Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 17


“Things are becoming more and more dangerous by the minute, Alastair. I feel as if they are already suspecting things and could have compelled humans to follow our every move. It is possible that they are aware that you are a daywalker. ” Ishmael stated as we weaved through a sea of people in broad daylight, gathering more intel and setting our plans into motion while the rest of our kind are hidden within the safety of their walls away from the sun. “I understand your concerns old friend, but I believe we still have time. No one is becoming suspicious and no one knows where I am up until now. Besides, having humans follow us around would be unwise don’t you think? But if it makes you feel any better, as soon as sundown, I will be paying the Italian primus a visit,” I confidently answered as we try to blend in with the crowd.

“Sundown? Are you planning on showing yourself to them unannounced?” he asked eyeing me incredulously. “I would never do such a thing. I was summoned the day after Octavia came,” his eyes grew wide at this news. “Lucca? Lucca summoned you?” he asked and I simply nodded. “What if this is a trap?” I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder before turning to look him directly in the eye. “He will never side with Octavia, you know very well that he detests her. Also, he will never dishonor his treaty with my coven. If there is a small chance that this could be a trap, I will have to use you as leverage.” I teased. “Use me as leverage? I will gladly let them stake your heart and burn you to death before I step into that forsaken place again to rescue you."

"Some friend you are," I laughed and he joined in. "I must confess, this gift of yours is truly awe-inspiring. I have not seen the light of day for too many years and I am glad to be able to see it again. It is still as beautiful as I remember,” he grinned and I couldn’t help but chuckle. “I knew you would like it. Keep it a secret and cherish it, old friend. It is yours for as long as you wish to have it,” I told him as we turn to the smaller alleyways mentally noting the pros and cons of going through these rather than the much wider streets should an ambush occur.

“Of all the years you have lived here, have you ever come across any wolf pack before?” I inquired and Ishmael stopped walking. “That is quite a change of pace. But to answer your question, I have. And as far as interactions go, it was brief and unpleasant. Why do you ask?” I shrugged in response and cleared my throat. “Out of curiosity, perhaps. Are there a lot of them here?” I continued as I looked through the row of windows of business establishments. “As far as I know, there are only two and not huge in number. After all, this is vampire territory. As you know, vampires and wolves stay out of each other’s way. Perhaps Lucca and their alphas must have come to an understanding. They mostly reside in the outskirts.” I nodded with a small smile playing on my face.

“You are not thinking what I think you are thinking are you? Because that would be a dim-witted kind of choice,” he snorted and I laughed at his assumption. “Dim-witted as it is, I think it is worth a try. Wolves are the only ones who can kill us easily other than our own kind, burning in the sun not included. But, no. I am not thinking of convincing them to participate in this war. At least not while we have other options.” He snorted at my response again. “And what makes you think that those wolves would agree with you if and when you do decide to ask for their help?” he asked and I stopped and turned to him with a serious note on my face. “Truthfully, I do not know. But if there is one thing I have learned about wolves, it is that they listen to anyone who shows them respect and sincerity. That and if you are fighting for the same cause,” I grinned and winked. “Oh, and you have learned that how exactly?” he teased.

I contemplated whether or not I should let him in on my little secret once more. I trust Ishmael with my own life, but I am not sure if I could trust him enough with Dakota and Amara’s life, so I decided not to say anything at the last minute as a precaution. “How? I have met some and the encounter was rather decent and pleasant for me. I will leave it at that." Ishmael took that as a sign that I am not willing to share any more information which I was grateful for and so we went about doing whatever we needed to do. "I believe we have everything we need now, should we head back?” I asked and he shook his head. “I do not think I am ready to go back yet, seeing things at this time of the day is far too interesting to miss,” he answered as he looked around. “You will have plenty of time to roam around, but if you can no longer wait another day, then please enjoy. I on the other hand must prepare for tonight’s plan,” I sternly said before walking in the opposite direction.

This is not the first time I am going to meet Lucca. We have met several times in the past and have great respect for each other. At least this is my assumption. I am aware that he is not the kind who meddles in other's affairs, however, it is worth a shot to try to ask for assistance depending on what news he has as well as the reason why he wanted to see me. Hopefully, both will be in my favor. If all ends well tonight, I will be able to go home sooner than expected to prepare for what's to come.


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