Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 2


“Complicated as in how? Because he’s a vampire and you’re a wolf and you’re supposed to be lifetime enemies according to supernatural standards?” Amara snorted with a raised brow. As funny as that sounds, it is kind of the reality of it all. “Umm, yeah. That and the likelihood that he doesn’t see me as his mate or that he lives millions of miles away and a bunch of personal reasons.” She tilted her head from one side to another as if she was trying her best to solve a math problem. “Well, have you guys talked about it before he left?” She finally asked and I shook my head feeling defeated. “Well, duh?! How are you supposed to move forward, if you haven’t even said a single word to him about your dilemma?”

“Actually, I’ve thought about telling him what the deal is a hundred times even, but I just didn’t know where to start. Realizing that I’ve found my mate is such a big deal for me because I’ve never really wanted to find mine,” I shamefully admitted and her eyes went so wide. “What do you mean by? Wait what?” She asked while looking at me as if I’ve gone mental which is kind of true. “I know it sounds stupid because being able to find a mate is like the ultimate high or heaven for a wolf and apparently for half breeds like you-” “And vampires too,” Amara interjected before I could finish. “Okay, and vampires too, so growing up I felt like I wanted to prove everyone wrong that a wolf doesn’t need a mate to become stronger or better. I’ve always felt that the mate thing is overrated and overly romanticized. In the end, the idea kind of got stuck. I didn’t expect to find my mate much more a vampire mate, you know?” I explained with a massive sigh.

“It’s not like I know more about this mate thing than any of you guys. In fact, I don’t even have a clue, but finding Storm and being with him actually made me realize that a mate is a mate and love is love. I guess what I’m trying to say is first, embrace it and second, go for it because the way I see it, being with the one who’s destined for you no matter who that person could be is a once in a lifetime opportunity at finding bliss in this almost all the time crappy world. If that ever makes sense,” she ended with a shrug. “Deep,” I sighed before grinning back at her which made her bump shoulders with me. “Are you gonna tell your brother?” She asked which made me panic a bit. “Umm I don’t think so,” was my answer and that made her roll her eyes in a very exaggerated way at me. “Why the hell not?”

“Good question, Ummm let me think, oh, right. It’s because my mate is your brother,” I pointed out. “What?” Storm asked as he strode into my bedroom stopping right in front of us. I gave Amara an irritated glance as soon as I realized that she must’ve heard him come up but otherwise didn’t give me a heads up and now I’m a deer caught in headlights. “Eric is your mate?” Storm asked before giving Amara a chaste kiss. He then turned his attention on me with knitted brows and hands in his pockets as he waited for a confirmation. “Urgh! Yes, I found out on the day she got her memories back,” I said pointing my thumb at Amara. “Huh, that explains everything then.”

“What does that even mean?” I asked defensively and he chuckled in response. “You guys were acting all weird at first, a little aloof towards each other, and then suddenly overprotective of each other that I just assumed something was going on, but I had no idea you were mates,” he explained. “And you don’t have any objections?” He raised both his brows and looked between Amara and me. “Do you want me to object?” Do I? Of course not. “No,” I answered in such a defeated tone. “Okay then, so what’s your problem?” he asked and I couldn’t really understand what the problem is anymore either. “I guess there’s really no problem other than he’s Eric the stoic and so so far away,” I sighed and that made Amara laugh. "Aww... He's not that bad, Dakota. You just have to peel hundreds of layers off and voila! Warm and fuzzy," she teased before giving me a tight hug which took the air out of my lungs, and then they said their goodbyes.

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do. I want to call him, but then I don't actually know if he uses a phone and if he does, is he the type who would answer an unknown number? It's stupid this thing between me and him. I guess this is what I get for not trying hard enough to communicate or making an effort to get to know him. I should've done that more often, but my ego just wouldn't let me. Stupid ego! And now, I'm losing my sanity because he's gone. Not forever gone, but indefinitely I guess. I paced a couple of times more before making a decision. I brought out my phone from my back pocket and swallowed my pride.

Me: Do you by any chance know if your brother has a phone on him?

Amara: You do realize that though he's ancient he also needs to keep up with the times right?

Me: Okay, so does he have one or not? And if he has, can I have his number?

Amara: I'll do you one better. Hang on.

After a minute my phone rang displaying an unknown number and my heart sped up in such a ridiculous way. Oh. My. God. What did she do?!

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