Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 21


He immediately pulled me inside the room he had rented out for us in a secluded Bed and Breakfast after Amara and Storm disappeared in theirs. Once the door was closed he spun me around giving me a death glare that could make anyone shaking with fear. I paid no attention to his sudden outburst because based on how things turned out, he doesn't have the right to be pissed at me. “What in god’s name were you three thinking?” He half-whispered and half snarled. “You should not be here. It is too dangerous, especially for you and Amara. You are all going back home immediately!”

I looked at him with a raised brow my temper almost evident with the way he is acting. Should I remind him that if weren’t able to find him just in the nick of time he would’ve died earlier? I took a deep breath and put as much distance between us. If he thinks he can get a kiss from me any time soon even though I’m dying to do so, then he’s so dead wrong. “First of all, good to see you too. Second, how dare you leave whenever you please. Third, did you really believe that neither I nor Amara wouldn’t think of something like this especially after reading your somewhat suicide love note?” I huffed crossing my arms over my chest. I mean I get that this is a vampire affair, but it’s so naive of him to think that I won’t go after him at all especially after we have established that we're mates. We even sealed the deal for crying out loud!

We stared daggers at each other for a minute neither wanting to back down and then the next thing I know, I was suddenly lying on the bed with him on top of me. Okay... I guess this is how he calls time out. I was about to say something, but then he shut me up by covering my lips with his and kissed me like hell. I moaned and gasped in surprise because I really didn’t expect him to do that. As far as I know, he’s mad at me, so him doing this was so random that it messed up my senses. So, yeah... I said I wasn’t going to kiss him, but that’s been thrown out the window the moment he closed the distance between us. Also, holy hell! I’ve missed him so so much.

I pushed him down the mattress and climbed on top of him before claiming his mouth again and again. I’ve longed for him for... I don’t know since the day he left and now that we’re here together, I can’t help but feel the need to cling to him more than what I’m already doing. Neither of us spoke as we devoured each other’s mouths and worked on removing every article of clothing we had on. The next minutes became a tag of war series as we both fought for dominance while rolling around and groping every part of our bodies we could reach.

He suddenly sat up taking me with him and when he broke our kiss his mouth found my right nipple and teased it slowly with his tongue. I writhed on top of him and tilted my head back, enjoying the sensation he’s giving me. He released my now hardened nipple and immediately assaulted the other which had me mewling. I ran my hand through his hair, grabbed a handful, before gently pulling his head back so that I could stare into his eyes that I have missed getting lost in.

Once satisfied, I wrapped my palm around his hardness and gently stroked it a couple of times before angling it towards my needy entrance. Fuck foreplay at this point. I want him now hard and fast, so I eased my way down gently to coat him with my wetness. I relished the way he stretched my insides and once I was nearly at the base I lifted myself slowly back up stopping before the head of his cock pops out and I watch his eyes turn darker with lust. I rolled my hips to tease him before slamming all the way down causing him to cry a guttural sound of satisfaction. I started with a slow rotation of my hips then rocked faster and harder on top of him. He drove himself harder into me. Pounding upwards making me whine in pleasure.

He followed my lead and let me control the pace. He never once attempted to flip us or me over to change positions. He let me ride him over and over until I was almost quivering and ready to explode. At the last minute, I threw my head back offering my throat. I wanted him to bite me like he did the first time, but I was too embarrassed to verbally ask. He kissed my neck with a bit of tongue and gentle sucking which drove me insane. I eagerly waited for him to take the hint which thankfully, he was able to catch on.

He did it with such gentleness that it blew my mind when his fangs punctured my neck sending me spiraling to the unknown. I came so hard that I felt like my soul left my body for a while. I quivered and whimpered on top of him as he slowly released his bite. As I slowed my pace he definitely quickened his. He continued to jerk his hips upward until he reached his own release moments later. We stared at each other heaving, basking in the afterglow. We still didn't say a single word, but instead, he gently lifted me up to take himself out of me before bringing me down to lie on top of him.

He held my head to his chest and drew circles on my back with his fingertips. We laid there in complete silence for a while until it became deafening for me. "So, I guess this is why people love having angry sex," I stated and he answered with a chuckle.

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