can smell my arousal judging from the hunger I can see in his eyes. I zeroed in on his mouth and kissed him in such a way that throws away all my reasoning. Our mouths molded and our tongues danced. I slowly ground my sex over his bulging crotch and his answering growl made my clit pulse harder.

I lowered my head to the crook of his neck and slowly licked the part that connected his neck to his shoulder as my way of telling him that this is where I want to mark him. He arched his head to the side to give me more access and the wolf inside me howled in satisfaction. I slowly sank my canines to mark him and to my surprise, his teeth sank into the fleshiest part of my shoulder. I should've felt pain or a resemblance of a sting, but all I felt was pure ecstasy from his bite. So, this is what it feels like to be bitten by a vampire. It's indescribable and yet it feels sensual. It feels as if all my nerve endings have come alive and the sexual need grew ten times stronger.

"Ahhhh," I screamed in pleasure as my head pulled back, my face tilted up to the ceiling. He lapped at the bite wound he has created and flipped us over so that his full length is lying on top of mine. And I enjoyed his weight on me. His eyes glowed like sapphires hooded and wanting. "Take me," I begged. Without a word, he kneeled between my thighs and slowly slid my underwear down each leg. He then stood to discard his remaining clothes and watched me for a minute. He just stood there his eyes taking in every inch of me and I took notice of how well-endowed he is. He's beautiful in every way.

When he's finally had his fill, he slowly crawled between my legs like a predator stalking its prey. He found his way to my breasts and slowly licked my left nipple before sucking it in his mouth. I squirmed and panted as he twirled his tongue violently while his thumb assaulted my other nipple. It was deliciously torturous as I feel my clit throb harder at every flick and twist. "Please..." I mewled begging for release. "Please what?" he teased before dipping his head back to torture me some more. "I want you inside me. Please," I gasped arching my back some more.

He then held my arms above my head and lowered his hips rubbing his hard-on in between my wet folds. This is just simple friction, and already I feel like exploding. I can't imagine how it would be like if he finally buries himself in me. He's building anticipation and if only my hands are free I would take a hold of his cock and jam it in me. "I love you," he suddenly whispered before thrusting all the way in me. I inhaled sharply clearly shocked, but whether it is because of his confession or the unexpected intrusion, I honestly don't know. I can only register two things right now and that is the feeling of his hardness inside my slickness feels exquisite. And second, we're now officially mates. He's now mine and I'm his.

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