Falling For Dakota

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Chapter 22


“We’re going where you’re going whether you like it or not,” I stubbornly stated like a spoiled brat as we all made our way inside the airport. Eric pinched his nose in frustration, lowered his eyebrows, clenched his jaw, and flared his nostrils all in one go. “Storm, can you help me out here, please?” he quietly addressed my brother as he leveled him with a pleading look. Storm opened his mouth to speak then snapped it close probably to think about the wisest answer he could give in this kind of situation.

“I tried. I really did. I’m not a hundred percent sold on this all for one and one for all idea, believe me. But, as much as I hate to admit this, they’re right. All four of us sticking together might be better in the end,” Storm answered in such a confident and final way. My mate may be a very powerful and ancient vampire, but my brother is a very strong alpha so, tough shit. “You do not understand the gravity of the situation is. They cannot know about Amara, Dakota, and your pack. That is the reason why I left the way I did, to begin with. Even if we make it this time, the future will be more dangerous for all of us,” Eric argued and Amara huffed from beside Storm. “Frate, you and I know well what the four of us can do together. Let’s deal with one problem after the other. In the future when more come for us, then we’ll fight like we always do. Too bad Wyatt and Hunter can’t join us this time, but just please admit that you need us,” Eric shook his head at his sister. With his rigid demeanor, I’m guessing he’s not ready to budge just yet.

“God, do you really think we’re that helpless and fragile?” I interjected and all heads turned to look at me. “I never said you were. This does not concern you three. It is my problem alone.” I crossed my arms and released a quiet growl that only the four of us could hear. “I hope you realize that the moment you accepted me as your mate that also means you’re never going to face anything alone anymore. That’s how this thing works whether you like it or not. Now, chop-chop, and let’s get our asses moving to where you’re supposed to be going or so help me god, I'm going to kill you myself!” I exclaimed clapping my hands to get them walking towards the boarding bridge. Again, it was super bratty, I know, but I had to let Eric know that he’s not going to be getting his way anytime soon and especially not about this.

Many hours and travels later, we have finally reached our destination which is the place Eric calls his home. He led us inside a huge mansion that was empty, though I can’t be too sure since it is broad daylight, so it’s plausible that his coven is hiding somewhere within these walls. “Where’s everybody?” Amara asked as we followed Eric through the halls and up the steps. “Still in hiding. However, by nightfall, all of them will be back here,” Eric confirmed he opened a massive double door that led to a huge study hall. “I know everyone is exhausted, but if you do not mind, I would like to go over some details that you all must know.” He pointed at the chairs surrounding a round table and each of us took our seats. Basically, he briefed us on how things have been for the past days and what he expects to happen next. He also informed us about the dangers that could occur and how his coven might react with us being here, though he did promise that no harm will come to us and that they are already aware of our presence. How he was able to do that on such short notice, is a mystery.

“We’re counting hours not days. Octavia will soon be here and just like what happened with my father, she might have an army of vampires lurking already. Whatever happens, we should all be ready for anything and stay close to each other,” Eric ended on a very serious note and we discussed a few more strategies before he led us to our own “chambers” as he calls it. Storm and Amara occupied the room across from Eric’s room which is very convenient since we’re not exactly sure when an attack may occur. Our game plan is to ambush and trap them, and if for some reason we are unable to push through with this, then we have to move to plan B which is to fight face to face and try our best not to die. It’s not such a sound plan, but with hopefully the help of other covens who are against the vampire bitch then we could somehow come out of this alive.

A few minutes later, Storm called for another meeting. “I’ve recently learned about a certain pack that lives in the outskirts. They’re not exactly old residents, in fact, they’ve only settled here about a year ago. Have you heard about them?” he asked Eric who shook his head in serious thought. “I am unaware. How much do you know of this pack?” Storm shrugged as he crossed his arms over his chest making his biceps bulge. “They’re not great in number, but I’ve heard that they’re descendants of great warriors. That said, I think it’s worth a shot to talk to them and offer a respectful agreement if you know what I mean.” Eric tilted his head upon hearing my brother’s suggestion. To me, it seems that he’s not all for it, but at the same time, he’s considering it.

“Do you mean you want to travel there now and show yourself unannounced? Have you gone mad?” Eric asked cocking a brow. “Hell no! I’m not an idiot. Wyatt reached out to them last night and I just got the news that their alpha is waiting for me,” Storm snorted. “Unlike vampires, we’re more welcoming when we don’t feel threatened. It should be fine, but I need to go as in now.” After a few back and forths between the two, Amara and Storm set off to find the pack he was referring to while I stayed with Eric to deal with other important matters.

We may or may not make it when this is over, but one thing is for sure, we aren’t going down without taking as much as we can with us. And when the time comes, best believe that Octavia’s head will be mine.

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