Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 13


“Don’t tell me you’re already tired, Dakota. I’m nowhere near done with you yet,” Eric challenged kissing my shoulder as I lie on my stomach feeling boneless. “Hmmm...” I hummed unable to state coherent words. I don’t know about him but I’ve had about... was it seven or eight orgasms since we started going at it last night. Who knew a vampire has a sex drive of an energizer bunny? And I’m totally all for it. It’s also unbelievable that he’s the only one who has ever worn me out like this. I came with me on top of him, me beneath him, me on all fours, and every possible angle there is. It felt like we were making up for the months that we were figuring things out in our individual lives. And now that we’re here, everything just fell into place. He’s stuck with me for as long as I live and I couldn’t be anymore happier.

He watched me carefully as I lie there with an idiotic grin on my face as he traces invisible lines all over my back with his fingers. I thought about the months that he was so far away and how awful I felt not knowing how everything will work out between us and how afraid I was. I thought about the times when I’d imagine how he would turn me down and if he did turn me down, then what? There’s also this side of me that’s still in a daze because I had no idea that I was his beloved. We’re officially the weirdest couple on earth and I don’t give a damn. All I know is I love him with all my heart and that he’s my real mate now.

“What is going on in that beautiful mind of yours?” he asked pulling me back to reality. “Hmmm... Nothing, just thinking about random things,” I replied as I turned over to lie on my back. His eyes raked my entire body and I swear I felt my body hum in anticipation once more. “Your body is exquisite, my love,” he whispered as his eyes traveled back to mine. “And yours is delectable,” I teased running my hands from his neck down to his midsection. I think my heart stopped beating as soon as he gave me the slowest and sexiest grin. “Temptress,” he said before swooping in for a kiss that always manages to cloud my thoughts with lust.

“No, no... this will have to wait. You haven’t told me anything about what’s going to happen in the next days to come,” I stated in between kisses as I reluctantly pulled away making him sigh in disappointment. “Can we not do it the other way around?” he chuckled and I shook my head vigorously. As much as I want to spend the entire day staying in bed with him, I can’t shake off the feeling that he’s not being totally honest about the real situation he is in when it comes to the other covens. “No, we’ll talk about the heavy first,” I told him firmly and he huffed as he situated himself beside me. “Let’s start with what I need to do tomorrow,” he finally said and so from then on my worst fear came to life.

He has to go as soon as night falls and he has made it clear that I can’t go with him or follow him. He has made it clear that this doesn’t need to be my concern because according to him it’s about vampire clans who are fighting for power and having me close would only put me in severe danger. I have to admit I feel a bit hurt because to him it seems that I’m not strong enough to defend myself. He said it shouldn’t be my business. The hell it isn’t! Whatever business he has is and will become my business, but I’m not going to tell him that. Arguing with him is the last thing I want to do.

I’ve learned that he needs to go in hiding until his plan is set into motion. He’s started communicating with some other vampires who might be able to stand by his coven if and when the time comes. And though nothing was becoming easier, he still believes that he will be able to convince more of them to join his cause. The question is, why would the vampire queen wage war for being turned down? Is she that in love with him that it all boils down to the saying hell hath no fury for a woman scorned or was there some other reason? I kept asking him this question which he continuously avoids until now, but I’m no longer going to let this go. If he wants me to believe that he will be able to manage to put an end to this without me, he has to come clean starting now.

“I’m going to ask you one last time, Eric. Please, I need you to be honest with me. Why did all this start? You said it was because you refused to marry a certain vampire queen, but why did it all lead to this?” I begged not once looking away from his eyes. He stood up from the bed and went over to the window a look of sadness forming on his face. “If I tell you, would you promise me never to put yourself in danger and go after me?” he quietly asked. I had to think about it long and hard because what he’s asking is so impossible for me to do. “I promise,” I finally answered and he looked out the window as if he was trying to remember a distant past.

“It was not because I said no to the marriage. It was because about three months ago, it had been arranged without my knowledge. My traitor councils have set everything behind my back making it seem as if I was only attending a grand ball, but when I got there... I was truly appalled," he said before looking at me. "She believed that it was me who truly wanted this, and even though I reasoned with her so many times, to her, I was mocking her position and coven. It is indeed a petty idea, but you see, she is the kind who is used to getting what she wants. Days later, we were attacked and I was held as a prisoner and as you can see, I managed to escape. However, this war is far from over. It is just the beginning. It can only end in two ways. The first is if she dies within my hands and the other is if I agree to go on with our union. I am torn, Dakota. Torn between following my heart and doing what's best for my coven."

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