Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 20


I should not make any rash decisions now that I know, someone has been watching my every move. Obviously, my enemies are testing the waters. They know very well that if they wanted real harm inflicted on me, they need to send a greater number of attackers and those who are far more experienced in battles than these two who were clearly used as pawns. There were only a few options I could think of as to why they were sent to come after me. My first inkling was they wanted to see how I would react under such circumstances, and at the same time, they wanted to know how fast I can wrestle my way out of a double act. Another angle is this could have been a simple diversion or a warning of what’s to come. Either way, I should not trust anyone from this point on. Especially not Ishmael nor Lucca. I feel revolted by the idea that there were only two most likely candidates to the subject of betrayal, but the very thought does not seem farfetched.

I did not bother getting rid of my attackers’ bodies because not a lot of people were brave enough to pass by this part of the town at this hour. Also, why should I put so much effort when they’ll both burn faster than paper once the sun rises. What I did, however, is to stay in the middle of where everything had happened for several hours as I tried to recall every place, vampire, and human I encountered when I arrived in Italy. I tried to make sense of all their actions just so I can figure out who is who. I have connected a few dots, but I believe I still have a long way to go. I understand that I need to know who was behind this, but doing so while I am here might not be such a smart move. Make no mistake though, whoever was disloyal will perish with my own hands. For now, I need to get out of this country by sunrise as quietly as possible. I must make sure to keep them off my track so that they will not be able to tell where I am heading next.

I abruptly turned around as I sensed another presence coming towards me from behind with extreme quickness. When I did not see anything I swiftly scanned my surroundings and found nothing. I was about to back away and make my escape when suddenly a figure from the right rushed towards me and a second later four more followed suit from different sides. Since there was nowhere to run, I immediately adopted a fighting stance and pushed myself to block every kick, punch, and scratch all five were giving my way. The fact that they were able to keep themselves hidden means they were nothing like the first two. These vampires were trained to fight and kill.

I gave everything I had as I evaded and stopped each fatal blow. I kept my defenses tight and efficient while providing countering attacks that were as deadly as the ones they were presenting. I have managed to backslap the vampire on my left sending him flying about three feet away. Then, I changed my pace and moved faster successfully snapping the neck of another before tearing another’s heart out from his chest. Only three more to go, I thought to myself. If I cannot kill them all soon, then I must keep myself alive and keep them from leaving until sunrise. All three surrounded me and tried to distract me from advancing further. Anger and anguish washed over me once I recognized who was standing before me. I sneered in disbelief and rammed my fist towards his chest at rapid speed, making him skid backward and falling on one knee.

I did not give him a chance to be able to recover from the blow. I darted towards him locking my arms around his neck and head from behind. He groaned and struggled to break free, but I held on tighter, preventing him from moving further. “Stay back or this traitor dies!” I hissed at the other two vampires. They stood a few feet back waiting for what was going to take place but had kept their defensive stance nonetheless. “What do you get out of this, Ishmael?” I growled as rage took over every emotion I had. He sniggered and tried to release himself once more and I jerked his head making sure that it hurt. “Answer me!” I yelled but he still did not give me any answer.

One of the vampires took the opportunity to charge towards us. I was about to let go of Ishmael to defend myself when a huge black wolf came out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground. Two more wolves emerged and went after the other and seconds later limbs were being torn in every direction. Ishmael watched in horror as everything took place and I could not help but release a sinister chuckle as I took pleasure in his fear. “How did you find me?” I asked without looking at the three wolves whom I greatly recognize even from afar once they were done taking care of the two vampires. They looked at each other before shifting back to their human forms and took tentative steps closer as they eyed Ishmael from my hold. “Does it matter?” Dakota answered and I glared at her. “Who’s this?” Storm calmly asked as he scrutinized Ishmael with a guarded look. “A leech who is about to pay for his life in the most agonizing way,” I answered as I took the ring I gifted off from his middle finger before pushing him in the middle of our four-way circle. “The sun is about to rise, Ishmael. Your time is running out. You either tell me why you did this or die.” His eyes shifted from Storm to Amara, to Dakota, and then back to me.

I did not need a scientist to figure out that he was trying to find a way to escape, but unfortunately for him. He has no way out. “Tell me!” I exclaimed, fury evident in my voice. He lowered his eyes to the ground before speaking, “She promised a free coven Italy.” I looked at him in bewilderment. “You wanted Italy for yourself,” I whispered and his eyes snapped up to look into mine. “Italy was supposed to be mine! Vampires are not supposed to be adhering to foolish rules,” he argued. I lost the will to respond to his idealism for I clearly understood what he wanted out of this. He wanted the coven to disappear so that he can succumb to his blood lust freely without consequences. All four of us watched him carefully with disgust.

A few minutes later, Ishmael’s eyes widened once he noticed that the skies were turning into a lighter shade. I immediately grabbed him and made him face the direction of the sunrise which had him screaming and attempting to break free from my hold. “Let me help you,” Amara calmly said as she held on to Ishmael’s arm from the opposite side. Dakota and Storm stood close behind us and watched as my old friend begged for his life as he turned to ash.

Although it was painful for me to have to be the one to pass judgment on someone whom I considered as my brother, it had to be done. Because just like my father, he does not deserve to live if he is willing to let his own kind die out of greed.

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